Ten Pointers On How To Use Instagram To Sell Your Business

Ten Pointers On How To Use Instagram To Sell Your Business - BillLentis.com


While Instagram may not boast of having the largest number of subscribers, it is still very popular as a social media platform. Instagram’s largest population is composed of young people who are more sociable by comparison to the older generations. Now the population on Instagram may not be as large as that on Facebook, but it still has enough people for a successful marketing campaign.

Like any other social media platform Instagram requires a seasoned marketer to get your products selling. This is not a ploy to get you to employ a digital marketer since anyone can actually do it once you know the basic tricks on how it is finer points. Below are some ten pointers to sell your business on Instagram that anyone can use.

Engaging Content

Unlike other sites like Facebook and emails, Instagram is the ‘fun’ site. You do not have to bring all you stiff advertisements to the site else, you will get no following. The trick? Keep fun and engaging to score your following.

Instagram deals in pictures and video or visual content. To attract a huge following you have to know how to engage your audience with visual stimulation that is both fun and still sells your business. Engage your customers with the content that is viral-worthy to get a rise out of them. Point to take home, avoid spam content when using Instagram as a marketing site.

Put Some Flesh In Your Content

While posting make sure the content actually provides useful information about your product, location of your stall or some contact information. Instagramers are avid shoppers and every time a user follows you, it is very likely that they will want to buy you products at some point. It is just bad business to frustrate their efforts at shopping by providing the pictures without the price or any way to get to you.

Insta-stories Are Your Friend Use Them

Insta-stories are post whether pictures or videos that only last up to 24 hours before they expire. Unlike the regular posts that are stored under your profile for the long term, Insta-stories are more perishable. This aspect creates a sense of urgency about Insta-stories. Creating Insta-stories keeps you followers the anxiety of checking them out before they expire. You can post up new offers, instant prizes, or short videos to keep your followers engaged.

The Hashtag Mania

Hashtags supposedly originated form twitter but they definitely became popular with Instagram relatively quickly. You might ask, “What is the point of adding a hashtag to your posts?” When people are searching kind of posts on Instagram one way to about this is to search for a particular hashtag. A study on the use of hashtags showed that a post with a hashtag gets at least 12% engagement compared to those without. So keep #hashtagging.

Call To Action

Make the call to action very clear in your posts. When making posts on your Instagram, you intend to sell your product and therefore a clear call to action is important for this reason. Instagram provides a “buy now” button among others all of which you can employ as your call to action.

Give Your Links

Most Instagram users follow at least one business. These users can testify that they first came across the businesses they follow on Instagram. This is why it is important to give a link to your website on your posts. You can also consider providing your link on you description, which is in your homepage. With enough people linking back to your website, you get to increase the traffic on your website.

Consistency Is Key

No one on Instagram wants to follow a page that posts sporadic content which has no theme unless it is a personal page or an art page. Those two are the only exceptions to the consistency rule. Keeping you theme consistent but always improving and subtly evolving gives your followers a sense of trust. So keep those hashtags, captions and images consistent with your brand and you are sure to keep your followers.

Optimize On Your Profile

A good image is the best way to attract more followers on Instagram. You have to optimize the chance that your profile gives you and post an image that best depicts your company and its product.

Additionally your user name is also an important consideration when creating your profile. The search on Instagram is text-based and it pays to have a key word or two in your user name. As people search for a particular keyword and it happens to be on your user name, your profile will show up on their list. It may seem like a minor trick but that is how you score more followers on Instagram.

Switch Your Account To Business

To access the marketing tools of Instagram your account should be a business account not a personal account. With the business account, you get access to marketing and analytical tools that are absent for personal accounts. This way your posts may appear as random post on your target customers’ feeds even without them following you.

Profile Your Audience

This is a marketers first rule, analyzing. You do not have to go on to look at every follower’s to get you marketing performance. Instagram Insights is a tool that comes in handy for this very reason. Using Instagram Insights, you get full diagnostics of how your marketing efforts are coming along. This is one of the benefits accrued from using a business account for your Instagram marketing.

Instagram has an average of 800 million users each of who get on the platform at least once every month Using Instagram as a marketing tool is inevitable with this kind of access waiting. Additionally, the numbers on Instagram are about to increase as the smartphone companies increase the quality of their cameras. As the images and videos on Instagram increase in quality, so will the users joining in on the fun.