A Consumer’s Guide To Getting The Best Air Purifier For Your Home

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If you live in a busy city, more often than chocking on the smog and smoke from the industrialized parts of town and numerous vehicles on the road is, at the very least, a very uncomfortable experience. Dust and other air pollutants are constant nightmare for people in urban or peri-urban areas because they put them at risk of contracting very serious respiratory diseases, like adult asthma and bronchitis, just to mention a few. Unless, you find a way of breathing clean air, you too are at risk of contracting these ailments.

So how do I go about getting clean air in my home? You wonder. Well, with the new air purifiers in the market, query no more.

Today, you will find numerous air purifiers in the market. Spoilt for choice, you will probably have a tough time getting the right one for you. In a bid to simplify this for you, we have broken down the best air purifiers in the market. According to industry standards, namely the Clean Air Deliver Rate, CADR, which assigns a number to how the purifier operates, an air purifier with a 200 or higher is the best option.

This article also explores the critical considerations you must make while purchasing an air purifier and the mistakes to avoid so that you can get your money’s worth.

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How An Air Purifier Works And The Criteria Used In Selecting These 5 Air Purifiers For This Review

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How The Air Purifier Works

An air purifier is a device that features an intake valve, multiple filtering systems and an output space. It is the multiple filtering system that purifies the air by capturing pollutants in the air. This multiple filtering system is made of activated carbon that also help in absorbing pungent odors in the air.

Not only are air purifiers dedicated to purifying air, today, they are integrated with smoke detectors. Most of the purifiers in the market are have mechanisms that alert their users when it is time to change them and so on.

How The Five Air Purifiers Were Chosen

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These days, bold claims are everywhere and they evoke a kind of skepticism when they are put through a rigorous analysis. However, these five of the best air purifiers are the leaders in their category. Each boasts of a whole host of features that warrant the claim. Plus, this claim is backed up by almost 2 years of extensive research into the products that are purported to be the best for the average consumer. Aside from that, they are tested against the standards set out by the EPA and the home appliance watchdog, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. In short, as far as bold claims go, we can back them up with facts.

One of the key considerations we had in mind in the performance testing of the products in question was the filtration process. Most of the purifiers in the market use ionization technology, where the particles go through a charged space. This is the only way of getting rid of particles that are too small for other industrial grade filters. Hence, this ionization procedure is the surest way of getting purified air.

However, deeper research into ionization as an air purifying mechanism has led the EPA and other research agencies with a keen interest in air purifiers, to caution against its use because it resorts in an ozone byproduct. By creating another contaminant to contain another you will be locked in a vicious cycle and headed nowhere. That notwithstanding, the size of the purifier is a key component in deciding whether or not to buy purifiers that use ionization during purification; portable purifiers for small rooms produce almost negligible ozone and hence, don’t warrant discarding them outright.

Even as debate about the viability of purifiers using ionization goes on, one needs to measure the output of the delivery system. This is where the Clean Air Delivery Rate, CADR, comes into play. The CADR is simply the measure of the effectiveness of the air purifier in removing particulates in a given volume of air at a rate preset in the machine. Every air purifier is assigned a CADR rating to enable consumers judge the right purifier for the job.

Another criterion used to determine which the best purifiers in the market are is the particulates that the purifier tackles. You must realize that air pollutants vary in their size. Large particles are tougher to process and often fall to the floor near the purifier. Other particulates are so small that they require specialized processes, like ionization as mentioned above, in order to get rid of them completely. The main points of size comparison in the CADR are dust, pollen and smoke.

Since most air purifiers purify in multiple stages, those ones with activated carbon were chosen above all others. This is because activated carbon absorbs odors and captures more pollutants. Other filtration features include the allergen removers like HEPA.

Aside from that, products with simple yet functional control features was also another critical consideration. Things like filter quality indicators alert the user whether or not the system is working well or not.

Finally, multi-purpose purifiers made the list because they address a whole host of issues that most peoples are exposed to. It was a consideration because the average home at times exposed to different air pollutants.

This review centers on machines that have an over 200 CADR rating based on smoke.

Layman’s Guide To Selecting A Good Air Purifier

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Who Is The Air Purifier Ideal For

Air purifiers are very popular with people who want to alleviate the adverse effect of inhaling polluted air. A majority of consumers of these products have highlighted the immense benefits of breathing purified air.

If you have a pet, then getting a good, high performing air purifier is a must-have. Individuals with allergies to pet dander have recorded experiencing relief after a few days of using an air purifier.

