List Of Hospitals In Boston, MA

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Some of the most important things when living in a city are access to good education, food, a good neighborhood, and other facilities like hospitals. There are many hospitals in Boston, for the convenience of people. These hospitals range from psychiatric hospitals to children’s hospitals. They are fully functional, and serve people, according to the best of their resources.; Health US A News. The list of hospitals in Boston MA, include the following:
• Arbour Hospital
• Boston Medical center
• Franciscan Hospital for Children
• Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged
• Lindemann Mental Health Center
• Carney Hospital
• St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
• Tufts Medical Center

Arbour Hospital

This is a behavioral health center located in Jamaica Plain, MA; Practice Link. It is on the list of hospitals in Boston MA, because it deals with substance abuse disorders and psychiatric disorders. The hospital is for adults and adolescents both, and the main objective of the hospital is to provide long term wellness and sobriety for patients. Check out the historical sites Boston, MA, – Click Here.

The hospital’s main program is psychiatric and drug abuse treatment program; Arbour Hospital. They try to stabilize patients, by first addressing their main symptoms and problems. They focus on developing coping mechanisms for the patients, and help them in the skill building process. This way, they can achieve long term stability, as well as avoid any relapse in the future. The treatment plan includes medication management, and constant support. Patients, while they are in recovery, can receive visitors and use hospital phones to communicate with their loved ones. The hospital even aims to reintegrate patients back in the community, after they have received treatment and care. look at the best Italian restaurants in Boston, MA, – More Info.

Boston Medical Center

This is a non-profit academic medical center. It has about 514 beds, and is a safety-net hospital in the city. It even has a trauma center, and the largest one in New England. This hospital was the first municipal hospital in the country, created in 1996, and is in the list of hospitals in Boston MA. It was initially sponsored by Methodists, and then by the Boston University. Apart from providing medical services to patients, there are a few other supporting services that this hospital is known for.

If a doctor sees an undernourished patient, then he can write a prescription for that patient; BMC. The hospital has a Preventive Food Pantry, and such undernourished patients can benefit from this program. Moreover, there is a Roof Top Farm, which supplies food to the pantry and the hospital’s cafeteria as well. The hospital even supports home visits, to ensure that the patients and their families are following care instructions. This way, the doctors can further identify problems, and take action on them accordingly. There is special counseling and asylum assistance for those victims, who have been politically persecuted, making it a unique name in the list of hospitals in Boston MA. Moreover, the hospital also provides training for first responders, particularly the ones which have to deal with children that have witnessed violence. Best malls in Boston, MA, – Go Here.

Carney Hospital

This is a 159 bed community hospital, which is affiliated with Tufts University of Medicine. This hospital began in South Boston, in the year 1863. It was also the first Catholic Hospital, and the first patients here were the American Civil War soldiers. This is also the first hospital, which performed an abdominal surgery in the city; Wikipedia.

There are plenty of services that the hospital provides. They deal in behavioral health, breast care, cardiology (both vascular medicine and surgery), diagnostic imaging, pain management, occupational medicine and plastic surgery. The hospital has a wound care center, neurology, nutrition service center and maternity ward; Carney Hospital Due to the countless services that it provides to patients, alongside dealing with infectious diseases, Carney Hospital is in the list of hospitals in Boston MA.

Franciscan Hospital For Children

Those parents, who are worried about where to take their child, when he or she gets sick, should take a look at the list of hospitals in Boston MA. There, they will find the Franciscan Hospital for Children at the top, because of the multiple services that they provide patients. This hospital focuses on the mental health of children, because that is the most neglected area in this society. Children go through behavioral problems, and there is always a reason behind why their behavior changes. The professionals at this hospital are dedicated towards treating those issues.

Moreover, parents can visit this hospital, if their child is complaining about toothache or other oral health problems. There are surgical services available in terms of pediatric dentistry, especially for children; Franciscan Children.

Hebrew Senior Life

This is a health care organization, in the list of hospitals in Boston MA. This is the only hospital for the rehabilitation of the aged, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. There are many bright medical professionals working in the hospitals. To provide care for the elderly is not an easy job, because they need attention and more care than others. The hospital has doctors, therapists, aides, social workers and even spiritual care coordinators. The main specialty of the hospital is providing geriatric care, with compassion. The hospital provides outpatient and inpatient services; Hebrew Senior Life. They even send their professionals to homes, to look after the elderly. If an elderly is facing a long term chronic disease, then the hospital will take care of them accordingly. This is a different name in the list of hospitals in Boston MA, because it offers post acute rehabilitative care to the elderly, as well as hospice care.

In the list of hospitals in Boston MA, there is one other name worth mentioning. It is the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, which is a 162 bed, nonprofit community hospital. It was founded in 1900, and it is located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood; Brighamand Womens Faulkner. Some of the services that the hospital provides include medicine, cardiology, psychiatry and gastroenterology.