Standing Desk VS Kneeling Chair

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The health and productivity of the employees is a key to successful business. All companies look to provide a work environment which can enhance the outcome of their employees. Sitting too much has been associated with many health risks, and as more research highlights the fact, people with sedentary jobs are looking for a solution. There are many different solutions that have been promoted, among them are the standing desk and kneeling chair.

Standing Desk:

Standing desk as suggested by the name are desk that can be used while standing. They are either full standing desks that replaces your existing desk or standing desk converters which converts your existing desk to standing desk. The modern standing desks are usually height adjustable, allowing the users to manually or electronically change the height of the desk for sitting and standing.

Standing desk has been very popular these days, as some studies suggest that they have various benefits over sitting – Click Here. But there are also studies that are not too much convinced about the benefits of standing desks as suggested by earlier studies, which do create uncertainty about the actual benefits of standing, if any. Also standing for prolonged periods itself is associated with different health risks. Do you know what is the best gaming standing desk – Go Here.

Kneeling Chair:

Kneeling chairs was introduced with the idea to not counter sedentary lifestyle, because it is a chair too, but it is designed to reduce lower back strains resulting from prolong sitting. Kneeling chair helps in dividing the weight between the buttocks and shins. But the research conducted on kneeling chairs has provided contradictory results. Some stating it to be effective while others stating that a good ergonomic chair is still a better option.

It is designed so that our thighs, which are usually at 90 degrees angle at normal chairs, drop more to an angle of 60 to 70 degrees. This shifts some of the body weight to our shins.

The Comparison:

Desk VS Chair:

Standing desk change the way we use our existing desk or completely replace it while kneeling chairs are meant to change the way we sit. See what is the best standing desk – More Info.

Primary Benefits:

Standing desk are claimed to reduce the effect of sedentary lifestyle by opposing the concept of sit and work. Go and look at Amazon. On the other hand, kneeling chair is designed and claimed to benefit in reducing lower back strains.


The claims of both standing desk and kneeling chair are either doubted or believed to be exaggerated because of contradicting results from studies.

Health Risks:

Standing for prolong periods itself is associated with different health risks. But modern height adjustable standing desks can be used for both sitting and standing.

Kneeling chair is obviously for sitting and if you have desk jobs, you are still exposed to the health risks of sedentary lifestyle. See how many calories do you burn standing at your desk – Website.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see there is a huge different between the purpose of standing desk and kneeling chairs. But the common thing among them is that they are designed to decrease health risks. We might have to wait for more studies on the products to be more conclusive about the benefits of both standing desk and kneeling chairs, if there are any.