In the event you cook and tend to get a lot of smoke in your kitchen, having an air purifier on the premises should clear that air up in a short while.

Insecticides and Volatile Organic Compounds in household are very concentrated. In very high volumes, they could cause very severe headaches and dizziness, just to mention a few. Exposure to VOCs for extended periods could cause cancer and in extreme circumstances, death. Their volume inside the house is very high when compared to those found in the outdoors. With this being the case, having a good air purifier is a prudent first step in dealing with problem these compounds portend.

Shopping Guide For First-Time Buyers

If you are keen on purchasing an air purifier, then the following simple tips should help you get the right fit for you and your loved ones.

i) Filtration process- As was highlighted above there are purifiers that utilize ionization and some that utilize mechanical processes. Each of these process has its merits and demerits. Like for ionization, the buildup of ozone is very problematic for rooms with large spaces but ideal for small spaces. On the other hand, if there are very small and harmful particulates in the air, mechanized methods like using a carbon filter will not yield any progress.
ii) The size of the room- This should inform which size of purifier to incorporate
iii) CADR rating- Anything with a rating of 200 or higher is worth looking into
iv) Self-monitoring system in place- This feature is importance in keeping an eye on how the machine is working. From the readings you get from this machine, you can gauge whether it is working well or it is time to get it looked at.
v) Warranty coverage- A good warranty coverage is a plus and should never be overlooked, even when the good is too good. A five-year warranty should be the minimum when you want to purchase an air purifier.

Must-Avoid Mistakes When Choosing An Air Purifier

Even as you seek to get a product that will give you your money’s worth, it is important to be wary of the following common mistakes.

i) Ozone producers Any product that ‘deliberately’ creates ozone is a terrible choice. Most might be packaged well and convincingly so, but, they shouldn’t be contemplated whatsoever. Not even in the name of saving a few backs. Ozone is a toxic gas that aggravates the respiratory system in extremely high levels. It is a common by product of ionization air purification methods and only ideal for small spaces.

ii) Noise If you want to install an air purifier anywhere in your house, you must think about the noise it creates on its maximum setting. Areas like bedrooms or studies require an air purifier that is relatively noiseless in its operation.

Top 5 Air Purifiers In The Market

Without much further ado, here are the top 5, highly rated air purifiers in the market.

#1 Honeywell True Allergen Remover HPA300

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Looking for a unit that doesn’t ionize air, works well and is very affordable? Then, this unit is your best bet.

It is a very efficient unit that pulls no punches when it’s crunch time.

This unit utilizes a two-stage air filtration system. The first stage is where air is pulled in the unit and passed through an activated carbon filter. It is at this stage where gases, orders and large particulates are trapped in the filter. The final stage is where the air passes through a HEPA filter.

This very powerful unit is capable of handling up to 465sq feet without any problem.

Another feature that makes this unit stand out from the rest is its auto-off setting. It shuts down once its filtration job is done.

At 21lbs, this unit is lighter than other units in the market.

The self-monitoring function alerts the user when it is time to have the unit looked at or simply change filters. Its front panel is easily accessible making repairs and replacements a quick and hassle-free affair.

This product is hyper-efficient when it comes to ridding the area which it is operating of allergens. In fact, it has received endorsements from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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#2 Austin Air Healthmate Standard HM400

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With all the talk of ionization and its unintended ozone byproduct, you might have lost hope of finding a solution that doesn’t have ionization as part of its air purification protocol. However, the Austin Air HealthMate Standard HM400 unit is the ideal product for people who don’t want anything with ionization in its purification protocol. However, you have to contend with a 15lb activated Carbon Filter. Something that most people would rather live with than the threat of developing serious respiratory health complications.

The best thing about using this air purification unit is that concerted effort has been put into creating an industrial-grade unit for home use.

This unit has a four-stage purification system. In the first pre-filter stage, large particles are stopped in their tracks before it moves into the activated carbon stage where odors and gases are purified. The 15-pound also traps those small particulates that could have bypassed the initial filtration process. Air then passes through a zeolite filter that still traps those huge particles. The air is finally passed through the HEPA filter.

It is recommended that you use this unit in areas that don’t exceed 361sq feet for maximum impact. However, its makers claim that it can be used to purify areas over 1,100sq ft.

Controls are a big issue for many, if not all the consumers of purifying units. Austin Air HealthMate understand this and they have made controls for this unit simple and easy to understand. On the panel, you have the four-speed control to use at your discretion.

Finally, this unit has swivel caster wheels. They make it easy for users to move it around easily.

