Where Should A Microwave Go In The Kitchen

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There are so many places a home decorator can place microwave, apart from the kitchen cabinet. If a home designer wants, he can put the microwave over the range. There are over the range microwaves, which can help save a lot of space in the kitchen; Houzz.

Where To Put Microwave Kitchen?

Instead of putting a microwave on the counter top, it can be neatly placed on a shelf. If it is a small microwave, then it will look very elegant on a shelf. The shelf should be part of the upper cabinets, and before buying a microwave, the designer should take measurements of the shelf. look at best microwave and how to cook ramen in the microwave.

Regardless of where the designer wants to put the microwave, he should make sure that the electricity wires can be easily placed. This could be arranged is someone is designing a home from scratch, but it won’t be possible if there are no renovations going on. In such a case, the microwave has to be placed somewhere, where there is a power socket close by. In this case, it can be on the counter, next to the stove.

If a designer is putting a wall oven in the kitchen, then he can place the microwave above the oven. This way, the cook won’t have to move from one place to another, and would be able to bake and cook at the same time. The most unique way to place the microwave in the kitchen, would be to place it in a drawer. This is something most households don’t try, because it is difficult to place a microwave in the drawer. However, it will present an elegant look; Housetipster.

Are Microwave Meals Bad?

Microwave meals aren’t bad, but most of the time they taste bad. This is because, the recipes that cooks use for stove meals, they use the same recipes for microwave meals as well. They should try to search online for recipes that are specifically made for microwave meals, and they will get the same stove taste.

Are Microwave Meals Healthy?

Microwave meals are healthy, but the heat that the microwave generates, takes away the nutrients from the meal. However, cooks can surely make small meals that take less time, in the microwave. This way, the heat that the microwave generates won’t be able to affect the food too much. It won’t turn bad, it won’t be unhealthy and it won’t cause food poisoning; HappyStartsAtHome.

Can Microwave Explode?

Microwaves can explode, which is why they should be used carefully. Often, when reheating food, a cook might place a dish in the microwave using an ordinary dish, for reheating. However, only microwave safe-dishes should be placed inside the microwave. For example, not every plastic bowl can be placed inside a microwave. Only those plastic bowls can be placed inside a microwave, which have ‘save for microwave use’ written on it. Microwaves shouldn’t be used too much, but only for necessary purposes. They should be used for reheating and less for cooking.