Bill Lentis Media Sat, 31 Oct 2020 02:05:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Standing Desk For Laptop Sat, 31 Oct 2020 02:05:00 +0000 Standing is considered much healthier when compared to sitting for prolong periods. Studies suggest that standing can help in reducing various health risks. Usually we talk about the office environment where many people have to sit for hours, but sitting at home or any other place for prolong period is equally harmful and a health […]

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In this article we will discuss some good standing desk options for laptops; Click Here. People usually buy laptop for the ease of portability and when buying a standing desk for laptops, you would want it to be portable too. All you require is an easily portable conversion for stand desk. You can either DIY or find many good vendors offering conversion for stand desk. Let’s take a look at some of the conversion options which would be good for laptops:


Standstand is a great portable conversion for stand desk, which offers a lot in terms of its price. It can easily be assembled and disassembled within few seconds and is very light weighted, making it great for portability. It will easily fit in your backpack without much of an effort. It is also strong and looks attractive, so you can carry it around your home or your workplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of StandStand converters:


• It is one of the most affordable converters available.
• The StandStand converters are strongly and solidly built, and can easily sustain heavy weights.
• It is light weighted and can easily be assembled and disassembled, making it great for portability.


• StandStand only provides one surface to work on. It provides enough space for the laptops and that will be it. Because of only one working surface, it is not suitable for desktop computers. Also go look at standing desk vs treadmill desk – Website.

WorkEZ Standing Desk

WorkEZ standing desk are another good option for laptops and desktop computers; Lorell. It can easily be installed or removed, and is also light weighted. It also provides a lot of adjustability, and has three different features or working platforms. This is usually for monitor, keyboard and a detachable mouse pad. The best thing about WorkEZ is that you can adjust all three features independently, and the surface for laptop or monitor can be adjusted to almost any angle. It is one of the best options in terms of customization. Go see a DIY standing desk – More Info.

Some of the pros and cons of WorkEZ standing desk are as follows:


• Offers great customization for all three surfaces. You can also independently customize each surface according to your need.
• Easily removable, good for people who would want to sit and stand while doing their work.


• The monitor surface only allows space for one monitor or laptop, and can’t sustain heavy monitors. Maximum load it can sustain is around 5.9 kg only.
• Apart from the three surfaces which are typically for a monitor/laptop, keyboard and mouse, there is no additional workspace.
• It is not the very best option in terms of stability.

Final Thoughts

As many people are now realizing the importance and health benefits of standing, many vendors are trying to capture the market, by introducing affordable and high quality standing desk for laptops and computers. If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned products, you might find many more vendors online. Can a standing desk cause back pain – See Here.

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Review Of Museum Of Science In Boston, MA Thu, 29 Oct 2020 09:08:35 +0000 Science is something which interests both children and adults. Museums are made for the entertainment and education of the general public, and just any other museum, Museum of Science has its own unique characteristics. Things To Learn The most important thing in review of Museum of Science in Boston MA, is what people can learn […]

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Things To Learn

The most important thing in review of Museum of Science in Boston MA, is what people can learn when they go to the museum. The museum offers children and adults to learn about astronomy, earth sciences and anatomy. They can participate in multiple exhibits and have fun by interacting with them; Travel.

Permanent Exhibits

Permanent exhibits is an important topic in review of Museum of Science in Boston MA. One of the best permanent exhibits that people will find in the museum is ‘Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoi’’. The exhibit shows fossil fuels, and the evidence collected through them, which tells an incomplete, but a tantalizing tail about how dinosaurs evolved. Children can see fossil fuels and life size models of dinosaurs, and learn about how paleontologists combine evidence and change the way extinct animals are seen. Do you know who is the best Boston, SEO agency – Must See.

Visitors will get to see the bones, footprints, and dinosaur dung, and this will give them a realistic feeling of the dinosaur era. The thing which children will learn when they visit this section is how the dinosaurs were closely related to at birds; MOS.

Butterfly Garden

Including butterfly garden in the review of Museum of Science in Boston MA is important, because it is a very popular permanent exhibit. This exhibit provides a chance for visitors, to walk among the butterflies and look at exotic plants. This exhibit is like a tropical oasis, which provides a wonderful chance for children and adults to get close to butterflies, from all around the globe. There is an Emergence Box in this exhibit, which shows how a metamorphosis becomes a winged adult. These displays are open for public all around the week, and the visitors can find out timing suitable for them, by visiting the website of the museum. See things to do in Symphony, Boston, MA – Click Here.

