How To Microwave A Sweet Potato

How Microwave Sweet Potato -
Sweet potatoes are really tasty, but if they are made without a microwave, then it can be difficult to cook them quickly. Microwaving sweet potatoes is really easy, but before the cook microwaves them, he should know the proper way to do so; RealSimple.

Can Sweet Potato Be Microwaved?

To microwave sweet potatoes, following are the steps that a cook should follow:
• Clean the sweet potatoes with clean and fresh water
• Scrub them dry
• Pierce the sweet potato using a fork, for about 5 to 6 times
• Place the sweet pierced sweet potatoes in the microwave safe plate
• Microwave the sweet potatoes for 5-10 minutes. It takes five minutes for one sweet potato to cook
• Rotate the potatoes, half way through the cooking time
• When the cook takes out the microwave safe dish out, he should pierce the potatoes using a fork If the fork goes through easily, then the sweet potatoes are cooked properly
• If the potatoes are still firm, then it is best to microwave them for one more minute

There are other recipes that cooks can follow for microwaving sweet potatoes. The ingredients needed, apart from the sweet potatoes, are unsalted butter and salt. First, the cook has to microwave the sweet potatoes like explained in the steps above; BBCGoodFood. Then, the cook has to slice the potatoes in half, using a knife. After that, the sweet potatoes should be transferred to a bowl, mashed using butter and salt with a fork. Also read how microwave scrambled eggs – Click Here.

How Sweet Potato Is Good For Health?

There are many health benefits of sweet potatoes. They are rich in fiber, and contain both vitamins and minerals. The sweet potatoes also contain iron, calcium, Vitamins B & C. When someone consumes sweet potatoes, then they should know that it helps in digestion, because it is high in fiber. A lot of research has been carried out about sweet potatoes, and it suggests that their impact on the digestive system is important for preventing gastric ulcers.

There are purple sweet potatoes as well, which contain antioxidants. These antioxidants are called anthocyanins, and they are very good for the eyes. They are safe for everyone to eat; however, if they are eaten too much, then they can cause kidney stones. They should be eaten in moderation, and before their everyday consumption, one should contact a general physician; SouthernLiving.

When Sweet Potatoes Are White?

There are two varieties of sweet potato in the United States of America. The skin of a sweet potato can be white, yellow, and purple. The most common color of a sweet potato is brown; however, they can also be red. As per research, the purple colored sweet potatoes have the most antioxidants, and the white fleshed sweet potatoes have the lowest number of nutrients. If a sweet potato has gone bad, then it becomes wet, water will start to leak out and there is obvious discoloration on it.