Features Of A Standing Desk

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Buying a standing desk is complicated, because a lot of research goes into the process. However, if a person doesn’t know the features that make a good standing desk, then looking for one would be very unfruitful. If a standing desk has specific features that would make the standing desk more helpful, then awareness about those features is a must.

Adjusting Feature Of A Standing Desk

A standing desk should have the feature of adjustability. If a desk is stuck in a specific position, and its height can’t be increased or decreased, then it won’t be of any use for the customer. The height of the standing desk should be such that, it can be customized according to the needs of the customers.

The desk that people use on a normal basis is not adjustable. Due to this, people have to suffer from backache, high blood sugar level and a sore neck. When they get up from their seats after a long time, then they face the problem of sore limbs. Go and read more fully jarvis bamboo standing desk review – Click Here.

Height Memory

When looking for a standing desk, a customer should look for one that has the ability to remember height. A customer might not want to adjust the height of the table every time they use it, and they would want it to remember. If two people are sharing the same table, then a height memory built in electronic keypad, would be really helpful. There are LED keypads in standing tables, which allow customers to set the height they want.

If customers have a good budget to spend on a standing desk, then they should look for electronic desks. These desk automatically adjust the height, from both sides, according to what the customer wants. This means that if a customer is adjusting the height of one side, then the other side would follow, and there will be no crooked surfaces. If both sides have to be adjusted by the customer, then this will take time, and the desk may become wobbly.

Surface Of The Desk

Most desks have a flat surface, but not every buyer would want a flat surface. A person who wants to buy a standing desk should look for different types of surfaces, depending on the things that he wants to keep on the desk and how he wants to organize them. For example, some customers would want high and low sections, and different organizers like a keyboard tray or a wire management tray. This would make using a standing desk, easier.

Cable Friendly

No one likes when there are wires hanging out and a person has to deal with those wires. When buying a standing desk, a person should always look for one that can manage wires. There are standing desk brands that offer cable trays or built in cable holes; due to this feature, the hanging wires don’t annoy the user.

Support For Things

When researching about standing desks, people don’t really give much thought to the support that a desk can handle. For example, if a desk is able to handle only 50lbs, then that won’t be enough for someone who wants to put their laptop, desktop, mouse or keyboard on it. A professional would want the desk to support at least 200 pounds or 300 pounds, so that they can put their heavy equipment on it. A desk should be able to support any extra weight that is put on it, like arm rests or a keyboard tray.

Apps That Accompany A Standing Desk

If someone buys a standing desk with the intention of losing calories, or staying healthy, then they need to measure that. A person should look for a standing desk that comes with an app, which tells the user how long he has been standing for, whether he should sit down, and how many calories he has burned from moving around. When a person uses a standing desk, moving around is inevitable and that leads to good health. However, people like to know how much they are losing and if it has any impact on their health or not; an app would be really helpful in this scenario.

High Quality Materials

When customers look for a standing desk, they should always research about the brands that use high quality materials in their products. If the electronics of a standing desk, for example, doesn’t work, then it would be difficult for a user to adjust its height. Moreover, if the electronics of a standing desk don’t work, then it won’t have a memory for past heights, and two people sharing the desk would have to adjust the height each and every time. This could become very irritating and frustrating for customers.

When customers are looking to buy a standing desk, they should always look for genuine reviews of products. This will give them an insight about the different types of standing desks which are available and how they can choose the best one.

Good Mat Underneath

If a standing desk comes with an anti-fatigue mat, then this could be a bonus for the customer. When someone stands all day, they wouldn’t want to stand on a rough surface, even if they are wearing shoes. They would want to stand on a comfortable surface, on which they can easily move and don’t feel fatigue.

Chair With The Desk

When buying a standing desk, a customer should never forget that he might need a chair as well, that adjust well to the desk’s height. A person can’t stand all day, working on a project or on his laptop, because it can become tiring. In such a case, he would need an adjustable chair as well, which would adjust to the height of the desk. The reason why an adjustable chair is necessary is because it won’t cause back ache or a sore neck. If the chair is not adjustable, then the problems that go away due to a standing desk would return because of the chair.

Change Takes Place

When an employer buys standing desk for his employees, they should keep in mind that this is a new thing. People are used to working while sitting, which is why it will take some time for them to stand and work. It is best if an employer speaks to his employees about the benefits of standing and working, how they can sit if they feel tired, how they will be more productive and active if they stand and work. Employers should let employees know that they are not being punished; it is simply a new way to work in a modern office.

Buying The Right Standing Desks

When buying a standing desk, an employer must make sure that it is easily adjustable. If two employees are sharing the desk, then they have to adjust its height frequently. The mechanism of adjusting height should be simple and straightforward, and it should not take so much time. A standing desk should be environmentally friendly, like a bamboo desk; when an employer buys an environmentally friendly desk for his employee, then he is setting an example for him.

Assembling The Desk

When an employer buys more than five or six desks for the office, then he should look for those that are easy to assemble. If the assembly time takes hours, then it would be difficult for the employer to find someone who can assemble them, as employees might not have time to do so, because of their work. Moreover, if the employer pressurizes them to assemble the desks, and the instructions are hard to understand, then it will be difficult for the employees to accept the change that is happening in their office.

Looking At Different Deals

If the number of desks that an employer wants to buy exceeds two or three, then he should look for a brand that would sell to the employer by giving him a discount. The employer should research about standing desks, must compare their prices, pros and cons with each other, in order to make an informed decision.

The employer can wait for the standing desk to go on sale, on websites or in a physical store. However, the standing desks should be considered as an investment, because it would make employees motivated, they would be able to move around freely, and they can interact with other people, leading to harmony. When employees are happy at work, and they are able to interact with others, then new ideas are generated and people become more creative. Problem solving can be quickened through this step as well.

The features discussed set an outline for what standing desks are, what they are used for, what problems they prevent and assist a buyer to make an informed decision. A standing desk can really help in improving the quality of work of a person, it can make people less sleepy and more active, which is what every employer dreams of.