Planetarium Shows

The reason why planetarium shows are part of the review of Museum of Science in Boston MA, is because a technology like this is very popular among adolescents. This is a very advance digital theatre in Boston, and when children come here, they love to see things like the Undiscovered Worlds. Some of the most popular shows in this place are “Wonders of the Night Sky” and “Big Bird’s Adventure: One World, One Sky”. Look at things to do in West Roxbury, Boston, MA – Website.

Thrill Ride 360

The review of Museum of Science in Boston MA won’t be complete, if it doesn’t talk about the thrill ride 360. In this ride, the visitors will experience twists and turns like they have never before. They will be able to join the dynamic simulators, which swing in full motion and have a 360 degree pitch. The ride has a roll and spin technology, which visitors will find very fascinating. This simulation includes a roller coaster, which the visitors can design on their own, and a fly over Boston simulation; Wikipedia.

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Best Tours – Boston, MA Thu, 29 Oct 2020 00:31:06 +0000 If tourists or locals of Boston are looking for best Boston MA tours, then they won’t be disappointed. They will be happy to see that there are many tours in Boston, which help people explore this historical city so much. Boston Classic:Duck Boat Sightseeing Tour This is one of the best Boston MA tours, because […]

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Boston Classic:Duck Boat Sightseeing Tour

This is one of the best Boston MA tours, because it gives a chance to people, to explore the city by land and water. The duck tour takes people from Bostom Common to Charles River, in a single day. People can see American military history during their journey. They can explore the Boston neighborhoods and the river. Do you want to know what is the best bookstores in Boston, MA – Go Here.

The best part is that, to explore Boston, people don’t even have to look for parking. All they have to do is explore the main locations of Boston; TripAdvisor. If someone doesn’t understand English, then they can request multilingual audio guides, which are in French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Boston Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour

This is one of the best Boston MA tours, because people can explore Boston at their own pace. If they want, they can hop on and hop off at any one of the nine stops that the bus makes. Visitors can book ahead to get a spot on the trolley tour, and listen to live commentary about the city. This tour is also wheelchair accessible, and there is a free cancellation, if it is done in advance 24 hours. A compilation of the best bars in Boston MA – Go Here.

The places which this trolley goes to, includes Old North Church, Constitution Museum, Government Center, Boston Common Garden and South Station. The duration of this tour is 2 hours. The thing that makes this one of the best Boston MA tours, is the history part of it. The driver of the bus tells the passengers about the interesting part of the city’s history. This is a very informative tour, and both local and the tourists should book it; GetYourGuide.

“Boston in One Day” Sightseeing Bus Tour

The name suggests the main reason why this is one of the best Boston MA tours; Viator. This trip would give the locals and the tourists a chance to experience the top attractions of Boston. They will get to see historic sights like Cambridge and Lexington. The Beacon Hill and the North End are the best spots of Boston, and these spots are covered in this tour. Look at things to do in Boston, MA – Must See.

The guide for this tour is an expert, and he will tell stories about Paul Revere and Minutemen from the Revolutionary War. The transportation is full size and comfortable. There is a lavatory in the motorcoach as well. The tour begins at Park Plaza, and even passes MIT. The passengers will get to see Harvard Yard, as they drive through Harvard Square. The tour is wheelchair accessible, and one of the best tours of Boston. Those who have service animals, they can bring them along, and learn a little about the city they live in.

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Home Projector VS TV Wed, 28 Oct 2020 19:36:43 +0000 If you are unable to decide between TV and projector for your home theater, you are at the right place. In this article we will break down the different aspects you should consider while selecting TV or a projector for your home theater. Most of the people prefer TV over projectors at home but as […]

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Most of the people prefer TV over projectors at home but as the projection technology is upgrading rapidly. The projectors have now become much more affordable and can work wonders on limited space as well.

While on the other hand TV technology is moving at fast pace as well. You can now find big screen TVs competing with projector screens. Also look at home projector vs led tv – Click Here.

Without wasting further time, let us compare TV with projectors and see what will best suit your requirement:


Let’s take a look at the cost comparison first, as budget is the most important factor for making a home theater.

