Overcome Fear Of Selling In 10 Simple Steps

Overcome Fear Of Selling In 10 Simple Steps - BillLentis.com


Marketing is one of the essential skills that a business owner must possess, harness and improve upon constantly. You are responsible for putting your business on the map and attracting more customers. It is a continuous process and one must always work hard at it.

Unfortunately, there are some individuals who still want to run businesses and yet they hate the marketing. Some even fear it to a point that they will not do it. Such types do not last long in business. They wrongly assume that since they have built it, customers will flock to them naturally.

If you fall in the category of individuals who have a very potent fear of selling, then you can embolden yourself. It is not as terrifying as you might think. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a straightforward and even fun task to engage in. Below are some of the tasks you can do to unintimidate yourself.

Acknowledge And Own It

People tend to skirt around their fears and some will deny outright they are afraid. It takes immense courage to admit you are afraid and you want to get rid of that fear. If you are afraid of selling, you must admit that you are. Be as real with yourself as possible. This is crucial because it is the starting process of your program to unintimidate yourself and become a good seller.

Pinpoint The Exact Aspect You Are Afraid

So what is it about selling that sends chills up your spine? You must pinpoint which part of the selling process that evokes so much consternation that it just paralyzes you. This is essential so as to provide a focus and place to direct all your efforts to rectify. This also needs a lot of brutal honesty on your part in order to conquer that fear as well. You need to sit down and write that aspect you fear most about selling. This will give that fear a form and something to attack.

Focus On The Big Picture

Why do you want to overcome your fear of selling? What is the goal you are aiming to achieve by confronting this fear? Write down the things you would achieve in your business if the fear of selling was not as pronounced in your life. What this step does is that it gives you something to aim while you are working on that fear. Never underestimate the power of focusing on the ultimate reward that comes after tremendous work on your fear. The sense of purpose it gives you provides you with the necessary fuel to keep going in the face of tremendous difficulty.

Learn About That Thing You Fear Most

So you have finally identified the part of selling that scares you the most? It is time to crack the books, watch some videos or listen to audios about that part of the process. Learning about the thing you fear most will help you know how you can get better at it, in the process, eliminating fear.

Use all the resources that contain information about that part. They are numerous and readily available. The knowledge you gain after immersing yourself in the reading process should help you formulate strategies that will get you confident enough to face your fear.

Use The Power Of Role Play And Rehearsal

By now the thing you feared most does not seem as scary as it once was. You have broken down that aspect and found out what the experts say about making it better. Now it is time to put into practice what you have learnt. This is where rehearsal and role-play is important.

Create an environment where you can employ the tactics you have learnt. Get a few friends and other people whom you can rehearse your pitch on. Ask them to give you an honest critique so that you can know what you did well and the areas you can improve on. Do this as often enough so that when you go to the field, it will become second nature to you. You will be amazed that the fear you once had about selling will not even occur in your mind because you will be ‘in the zone’.

Get Your Peers To Challenge You

The problem with being contented in your fear is that you will never have the incentive or drive to change. With your business at stake and your employees depending on you, confronting your fear of selling is a must. To this end, use the power of peer pressure to move you to confront your fear.

Get people in your network to encourage and constantly challenge you to master that fear of selling you have. If you feel you cannot let those people you count on down, you will not. There is a lot of power in accountability.

Visualize Success

Physical rehearsal is great to getting over the nerves. Mental rehearsal primes you to feel really good about yourself as you engage in the process. You can go as far seeing how the end of the sale will be like and what you will feel like. Experts recommend visualization before selling as a way of relaxing the mind and guiding every step you take to closing your sale. It provides a script you will follow where fear has no place in the sale.

Always Maintain A Sense of Proportion

A fear can look unconquerable and unmanageable at first glance. Our minds exaggerate the dangers we might face, feeding our fears more. You must counter this by being as grounded in reality as possible. Look at the dangers that fear is showing us as clearly as possible. Are they really as terrible as we make them out to be? You will find out that is not the case.

Ask For Help When Needed

If it is an area that you feel you cannot master by yourself, be humble enough to ask for help. Seek out people experts that will give you the assistance you require.

In order to overcome fear, you basically have to face it and do it on a regular basis. Once you do that, you will be on course to becoming an astute marketer. You have to constantly fight against that fear constantly so that you can win. It will only work if you are invested and put the work in.