How To Microwave Scrambled Eggs

How Microwave Scrambled Eggs -
Scrambled eggs is everyone’s favorite breakfast in the morning, but not everyone wants to take out a pan and cook them. The thing with cooking in pans is that, they easily become very greasy, and it is difficult to clean them later. People can easily make scrambled eggs in the microwave, and all it will take them is three minutes. Read also about best microwave & how to microwave hot dogs & how to boil eggs in microwave.

Can You Microwave Scrambled Eggs?

First, the cook needs 2 large eggs to microwave scrambled eggs. He also needs 2tbsp of milk, salt and pepper as desired by the family. Then, the cook has to beat the eggs, mix milk, salt and pepper with it, and then put it in the microwave safe bowl. After that, the eggs have to be microwaved at a high temperature for 45 seconds. Then, the eggs have to be stirred again, and microwaved more for about 30-45 seconds. The scrambled eggs are ready after this step, and a cook can even sprinkle shredded cheese on it for good taste; IncredibleEgg.

How To Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

If someone likes their scrambled eggs with cheese, then that can be microwave without any hassle. First, the cook has to add small cubes of cream or cottage cheese on the top of the eggs, before they are put into the microwave. When they are cooked using the same method as normal scrambled eggs, then the cook can add creamy salad dressing on it, along with pesto and salsa. This will make the scrambled eggs richer in taste, and people can eat it as a snack as well.

Are Microwave Scrambled Eggs Good?

To make microwave scrambled eggs good, it is important to make them fluffy. Often, people complain that when they put scrambled eggs in the microwave, they lose their moisture and fluffiness. It is best to slightly undercook them and not overcook them, which means leaving them in a hot bowl when the microwave is done cooking them. When the scrambled eggs are removed from the microwave, then they are still cooking. To keep the moisture intact in the scrambled eggs, it is best to add a little milk to them; HealthyRecipesBlogs.

Scrambled eggs are a little bland, which is why cooks should always salt in them. It is best to add ¼ tsp of salt in scrambled eggs, but less than that is fine as well. Moreover, to make scrambled eggs tastier and less dry, cooks can add shredded cheddar in them as well.

Are Microwave Scrambled Eggs Safe?

Scrambled eggs are safe, in case they are not overcooked. If eggs explode inside the microwave, when they are cooked, then they can turn bad, and won’t be safe for health. If microwaves are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then the scrambled eggs would be safe to cook and eat. When scrambled eggs are cooked in the microwave, then that doesn’t really impact their nutritional value. The best way to serve them is with sliced tomato or bacon on the side; BBCGoodFood.