If we put aside other elements such as technology, and focus only on the screen size compared to cost; than clearly projectors wins hands down. You can buy a mediocre projector and use a big screen size while this option is not available on TV. You will have a fix screen size and have to spend a lot of money to buy bigger TVs.

So this is where projectors can be cost effective and give you that experience of big screen on low budgets. But you need to make sure that your projector’s resolution is good enough for larger screens, so you don’t have to compromise on picture quality.


As we are moving in the era of 4k both TVs and projectors provide splendid 4k experience. There are two aspects to look at when comparing TV and projector in this regard.

If you just want to compare the cost of 4k technology of TV and projectors. 4k TVs are usually cheaper when comparing to 4k projectors. So TV wins when we are just comparing the cost. But 4k technology is all about more pixels and more picture clarity, which could be best experienced in larger screens. This is where projectors kicks in because 4k projectors can be used for very large screens, where you can fully enjoy the experience of Ultra HD.

So while comparing only technology cost, TV wins. And when comparing what provide better experience and platform for enjoying 4k, I will give this one to projectors.


When we are comparing the brightness of TV and projector; TV are surely way ahead and is a clear winner. Projectors have its limitations when we talk about brightness. Usually projectors produce their light through a lamp (light bulb) which has limited life and power. Brightness of projectors are measured in lumens, if you are using a projector in a dark room with no ambient light, projector with less lumens will work great. But if you want to use your projector in a room with ambient light, you will require a projector with high lumens, and this will raise the cost of projectors.

So TVs are surely the winner, because you don’t have to worry about ambient lights and almost enjoy TV under any setup, with or without lights.


Contrast ratio in terms of your TV or projector is the ratio between the brightest white and darkest black your TV or projector can produce or reflect. Projectors have issues when it comes down to the darkest black and it relies heavily on how dark your room is. Under any sort of ambient lights, TVs will most likely give you better contrast than most of the projectors.

TVs are a clear winner when comparing contrast.

Screen Size

Despite the growing size of TV screens these days, they are still far behind of projectors when comparing screen size. A 100 to 120 inch projector screen is affordable and easily available for home theaters which work great with a decent projector. So while comparing screen size, projectors are way ahead and win comprehensively.


Modern TVs hardly require any maintenance. They have a much longer life span when compared to projectors. Projectors need to be regularly maintained. This is due to the limited life of the projector’s lamp dust particles and the increasing of dead pixels. So you will have to consider the maintenance cost while purchasing projectors, while modern TVs require almost no maintenance. So, TV wins!

Space required

While projectors are much smaller than the TVs; the overall space required for projectors can be much bigger when including the screen and the sitting arrangement for a projector. You will also require unobstructed view between your projector and the screen. Although you can spend some more money and opt for a UST (ultra short throw) projector to shorten the distance between your projector and the screen but still TV will remain feasible for limited space.

So as far as space is concerned TVs are the winner.


Installing a TV as compared to projectors is much more convenient to be short. Even the biggest of the TVs with all the weight and fragility is easily installable when compared to projectors. Projectors have many technical aspects such as throw distance, etc., to consider while installing. TVs wins 3 in a row!


Well to do justice with your home theater you would want neither a TV speaker nor a projector speaker (if it has one). The best option is to go for a high quality world wide stereo sound system so it provides great audio for your home theater. But if for some reason you have to opt between the two, TV audio is much more decent than most of the projectors with a built-in sound system. So our winner is TV again!

Our winner and final words

As you can see TV is clearly ahead and the winner, but that does not mean TV is the best option for you or everyone building a home theater. What matters the most is the personal preference and requirements, which may change from person to person.

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Best Greek Restaurant in Boston, MA Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:32:53 +0000 Greek restaurants are different when it comes to style of cooking, serving and the ingredients used. There are many Greek restaurants in Boston, MA, which serve delicious food and have a good ambience as well. The best Greek restaurant in Boston MA is Kava Neo-Taverna. This restaurant is located at the South End street corner, […]

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The best Greek restaurant in Boston MA is Kava Neo-Taverna. This restaurant is located at the South End street corner, and serves amazing taste to the customers. The ambience of the restaurant makes it feel like home, and even though the food might not be something people are accustomed to, it still has a familiar vibe to it. Go look at the best dessert in Boston, MA – Go Here.

