Best Chinese Food Restaurant Boston, MA

Finding a Chinese restaurant is comparatively hard, because not many Chinese restaurants have authentic Chinese taste. Some restaurants, which want to impress customers with their dishes, add more salt, while others make the food very tasteless. However, Chinese dishes are not just about less salt and more sauce; Wikipedia. The best Chinese food restaurant in Boston MA is Five Spices House, which serves the best dishes, and is a Chinatown original.


One of the reasons why this Sichuan spot is the best Chinese food restaurant in Boston MA is because of its vast menu. The server always helps the customers in making the best decision, about what to order and what would suit their tastes better. They have three categories in the menu; appetizer, seafood and Chef’s special; 5spicehosue.

The dishes which customer recommend at this best Chinese food restaurant in Boston MA, include sesame chicken and beef with broccoli. Customers also enjoyed eating the Kung Pao Shrimp, Lo Mein, Curry Chicken, and Chicken with mixed vegetables and brown rice. There are plenty of appetizers at affordable prices in this restaurant. These appetizers include fried chicken strip, salt and pepper crispy chicken, steamed vegetable dumpling and fried calamari ball. They have pork, chicken and beef dishes for customers and for those who want to eat seafood, and they will find a lot of variety here. Look at the best casinos near Boston, MA – Click Here.

The Sichuan Special menu of Five Spices House, is what gives it an authentic Chinese feeling. They serve Sinchuan Crispy Beef, Chongqing Style Pork Bloody Curd, Cellophane Noodle with Minced Pork and Duck Tongues with spicy green pepper. If customers want to taste things like roasted duck or smoked duck, which they have never before, then coming to the best Chinese food restaurant in Boston MA should be their priority.

Customer Reviews

Most people like to come to this restaurant, because they can order and choose ingredients from a buffet, and have the chef cook dishes on the spot. This gives customers a wonderful experience, as they are able to see how their food is being cooked. There are spices, squid, root and lotus available in the restaurant, which are all very delicious. The restaurant is small, but it is very popular, making it the best Chinese food restaurant in Boston MA. See what famous people live in Boston, MA – Go Here.

Customers were impressed by the drink options as well, as they got Budweiser, Tsigtao and Sapporo, at affordable rates. The menu is expensive, which is why most customers who dine once here, return back for another experience and to try out new dishes. Things to do in during the winter in Boston, MA – Click Here.

There are other Chinese restaurants in Boston MA, which customers can try for more taste and culinary experience. If someone wants a good wine collection with their Chinese food, then dine in at Chef Chang’s on Back Bay. They serve the best noodles and pork burgers. It is spicy and has a northwestern-regional cuisine taste; ChefChang.

When customers want a full Chinese experience along with their food, then it is best to look for restaurants, which have a Chinese ambience and the air is filled with the Chinese food aroma.