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If you are a programmer, you might spend most of the time in front of your monitor or laptop screen. If you are using a conventional desk, that means you are probably sitting. Prolong sitting is associated with many health risks, including heart disease, obesity and even some types of cancers. To avoid the health risks from sitting too much and also continuing your love of programming, you need a sit-stand desk.

A sit-stand desk allows users to do their routine tasks on desk while sitting and standing; VIVO. The height is adjustable through electronic or non-electronic means. Alternating between sitting and standing can help you avoid the health risks associated with sitting too much. But standing for prolong periods has its own health risks, but not as serious as compared to the ones of sitting. So while using a sit-stand desk it is important to maintain the balance between sitting and standing, and take necessary breaks for walking and exercise. Also read about other standing desk info – Click Here.

How Can A Sit-Stand Desk Benefit Programmers

Sit-stand desk can help programmers in a number of ways; following are some of the benefits:

Health Benefits

Using a sit-stand desk can help you avoid health risks from prolong sitting and standing. While standing at your desk you can also engage in physical activities such as walking around your table, stretching your body and even some exercises. Standing desk vs sitting – Go Here.

Standing Can Help In Productivity

Studies also suggest that standing can improve your mental health and productivity. It improves the mood and also reduces work-related anxiety. Programming involves complex thinking and a healthy mental health can keep you relaxed and focus towards your work.

Standing Burns More Calories

Yes, standing does burn more calories when compared to sitting, according to a widely accepted study. Although the difference is small, but don’t forget that standing encourages body movement, which can help in burning more calories. This can help reduce the risk of obesity. Why are standing desks so expensive – Website.

The Best Type Of Standing Desk For Programmers

Standing desk are of different types, such as full standing desks and standing desk converters; WorkEz. They are further divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. As a programmer, full standing desk that are adjustable for both sitting and standing can be the best choice. Here are some of the reasons that can make it a very good choice for programmers:

• Full standing desk which are adjustable can be easily adjusted on different heights, allowing you to sit and stand during your work. It can help you maintain the balance and avoid the health risks associated with both sitting and standing.
• Programmers might require more than one computer or laptop to work on. Full standing desk offers bigger workspace when compared to standing desk converters. You can easily place more than one monitor or laptop on your full standing desk.
• Full standing desk also provides more stability when compared to standing desk converters.

Final Thoughts

Standing desks can allow programmers to do their job efficiently and without exposing them to the health risks from sedentary lifestyle. While standing can avoid some health risks from prolong sitting, but take breaks for walking and doing exercise, as it is healthier than both idle sitting and standing.