About The Restaurant

One of the reasons why this restaurant is one of the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, is because the menu compromises of recipes that are directly brought from the Mediterranean. When customers dine at this restaurant, then they can expect to feast upon mezedes, feta cheese, horiatiki salad and a fresh selection of seafood. See the best beaches in Boston, MA, – Website.

The bar of the restaurant serves wines and liquors, which are hard to find Greek labels; KavaNeoTaverna. Moreover, for familiarity, the restaurant serves customers’ favorite spirits and craft beers. If a coffee lover goes to the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, then he will get to drink Greek coffee and traditional frappes. They even have Greek desserts like yogurt and honey, which are imported from Greece. Also see the best bookstores in Boston, MA, – See Here.


This is the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, because of its unique menu. The restaurant serves mezedakia in small plates, and have a variety of options for people. The mezedakia is of three types; tzatziki, melitsanosalata and tirokafteri. When a customer chooses one of these three options, he can add other things in it as well, like pie of the day, or feta wrapped in a phylo, honey and sesame seeds.

The restaurant serves authentic Greek entrée like grilled Mediterranean sea bass, layers of potato, roasted eggplant, beef ragout, béchamel sauce, braised beef short rib and grilled lamb chops. For those who are trying the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, will find familiar American food on the menu as well, with a touch of Greece. For example, there are Greek fries, which contain Feta and oregano in it. They serve white and red whine to their customers, and don’t forget to give these drinks a Greek touch.

Customer Reviews

Customers who went to Kava, found the food to be delicious. The restaurant serves small plates, and they are full of flavors. The restaurant serves complementary bread and olive oil, and most customers felt a good taste in their mouth after eating them together. As for dish suggestions, most customers feel that the baked shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce, the lamb meatballs and the grilled octopus are very delicious. The lamb meatballs have their own, unique taste, which customers won’t find in other Greek restaurants; Wikipedia.

The restaurant serves desserts, and the customers loved the desserts as well. The yogurt was fresh and it tasted like it was imported from Greece. It was also very creamy, and drizzle with fresh berries and honey, which made for a great taste; MedicalNewsToday.

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Review Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector Wed, 28 Oct 2020 02:44:13 +0000 Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector was another addition to Sony’s 4k home theaters when it was launched. Far better than its predecessors, VPL-VW665ES was designed to make sure any short comings in Sony’s previous home theaters were addressed properly. The picture quality as expected by a product from Sony is absolutely stunning. Backed up with SXRD […]

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The brightness this projector offers is amazing and you will see much more improved black color performance. Overall the sharpness, color depth and picture details are excellent. Sony also provides MotionFlow option in VPL-VW665ES, which is effective to reduce blurriness and provide extra smoothness and motion wherever required. - Check Prices Button Red
It also addresses concerns of genuine gamers by providing low latency mode. Overall the projector provides great quality and performance to meet the expectations of many home theater lovers. Also read more about review benq w1070 projector – Click Here.


Let’s take a look at the specifications of the projector:
• SXRD (3) Technology
• Brightness 1800
• Contrast Ratio 300000:1
• Native Resolution 4096×2160
• 3D/Blu-ray 3D
• Native Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 (Quad HD) Elitescreens
• Lamp Life 6000 hours (eco-mode)
• Power Zoom/Focus
• Zoom Lens Ratio 2.10:1
• Weight (approx.) 31.0

For a complete list of specifications please visit; Sony.


The projector is in dark tone which is always nice because it blends with dark home theater setups. Have a front-facing fan. It weighs (approx.) 31.0 with dimensions (approx.) 8.0 H x 19.5 W x 18.3 D.


The projector offers standard LAN connectivity (RJ45). A USB port, 2 HDMI ports; HDMI input2 supports HDCP 2.2. With the label of Remote, a RS-232 serial port (DB9 connector).A MiniJack (IR IN) and a couple of 12 volt trigger (Trigger1 and Trigger2).

Visual Specs

Producing more than 4 times the resolution of Full HD, the 8.8 million pixels are put to work and the results are no less than spectacular. The picture sharpness, detail and color spectrum are absolutely stunning. Picture clarity is excellent with less sharp edges. Another feature where the VPL-VW665ES excel is the brightness. The brightness works well under ambient lights as well, without compromising on color reproduction and contrast.

