The Relation Between Content Marketing And SEO Strategy

The Relation Between Content Marketing And SEO Strategy -
If you deal in digital marketing on social platforms or read about digital marketing, you might have come across the words content marketing and SEO. Content marketing and SEO always seem connected but not many can actually point out the connection between these two terms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that uses keywords. The whole point of using keywords with SEO strategy is to increase the visibility of your online content. By using specific keywords in links, title tags, and Meta tags you get to increase the possibility of your viewers finding you on the internet. SEO as a marketing strategy aids at increasing the traffic common into your website.

Every time an internet surfer keys in a keyword into their search engine that is on your title tag, Meta tag, or website link, your website and content will instantaneously pop up. SEO is, therefore, a strategy used for digital marketing intended to increase digital content visibility.

Content Marketing, on the other hand, is the collection of strategies employed to increase the visibility of your content on the digital scape. The main goal of using SEO as a marketing strategy is to attract, inform, and increase the engagement of viewers with digital content. In this case, digital content includes videos, images, blogs, and articles among other content. By content marketing is the amalgam of different marketing strategies one of which is SEO intended to market digital content.

A digital marketer should know the importance of combining different marketing strategies like SEO in order to ensure success in the marketing of digital content. Content promotion on the internet is inseparable to the use of SEO in its creation. To understand the correlation between content marketing and SEO you need to understand how most internet surfers search for content on the internet. No one has the time to type out every detail of the content they need and some surfers do not even understand what they are looking for. With this fact in mind, the normal internet user will just type out vague and but specific keywords that cut close to the content they are want to find. This is why SEO is important to content marketing.

Below is an outline of the reasons why the incorporation of the SEO strategy in the marketing of your content is a key factor to your marketing success.

1. Increasing Site Authority By Link Building

One important goal to consider when using SEO as a marketing strategy is link building. When other websites post up content and links that lead back to your content, you benefit from an increase in your website’s traffic. The whole point of setting link building as a goal is that it increases your website’s search engine authority and Rankings. This eventually contributes towards more people reading your content and thus increasing the traffic on your website.

However, it is not so easy to get the backlinks if your content is not as compelling. Writing quality content is one way to get the backlinks coming into your website. No surfer wants to link from a high authority website for mediocre content. The key to garnering more backlinks is to post up relevant and compelling content on your website. Once you feed your audience with compelling information, they will be back for more.

Another way to get more backlinks is by posting on external high authority websites. When creating these guest posts add a link to your bio in order to get people linking back to your personal site.

2. Bait Your Viewers With SEO

SEO is the use of keywords to garner more visibility for your content and thus get more traffic on your website. Keywords are how people search for content in the search engines. Once the surfer hits the search button to a certain keyword the hits or results they get will determine what website they choose to check out. It would be such a loss if your website with all the good content it left out since it does not have keywords to lead the surfer.

Every business niche has specific keywords related to its content. Using these keywords in your URLs, Meta descriptions, and title tags and in the content, it may help increase its visibility. Using keywords on the landing page and blog post helps the internet user to find your website easier once they key in the keywords and hit the search button. By use of a keyword in SEO strategy, you draw your viewers like bees drawn to flowers.

3. SEO Goes For The Long Haul

The internet always seeks new content even if this means dressing the old content in new words. As long as the content is relevant, compelling, and trending, the internet community will gobble it up no problem. Over time, you have to use the SEO content creation strategy to create more content or recycle the old content and give it a new shine.

Everyday new content shows up on the internet and receives racking on the Search Engine Rankin Reports depending on the traffic it receives. As more digital marketers and content creators, learn of the SEO strategy they also discover that the trick lies in creating new content every day.

At the moment more than 72 percent of B2B marketers are producing new content that is more engaging, compelling and specifically targets their audience. New contentment keeps your audience hooked to what your posts and this increases your rankings on the Search Engine Rankin Report. With the high rankings, your content receives more traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

If you currently understand how sera engines and content marketing works it is not such a long stride to see how content and SEO co-depend. Search Engine Optimization is the one strategic tool you cannot afford to cut loose when doing digital content marketing. Think of it as the Yin to the Yang of Content marketing and none can happen successfully without the other. While you can have very good content that is compelling and riveting you need to incorporate some keywords to garner more viewership.