When Microwave Sparks

When Microwave Sparks - BillLentis.com


Whether for commercial use or for home, microwave has become an essential part of our day to day life. As it is used on frequent basis, issues such as sparks in microwave can run chills in our spine. Most of us might get panicked seeing our microwave sparking and sometimes rightly so. But it is always not necessary that microwave sparks are an indication of a big issue. So it is important that you keep your calm in such situations and look for the cause, rather than panicking. Also look at best microwave. There are a number of reasons which causes a microwave to spark. We will discuss some of the causes below:

A Scarp of Metal In Your Microwave

Many times we accidently or unknowingly leave a piece of metal inside our microwave. This piece of metal can cause sparks in our microwave; Livescience. Whether you accidently leave a spoon in your cup or a small piece of metal while cleaning your microwave with something metallic; this can result in sparks. Make sure you quickly turn off your microwave before any permanent damage and check your microwave for a piece of metal. It is better to consult a technician before using your microwave again to make sure it’s safe and there is no permanent damage.

Using crockery or foils with metallic parts can also cause sparks in the microwave. So you need to be careful and always make sure you don’t have any type of metallic substance in your microwave.

Check Your Waveguide Cover

In some cases, a broken or damaged waveguide cover causes our microwave to spark; rfwireless-world.com. The purpose of this waveguide cover is to guide and direct the heat waves to the center, where the food is kept. Frequent use can cause some food particles to stick on the waveguide cover, so when we use the microwave the heat causes these stuck food particles on the cover to burn and damage the cover. This damaged waveguide cover can be a source of sparks. Call a technician to see if your waveguide cover is in a good condition. Replace it, if it’s damaged.

Issues With The Diode

Diodes are an important part of the microwave; Microwaves101. These are two-terminal, nonlinear semiconductors. They are used for a number of reasons, including mixing, generating or switching microwave signals. They can depreciate overtime and become faulty. This can cause your microwave to spark. Sometimes faulty diode can also cause the burning smell or loud humming. So make sure you call a technician if you face such issues to see if your diodes need a replacement.

What To Do After Sparks?

The first thing is not to panic of course and turn off your microwave. Make sure you also pull your power wire from the socket too just to be safe, before examining. Although many times it could be safe to use your microwave again after addressing the cause of the sparks. But it is always better to check your device from a professional to make sure your device is in good condition and there is no permanent damage done to your microwave as a result of these sparks.