Unlike some of the other Sony’s entry-level 4k projectors, which are without any iris function at all, Sony VPL-VW665ES comes with Advanced Iris3 technology, which really helps with its overall black level performance. The project can achieve up to 300,000:1 dynamic contrast, which gives you stunning picture quality and details.

Apart from providing excellent results for native 4K content, VPL-VW665ES 4K projector is backed with Reality Creation. It is a super-resolution technology that enhances your non-4k (Full-HD) content to nearly match the quality and detail of 4k content. So the projector is not just about native 4k content you can even watch non-4k content with extra depth and detail. It also helps upscaling your 3D content to 4k.

Sony also provides VPL-VW665ES 4K projector with its TRILUMINOS display technology, which greatly enhances the color range to provide more depth and detail in picture. It also has the MotionFlow option, to add more smoothness to your content. But it is not necessarily suitable for all type of audience and content. You can give it a try on sports related content, to give it some extra flow and motion.

It is HDR compatible making sure it provides more clarity and accuracy to the complete range of each images.

It also provides stunning and near native-4k experience for Blu-ray discs mastered in 4k; Techtarget.


The Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector is out of production and its current price cannot be confirmed through authentic sources. You might find third party sellers or look for used projectors.


Let’s discuss some of the positives of the projector:

1. Native 4k resolution with excellent picture quality.
2. Advanced SXRD panel, with improved flatness level of pixel surface; Hometheaterreview.
3. The projector provides excellent brightness levels. So you don’t have to worry much about ambient lights. The brightness is great for 3D content too.
4. Excellent color range and skin tone.
5. Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector is backed up with Reality Creation, upscaling the picture quality of your non 4Kcontent to a new level. So you can grab some of your older content and watch it with a new visual experience.
6. Comes with the Iris3 technology. The projector can achieve up to 300,000:1 dynamic contrast.
7. MotionFlow to reduce any blurriness and provide extra smoothness and flow wherever required.
8. Easy to install in smaller home theaters. Provides lots of flexibility in terms of positioning.
9. HDR compatible; Projectorpoint.
10. Low latency mode provides great experience for gamers.
11. Have a front-facing fan which is very helpful for installation, and helps in maximizing the throw distance.


Some of the negative aspects of the projector are: 1. Consist of a mercury lamp which is widely considered harmful for the environment. 2. The projector is out of production and might short-fall of your expectations when comparing it to the current 4k projectors available in market. 3. No wireless connectivity.


Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector is certainly a great choice for home theaters. It has much more features than the entry-level 4k projectors of Sony. The image quality and sharpness is absolutely stunning backed up with additional features to take your home theater experience to a new level. It can absolutely work great for darker home theaters and under any sort of ambient light, thanks to the brilliant brightness levels the projector offers. It also provides features to help genuine gamers enjoy the 4k projector experience.

Overall performance of the projector is great and it is easy to setup for even smaller home theaters. It is out of production, but might be available through third party or you can search for used projectors on online stores. Make sure you find it under the right price as there are many budget friendly 4k projectors in the market which can outshine VPL-VW665ES. So make sure you go through the performance of each projector and what it offers comparing to its price before finalizing your decision. - Check Prices Button Red

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Things To Do In North End, Boston, MA Wed, 28 Oct 2020 02:12:58 +0000 A city is full of its own history, landmarks and culture, which everyone wants to know about. There are so many things to do in North End, Boston, MA, for the locals and those who get bored sitting at home. When people are done with their busy day, they want to set aside some time […]

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Giacomo’s Ristorante

If someone who just got off from work wants to eat Italian food, then they can visit this restaurant. It is located at 355 Hanover St., and is one of the best things to do in North End, Boston, MA, when a person can’t think of anything else. This is an Italian restaurant, which serves some great seafood dishes as well. See what things to do in Jamaica Plain Boston MA – Website.

The food is really tasty, and the customers who have dined at this place, enjoyed the serving as well; Yelp. The restaurant serves generous portions, and has many dishes which the customers recommend. These dishes include Butternut Squash Ravioli, Lobster Ravioli, Fried Calamari, Scallops, Frutti di Mare and Pumpkin Tortellini.

