Best Bars In Boston, MA

Best Bars In Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media
When people go to a bar, they want good drinks, good music and an overall good atmosphere. Most people go to a bar to meet their friends, while others go to spend some alone time. In both cases, the ambience of the bar, and the drinks is what matters the most.


This is one of the best bars in Boston MA, because of its menu of drinks and food. When people want to have a drink, before and after an important game, then this is where they come. On Friday’s and Saturday’s the crowd is pretty lively, because of the live music that the bar plays. Go and look at our Click Here Page.

Apart from the live music, people can order stacked burgers and loaded hot dogs, because this is the perfect food for watching a game. They can even order pizza, loaded waffle fries and wings with a dip of their choice; HurricanesBoston.

The reason why it is one of the best bars in Boston MA, is because of its beer menu. The bar serves draft beer, beer in bottles and cans, craft bottles and cans, ciders and seltzers. In bottles and cans, customers have the following options to pick from:
• Bud light
• Corona
• Budweiser
• Corona light
• Heineken
• Miller Lite
• Michelob Ultra

The Warehouse

Among the best bars in Boston MA, The Warehouse is a sports bar, which defines how Americans drink at a bar and watch sports at the same time. The bar does a really good job of blending sports, drinks and food with each other; TheWarehouseBoston. Their friendly atmosphere invites people for fresh cocktails and delicious wines. It is not just a bar, but a place where people can have lunch, brunch and dinner, without having to look away from the current match on the screen. Check out the history of Boston MA – Click Here.

The bar serves some amazing draft beer, and they have some very interesting names for their drinks as well. They serve beers in cans, and have gluten free drinks as well like ‘Downeast Seasonal Cider’. They serve cocktails, mules, sangria in pitchers, wine, bourbon, scotch and whiskey. These varieties of drinks in the bar are enough to make it one of the best bars in Boston MA. Why move to Boston, MA – Go Here.

The Hawthorne

This bar is very elegant, and you might feel like you have to come to a very expensive and chic place. The drink menu of this bar is quite extensive, which is why it is one of the best bars in Boston MA. It sells cocktails, fine wines, cider and beer. There are drinks in this bar, which you will be served in Belgian style. There are separate options on the menu for people who like a bitter taste, or wants a more sour and funky taste in their drink; HawthorneBar.

Apart from that Hawthorne serves snacks as well, and not just sandwiches and a shrimp cocktail, but caviar and salami as well. When going to a bar, find the best, and never settle for an ordinary one!