History Of Microwaves

History Of Microwaves - BillLentis.com
Before microwaves, the human race didn’t have the facility to reheat whatever leftovers they had for dinner, breakfast or lunch, in minutes. The microwave is a great invention, because it heats and cooks food not in hours, but in minutes. It does so by exposing the food to electromagnetic radiation, with the help of frequency range; Wikipedia.

ture Percy Spencer is credited with the invention of the microwave, and it was developed using radar technology, after the World War II. The first microwave was sold in 1946 and in 1955, it was sold for home use. However, the initial microwaves were different from the modern microwaves, as they were expensive and large. Also check out the best microwave on the market – Click Here.

When Microwaves Became Popular?

Microwaves became popular in 1967, which is 20 years after their invention. This is when the microwaves were turned into a counter top model, like the ones that people use today in their homes. These microwaves were less expensive, close to $500, and were marketed to people; Quartz. By 1970s, 20% of the households in the USA had a microwave, and they found cooking very easy.

What Microwaves Are Made In The USA?

There are many brands in the USA that make microwaves, but there are about five brands that are very famous:
• Big Chill
• Dacor
• Wolf
• Viking
• Amana

These microwave brands produce both household and commercial microwaves. Some microwaves are even made for counter drawers, as the company know how to install them. The Dacor drawer microwaves are very famous in the USA, because it is a really unique concept. It doesn’t make the counter look messy, and leaves more space for a homeowner to use. Also look into best countertop microwave – Read More.

Similarly, Viking produces undercounter drawer micro ovens, which are quality products. They also save space on the counter and the kitchen for the homeowner. If someone entertains guests every now and then, and wants to put more stuff on the counter, then these are their best two choice; WarmChef.

Can Microwaves Leak?

Microwaves are used in restaurants, cafes, kitchen, snackbars and even homes. Microwaves can leak radiation, if they are not kept in proper shape. If microwaves are not kept in a good working order, then there are chances of radiation leaking from it, and that can have health hazards. Do you know if microwaves can affect wifi – Click Here.

Can Microwaves Blow Up?

Microwaves can explode or blow up, if there are certain things that are kept in them. For example, if someone puts a Chinese out in the microwave, then it will explode. People should never reheat metal in the microwave, because it will start a fire for sure. Secondly, lunch bags might seem harmless, but they should ever be put in a microwave. Paper, plastic and newspaper bags should never be heated inside a microwave. They are not sanitary, and can cause fires immediately. Moreover, when people get food in Styrofoam, they should never reheat it in the microwave, because that is a kind of plastic.