St Anthony’s Feast

This is the largest Italian Festival in North End, and it is called Feasts of all Feasts. Even the National Geographic magazine has covered this festival, mainly because of the authentic Italian food that is served here. This is one of the things to do in North End, Boston, MA, because of the beautifully decorated streets, and all the food that the participants get to taste. There is food on 100 pushcarts, ranging from pizza to calamari and pasta. This feast takes place on August 27th every year, and lasts until the 30th of the same month. So, make your calendars; St Anthonys Feast. Look at best vegan restaurant in Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Improv Asylum

This place is located at 216 Hanover St., and is one of those things to do in North End, Boston, MA. There are people who can sit through an improv, and enjoy such things. Those who visited this place, their experience was very good. They had a good time here, because all the cast workers are funny, and they have the audience laughing till the end. The improve team is very professional, and can handle anything that is thrown their way from the audience. This is the best way to have a good time North End, Boston; Improv Asy lum.

Skinny House

People love history and historical landmarks, which is why they would include a visit to Skinny House on their list of things to do in North End, Boston, MA. This landmark is located at 44 Hull St. This is the narrowest house in the city, and there is no front door. When people go down the alley, they will find a gate, which is unlocked at their arrival. Even though people might not be able to go inside, but visiting the place is still a must. There are two versions of the background of the house. One is that, there were two brothers who inherited the land from their father, and when one went to fight in the Civil War, the other one built a house next door. When the first brother returned, he made the Skinny House to spite his brother. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Go and see the best Indian restaurant in Boston MA, – More Info.

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Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive? Wed, 28 Oct 2020 01:08:43 +0000 According to some studies, standing desks provides great benefits to both health and productivity of an employee. But many employers are still reluctant to change their furniture. But why would an employer be hesitant to change the conventional desk with standing desk when standing desks can increase the productivity for their business? There could be […]

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Amazon standing desk pricing.

It is not easy to change all the furniture of a business, it is a heavy investment and it is still not clear what are the actual benefits we can get by standing at our workplace. Although there are many affordable standing desks available these days, but a high-quality, height adjustable full standing desk can be very expensive for small to medium businesses. Some of the cheaper options for standing desk include standing desk converters which turns your existing desk to standing desks; Amazon – Standing Desk Converter.

Some Reasons That Could Explain Why Standing Desk Are So Expensive

Remember we are talking about high-quality standing desks, so the material and other stuff used will definitely be expensive when compared to an average standing desk. Here are some of the reasons due to which high standing desk cost much higher than conventional desk:

Motors Or Other Components Use To Adjust The Height Of The Desk

Height adjustable standing desks consist of motors or other mechanism to raise or lower the height of the desk. Some standing desks provide electronic means to adjust the height with memory presets. These components to adjust the height may play an important part in increasing the over-all cost of the product. See the standing desk vs sitting article – Go Here.

The Legs Of The Desk

The legs of the standing desk are designed so they can raise or lower the height of the top of the desk with the help of motors or other components. This designing obviously is different from conventional desk and may require more time and cost. They are also built to sustain the weight of the top of the desk at different heights. This could be another factor for the higher cost. Read lifespan tr1200 dt7 review – Website.

Low Competition

Although there are many companies that are competing in standing desk market, but it is still less than conventional desks. Less competition in the market means manufacturer can afford to sell their products at higher price as fewer companies are involved. This could be one of the reasons some high quality standing desks are so costly. But we are already seeing companies introducing much cheaper standing desks these days. As the competition gets tougher, we might see much lower prices to attract consumers. Look at Imovr Omega Everest review – Click Here.

Final Thoughts

As height adjustable standing desks can be adjusted to different heights, the mechanism involved to do it will definitely impact the cost, making it much costlier than conventional desks. But there are many affordable options available as well, such as standing desk converters. Some adjustable standing desks that are manually adjusted can also be cost-effective.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing At Your Desk Tue, 27 Oct 2020 12:34:22 +0000 Numbers of research has now indicated the harm we are doing to our body by sitting all day at work and home. The more concerning issue about these findings are that it is not easy to reverse the effects of prolong sitting even by doing regular exercises and walks. With the more advancement in technology, […]

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But are there other options apart from conventional desks which can let you work on computers screens without sitting? Yes, with the use of standing desk, you can easily stand at your desk working on your computer or any other type of office work; Click Here. Studies suggest that standing desk does not only reduce many health risks, but also helps improve energy level and productivity. Check out the gaming standing desk – Website.

