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How To Clean A Microwave

There are several ways to clean the microwave, and it is important to clean it from time to time. Microwaves become dirty, because people...

How To Use An Egg Cooker In A Microwave

Those who love eggs, and like to make eggs in different ways, would love a microwave egg cooker. A microwave egg cooker is a...

How To Boil An Egg In A Microwave

Eggs are full of nutrition, which is why they are a necessary part of everyone’s breakfast. While some only sprinkle salt and pepper on...

History Of Microwaves

Before microwaves, the human race didn’t have the facility to reheat whatever leftovers they had for dinner, breakfast or lunch, in minutes. The microwave...

When Microwave Sparks

Whether for commercial use or for home, microwave has become an essential part of our day to day life. As it is used on...

Will Microwave Kill Bed Bugs

There are three ways of killing bed bugs; microwave, steam and hair dryer. Bed bugs can be killed in the microwave, if you put...

Where Should A Microwave Go In The Kitchen

There are so many places a home decorator can place microwave, apart from the kitchen cabinet. If a home designer wants, he can put...

When A Microwave Doesn’t Heat

If a microwave stops heating, then this could be because of high voltage diode or sometimes known as the rectifier. The high voltage diode...

How To Microwave A Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are really tasty, but if they are made without a microwave, then it can be difficult to cook them quickly. Microwaving sweet...

How To Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is everyone’s favorite breakfast in the morning, but not everyone wants to take out a pan and cook them. The thing with...
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