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Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Climate change is a real thing, which is why when people make purchase decisions, they should always think about...

How Long To Stand At Standing Desk?

As you might already know that standing is considered much more beneficial for health than sitting but it is important to know how long...

Will A Standing Desk Help With Neck Pain?

Back and neck pain can be a common issue in sedentary jobs. It can cause distraction and inconvenience throughout our time at work, ultimately...

Using A Standing Desk Correctly

The health hazards of sitting for a long time are a known fact, and recent medical research doesn’t state otherwise. Standing desk are important...

Are Standing Desk Bad For You?

Studies have shown varying results when it comes to the benefits of standing desks - Amazon. Some of the benefits associated with standing desk...

Stand Up Desk Exercise

The best thing about stand up desk are that they just not only let you stand, but you can do number of exercises using...

Standing At A Standing Desk

A modern office must have a standing desk or two for those who are conscious about their health, and know that they need to...

Standing Desk VS Exercise Ball

Sitting too much at office or home increases the risk of health problems, including obesity, heart disease and some types of cancer. Research suggests...

Standing Desk Health Benefits

Standing desk as the name suggest are desk meant to stand and work rather than the conventional desk which are used while sitting; Calico....

LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Review

It can be very surprising for customers when they read that, a standing desk is available with a treadmill! Treadmills are usually found in...