Standing Desk VS Sitting

Standing Desk VS Sitting -- Bill Lentis Media


With many studies indicating the health benefits of standing, many people have started to stand more at work and home by using standing desks; Amazon. But are there any other benefits of standing desk when compared to conventional desks? We will discuss the subject in this topic, by comparing the different aspects of the two types of desk.

Health Benefits

Health is of utmost importance to most of us. Although standing for prolong periods can cause health problems too, but when compared to sitting, it is obviously a better choice. Conventional desk can makes us accustomed to sedentary lifestyle, which can cause some serious health problems including, risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and much more. Standing at your standing desk, helps in better circulation of blood and according to a study, reduces the risk of heart disease. Do you know long to stand at standing desk – Click Here.

So standing desk is clearly more beneficial in terms of health benefits than a conventional desk. But at the same time, it is important to maintain the balance between sitting and standing. Prolong standing may also lead to some serious back pains and health problems. Adjustable or sit-stand desks can help you maintain that balance. See locus desk by focal review – Website.


Storage is one of the most essential parts of any desk, whether at home or office. Conventional desk offers much more storage option when compared to stand up desk. Standing desk offers very minimum storage options. There are plenty of options available to add storage to your standing desk, like floor pedestals, trays and drawers, but you will have to buy it online or from market by paying extra money. See a lifespan tr1200 dt7 review – More Info.

Working Surface

Work surface is the amount of place a desk offers for working. Usually conventional desks offer much more workspace when compared to stand up desk. In many standing desks, you will only find enough space to place a monitor or laptop, keyboard and mouse. There are some full size standing desks, but they are costly when compared to conventional desks.

Freedom of Movement

Standing desks offers more freedom of movement when compared to conventional desk. This is because you are standing and can do a number of things more when compared to sitting. While using a standing desk, it is easier to walk around your table and you can also do some exercises. Balance board or treadmill can also be used with your standing desk; Amazon – Balance Board.


Standing desk are expensive than conventional desk. If you look to buy high-quality adjustable desk, they can be very expensive. Adjustable desk consist of mechanical components, which could be one of the reasons for it to cost much higher.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, standing desk offers more benefits in terms of healthier lifestyle, while conventional desk offers storage space, working surface and affordability. As more people are realizing the importance and health benefits of standing desk, there is a high possibility that future standing desk are made affordable with extra storage and working surface. Make sure to keep your body active while standing, by doing some exercises and stretching.