Should You Buy Condominium Properties Or Not

Should You Buy Condominium Properties Or Not -


Davao has attracted the attention of many people and this happened way before, PRRD became the president; the developers who have come to Davao, know its potential, like the investors do. The reason why investors and developers are interested in Davao, is because it is a mixture of diverse cultures and is good for eco-tourism.

The reason why Davao has become a reason for attraction, is because the products are not expensive, traffic is moderate when compared to the Metro Manila, which is an urbanized city. The traffic is moderate even when it is compared to Cebu and the weather that Davao receives all year, is good as well. Davao’s crime rates are low, which makes it a very attractive place to live. The reason why investors want to invest here is because of the potential they saw and the opportunity to launch different projects. The schools in Davao are the best, and this makes living in condominiums, an ideal thing to do. Another reason of preferring condominiums is that, the subdivisions where houses are offered are located in a faraway place, which makes travelling back and forth, inconvenient.

Making The Choice

In order to live in a condominium, you have to research and then make a choice. The main two things that people look for, when they chose a condominium, is that it is close by, which makes the commute convenient, and it is accessible. If you are already living in a house, and you are switching to a condominium, then that should have a solid reason right? The reason most people leave a house and look for a condominium is the location.

Condominium can give people a good location, good furniture and a hi-tech system, which in turn gives them the security that they can’t turn away from. Also, condominiums give people a wonderful view to the outside world. If you are purchasing a unit, then you need to make a list of things that you want in a condominium and for this, do a little research. Research specifically about why are developers so interested in Davao, and then gain an insight into their projects that they have developed in other places. There are good chances that the projects that they are doing in Davao, are similar to the ones that they have done elsewhere. It will provide you with a perspective, which you need in order to buy a condominium.


When you are conducting a research into the developers, you need to look into the design of the condominiums, their size, the amenities that the residents will be offered and the location of condominiums. You also need to research and prepare yourself, before you plug-in a large sum of money, as an investment, into a unit. When you have narrowed down your selection, then you can visit the developers and the model units, which they have developed to show potential customers.

When you go to a developer, they usually have agents to show potential customers their model units. When you meet a property specialist, you should go with your gut feeling. Not every property specialist is a specialist and can’t guide you well. When you talk to them, make sure that they have the answers to your questions; the answers are based on facts and figures, they are relevant and honest. You will immediately know if a property specialist really wants to help you, or they just want to make a sale.

Picking A Property

Picking a property is not an easy task. You are investing your money, time and effort and at the end of the day, you don’t want to make the wrong decision. It is a thorough process, and you should give the decision making process, some time before you make a choice. You are buying a property and such a huge decision, should be backed by good research. You should ask other people who have bought condominiums and then assess the problems they faced, even if it is related to the property agents or finances. After a thorough assessment, you should then make a decision. Don’t leave any stone unturned.


When you are making an investment, you are basically spending your hard earned money and you want to make sure that even if you are scammed or something goes wrong, you have not put all the eggs in one basket.

You need to find out the prices of condominiums, and then assess your own financial situation. Can you even buy, the condominium that you like? There are options for those, who can’t pay the whole sum of money in one go. The option here is to choose lease out, so that you can pay for the property every month. This will make things easier, as it will split the cost into many pieces and it will be easier for you to save some money every now and then, and pay for the lease.

This leasing can also be categorized as self-liquidating investment. A self-liquidating investment can be described as an investment, which gives direct benefit or provides a direct revenue stream to the public agency or the parties involved and this includes lease revenues.

Sum It Up

Choosing a condominium shouldn’t be taken lightly, because it is a form of investment and you would want your investment to have some value for you. For this, this article stresses over and over, that you should do research and ask other people who have bought condominiums, about their experience and what are the factors one should look for, when they are buying a condominium.

Research is important, as it will tell you about the options that are available to you, in terms of property and finance, and how you can use those options properly. You must talk to developers and property agents, but at the end of the day, you should use your instincts and research to choose the best property that you can afford.