How To Ensure That Your Goals Have A High Impact

How To Ensure That Your Goals Have A High Impact -



May be you are used to setting goals each and every quarter or even every year. But all of these goals are not created equal. Setting goals can fail completely if they don’t meet the invaluable criteria that direct you to successful implementation.

That is why a developed a certain tool referred to as the IMPACTOR Goals; that will enable you to ensure that every minute you spend on goal setting counts and pave way for their achievements.

IMPACTOR is the acronym that talks about the important goal setting steps that ensures that your business have an impact.


The IMPACTOR goals start with Impact that I describe as the place that your distinctive business/ brand meets the globe and turns it into a better region for everyone. The intention of your impact is required to be precise and clear long before you start. What is the difference that you intend to impact?

Setting a goal offers the employees with the sense of impact that they felt like it was somehow missing. This in turn increases morale, productivity and motivation. Once they employees realize that they activities are actually causing an impact within the business, they need to perform even better. They do not need to feel as if they are making any difference to the business. When they’ve goals, they become even more productive since they feel that they are being rewarded for their work.


The other point is that you should ensure that your goals tend to be measurable. It is enticing to be indefinite, so avoid giving in to that. This is due to the fact that whatever you measure will most likely happen. Measuring your goals will help to determine if you are successful in achieving the goal or not. Performance measure of a goal is mostly within a certain period of time, although it can be the objective criteria which can be utilized in determining whether the set goal was achieved or not.

If you want the goal you set has high impact, either for a one year or six month long goal, ensure that you break it into easier and smaller pieces. For the goals to have any impact at all, then they should provide a measure for the success. This simply refers to a method that can be utilized by the employees so that they can regularly observe how they are performing and if they’re accomplishing all needs of the set goals. The goals that don’t have the methods of measuring the progress might negatively impact the performance of the employees by encouraging them to delay their work till later dates.


The goals you’re setting should also be specific; particular. A specific or particular goal is the one that incorporates your action plan while outlining how to achieve that goal. It should therefore have the specific actions that you’ll follow so as to achieve it. Instead of claiming that you need more customers, set a specific goal that says you need ten more customers/ clients or 2 partners for joint ventures instead of just ‘more partners’.


Once you get to the planning of the goals, the lofty goals may take bigger places that the healthy ones. It is true that the goals can be challenging, however, ensure that they are also achievable, to avoid freaking yourself to paralysis.

You cannot set goals that are too broad big for the employees, since it they will only make the task appear unmanageable. By setting achievable and realistic goals, you inspire the employees to be successful. This is because they understand specifically what they are required to do so achieve to achieve the set goals and believe they can be bale to do it. Setting such tangible goals enhances motivation since people can anticipate meeting those expectations. Nevertheless, setting unattainable or confusing goals will affect their performance since they’ll feel like they’ll disappoint.


Are you able to describe the goals to members of you team, those that will implement it? You should be clear and precise about the goal, so that you can be able to articulate it.

Time Specific

Another point should consider in goal setting is being time- specific. Allocate every goal a specific timeframe. There is no problem with slightly missing the timeline. You should however be prepared to make adjustments but not only slight adjustments.

Goals tend to motivate and inspire employees. However, this only happens if the set deadlines are constant enough so that they can keep working consistently. The goals that take too long to accomplish might negatively impact the performance of the employees by encouraging them to delay their work till later dates.


Since you are now aware about these criteria, we are going to perform a little enchantment here. By this stage within the model of IMPACTOR, the goals have become the objectives. This means that they have been evaluated against the criteria of IMPACT and found to be worthy and invaluable.


The final step is to develop a list of the Things- To-Do and attach some of the key results in all the objectives that will clarify how you will achieve each objective. Since, the business happens to be a present to you and other people, get to perform all those things.


Make setting of your goals to be a high return on investment activity by utilizing the model of IMPACTOR Goals. They will make sure that the goals will take you the place you wish to reach, with a high impact. The IMPACTOR model is an effective tool and offers the motivation, focus and clarity that you require when setting your goals. Additionally, it will help in improving your ability of reaching the set goals by giving you encouragement in defining the objectives and setting completion dates for your goals. It is a simple model that can be utilized by anybody at any place, without having to use training or the specialist tools.