There are numerous studies conducted on how much calories standing burns when compared to sitting. Although all studies shows that standing burns more calories, but differs in the extent of calories burnt. See you are standing desk worth it – More Info.

Reasons For The Disagreement In Calories Burnt

The reason for widely varying results from studies is due to the use of scientific methods, lack of control or measurement of other movements while standing, sample size, etc. The results of many studies are questioned or discredit for these reasons. But standing is still considered to burn more calories and is way better than sitting.

But one important factor about standing is that it allows us freedom of movement. Standing desk can encourage us to stay active, walk and stretch our body. When we are walking we burn more than twice calories compared to standing or sitting. How long to stand at standing desk – Must Read.

The Actual Calories Burnt

As we discussed the varying results of different studies, one analysis from journal Circulation is widely accepted in this regard.

According to the results, standing does help in blood flow and burn more calories than sitting. But the results showed only 2 extra calories burnt every 15 minutes when using a computer while standing compared to sitting, which is 8 calories per hour. The results are an average and the actual amount of burnt calories from standing may actually vary from person-to-person.

We can’t say for sure if the results are 100% accurate, as every research has its limitations. We might see newer and more conflicting results as more researches are conducted on the topic.

How To Burn More Calories While Standing

There are many ways through which you can burn more calories while using a standing desk. These include walking and doing exercise. You can either do it while working or just take a small break.

Final Thoughts

As per the widely accepted study, the amount of burnt calories when standing is just slightly higher than sitting. But standing offers many more health benefits and reduces various health risks. Standing desk also encourages movement and you can easily take a walk around your desk or do some exercise while on work or at home which will help in burning more calories. Don’t forget to switch between sitting and standing to avoid health risks from excessive standing. You can easily adjust between sitting and standing by using a sit-stand desk; Ele Tab.

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Improve The Lighten System Of Your Home By Using Shallow Recessed Lighting Tue, 27 Oct 2020 07:22:00 +0000 The shallow recessed light housing is a special technology of lighting which gives any home a brighter and appreciable outlook. The shallow lighting system is quite different from other sources of light that is found in homes. This light gives a glow that gives warmth to the home. It has a special effect by highlighting […]

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shallow recessed light housing is a special technology of lighting which gives any home a brighter and appreciable outlook. The shallow lighting system is quite different from other sources of light that is found in homes. This light gives a glow that gives warmth to the home. It has a special effect by highlighting some unique areas in the room and at the same time it brightens up the entire house.

The source of the light is usually a special hole in the ceiling of the room. This hole makes the reflection of the light pour into the room in a very beautiful manner. The hole where the light shines from usually has a unique protective case which shields it and all the electrical connections that is associated with the system. This is the best shallow recessed lighting housing which is seen in any home. Also go and check out the important things to consider before buying lighting fixtures – about this.

One good thing about the shallow recessed lighting housing is the protective ability of its design. This lighting system is designed in a way that it is no danger to anyone because in its design there is no material which is inflammable. This light pattern is one of the most modern types of light which is found in homes in recent times. It is the dream of everyone because of the beauty it gives to the home. The installation of this light is quite simple and takes little time. When installing this light if the instruction in the manual is followed it can be installed properly without errors and with the best result. Another beauty of shallow recessed lighting housing is that is makes a room look much bigger than it actually is. It usually allows the room has friendly and a cozy feel.

The shallow recessed light housing is also beneficial to the users in saving energy and therefore it saves the money spent on bills. With this light it is very possible to install more than one light within a circuit breaker and yet there will be no need to enhance the electrical system. Also go and check out the how to efficiently add extra controlled lighting to worktops and workstations! – check this.

Shallow recessed lighting housing is one very affordable way to improve the look of any room. Both the small sized and the large rooms. It is ideal for improving rooms whether they are big or small. This light when placed in specific location cans lighten up the room far beyond the places where they are kept. Apart from the ceiling there are other places where the lights can be placed, such as in the closets, corridor, on the desktops and countertops.

For houses with arts, a bright light is a plus to such a room because of its perfect brightening. The recesses light kit illuminates all types of rooms in any location. Shallow recessed lighting housing offers the users a good view of the entire room in an appreciable manner that makes it possible for anyone who comes into the room to have a positive feel of everything that is in the room. Also go and check out the how to get good lighting fixtures if you are tight on budget – click here.

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