Will Microwave Kill Bed Bugs

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There are three ways of killing bed bugs; microwave, steam and hair dryer. Bed bugs can be killed in the microwave, if you put clothes and sheets inside it. Killing bed bugs by putting them in the microwave is no joke or a myth. Studies have been conducted to test the impact of microwave on bed bugs. It was found out that microwave can kill bed bugs, no matter the stage they are at; HackaDay.

Does Microwave Kill Bed Bugs?

Microwave can kill the adult bed bugs and even the eggs. Even if the eggs are exposed to the microwave, they won’t hatch. However, the main problem with killing bed bugs by putting them in the microwave is that the size of the cloth might not fit in the microwave. Moreover, the bed bugs can hide in the clothing, and won’t be exposed to any heat; BedBugsDeadBugs.

There are dried foods like pasta and rice, which aren’t sealed and are out in the open most of the time. These foods can get infested with bed bugs, which is why it is best to microwave them for 30 seconds, as the microwave can easily kill them. Also look at where-should microwave go in kitchen – Click Here.

Are Bed Bugs Real?

Bed bugs are real, and they are visible to the naked eye. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, and they have a long, oval-shaped body. They are the size of an apple seed, are flat and might look like small brown balloon; ESA. Bed bugs need blood to survive, which is why they irritate people so much; they are more like fleas and ticks.

What Bed Bugs Do?

The reason why these bugs are called bed bugs is because, their preferred habitat are bed and bedding. They become active at night, and feed on their hosts. They mostly go unnoticed, because they are active at night and are really tiny in size. They also hide in dark areas, like tiny cracks; they can be found in mattresses, bed frames, curtains, edges of the carpet, and have nothing to do with a house being dirty.

Where Bed Bugs Bite Mostly?

Bed bugs usually bite the back of a person, and the bites look like large welts. The red spots diminish over time, but the person might experience itchiness, and redness of the skin. When beg bugs bite someone, it might cause an allergic reaction, and the bites are infected as well. However, the infection is not too extreme, and can be easily taken care of.

If microwaving bed bugs don’t work, then there are other ways to get rid of it. If the bed bugs are inside the mattress, then the infected person can get a bed bug proof mattress. It will hide the bed bugs and their eggs inside the mattress, and they will eventually die in it.

There is a natural control treatment for bed bugs as well, like steam. To find out low cost bed bug killers, it is best to research more about them on the internet.