However, when it comes to replace the filters, you will have to part with a hefty amount to replace them. Considering the service, it is definitely worth weight up if it is worth using.

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#3 Coway AP-1512HH

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This product is among the top five air purifiers because it is quality, design and price certified. It is the ideal unit for the consumer who craves high quality designed products at a very affordable unit.

Even as it utilizes the ionization process when purifying air, it sticks to the purification task without any problems whatsoever. Much of that has to do with the four-step purification process the air goes through.

In the first stage, air passes through a pre-filter that traps large particles before moving to the next filter, the activated carbon filter where the gases and odors are purified. Thereafter, the air moves the HEPA filter which traps all the allergens. Finally, air goes through the patented Coways Vital Ionizer.

When you use this product, it is important to use it in a well-ventilated area due to the ozone byproduct created. Keep this unit away from the furniture and walls because of the same.

As for the operation, this unit handles up to 361sq feet comfortably. It is ideal for the consumer who craves a multitude of features at the push of a button. These functions include the following: air quality indicators to gauge how well the system is working, self-monitoring that enable you to access reports as soon as you need them and speed settings. Also the Eco mode is there to turn off the fan when the system detects the pollutants have been removed and their quality is on a safe and satisfactory number.

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#4 Alen BreatheSmart

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This unit is ideal for the customer who craves numerous customization options. These options range from customizing the look of the unit to the settings on the unit itself.

Its ultra-modern design is a sleek and stylish addition to your room. If you are unenthused about the front facing panel on the unit, you have a choice between over 14 colors. It is rare to have a unit face that can match the desired color scheme of your current interior design. The unit itself is huge but this can be overlooked on account of the design options available.

The way this machine works is that the air undergoes a three-stage filtration process. Air goes through the back of the machine and passes over a pre filter. This pre filter houses the primary HEPA filter. Thereafter, it exists the unit and passes through an ionization field (optional) that is switched on. The filtered air then exits the top of the unit.

Among the filtration options available for the panel includes:

b) HEPA-FreshPlus
d) HEPA-OdorCell
a) HEPA-PURE and HEPA-SILVER The main difference between the PURE and SILVER option is in the size of the particulates they handle. PURE is for filtering large particles, whereas, SILVER option is for small ones.

b) HEPA-FreshPlus and HEPA-OdorCell The FreshPlus and OdorCell options are ideal for trapping odors. OdorCell is reputed to have a large concentration of activated carbon that makes it effective in trapping gas odors.

If you intend to use the ionization feature on this purifier, it is recommended that uses it in a room that is less than 200sq feet. You must put this unit away from furniture and walls to avoid ozone contamination. Even as this unit is capable of clearing areas of over 1100sq feet, it is best used for areas of up to 465sq feet.

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#5 Dyson Pure Cool Link

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If you are in the market for a fully smart and easily connected system, then the Dyson Pure Cool Link is the ideal product for you. Not only that but also this product also double up as a fan, a welcome feature when summer comes rolling in and don’t want to buy an air conditioner or a fan for your room.

The connectivity feature of this device is such that it allows Android and iPhone users to connect with the product. This puts more power into the hands of the users and they can alter it in way they choose. With this feature, users can schedule the operation times of this machine and get reports, just to mention a few cool things.

It is worth pointing out that although the operation specs aren’t highlighted in the site, its cool HEPA and activated carbon features filters a 1/15th of the air flow. In this Pure Cool Link product, the two stage filter goes a little further in containing odors and allergens efficiently.

It has 10-speed settings that users can apply so that they get the best out of this machine. Its self-monitoring mode ensures that you don’t have to lift a finger. This is because it monitors the air flow and sets the speed of filtration accordingly in order to ensure it does its job effortlessly.

Also, it comes in two pattern modes, namely the diffused and personal pattern mode. If you are looking for the best mode available for the unit, then the diffused mode is it.

This air purifier unit is recommended for use in areas that are up to 200sq feet. This is in a bid to maximize its efficiency.

It is somewhat a relatively loud unit where tests on its max setting were as loud as 81dB.

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Final Words

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As a discriminative buyer, one of the main points of consideration when you want to purchase an air purifier is performance. Any other thing is secondary. The above-mentioned products are high performers in their own right. However, if you want that one purifier that will meet any and all needs, you need to look at customization aspect. Can you alter it in a way that addresses your concerns wholly?

You also have to look at the design aspect. They are built differently to cater to the different and unique needs people have. Choose one that addresses your needs adequately.

In the end, you must take every precaution while choosing an air purifier so that you can the right one for you.