Can Standing Desk Cause Back Pain

Can Standing Desk Cause Back Pain - Bill Lentis Media
Healthy work environment is essential for both employee and employer. People come up with different ideas to make their work environment and offices healthier. Standing desk was introduced with the idea that standing can help prevent the health risks from sedentary lifestyle; Amazon. Standing desk allows us to stand and do our work at our desk, unlike regular desk which are designed for sitting and working. Many studies were conducted with varying outcomes, some suggesting that standing is beneficial while others shedding doubt on it. But one thing we know, standing too much can also cause various health problems including back pain. According to a study conducted by University of Waterloo, 40 percent of participants (total 40 adult participants) included in the study developed back pain after two hours of standing. See how to do a DIY standing desk – Website.

But if we look at the other option, which is using a regular desk and sit, it is associated with some very serious health risks, including obesity, heart disease and even some cancers. Keeping the risk of prolong sitting in mind, standing desk still seem very reasonable option. Back pain associated with standing can be due to number of reasons and may vary depending upon standing tolerance of person to person. Look at features of a standing desk – More Info.

How To Avoid Back Pain While Using A Standing Desk

Here are a few helpful tips which might help you to avoid back pain from standing desks:
• It is important that you alternate between sitting and standing. This can help you prevent health risks associated with both prolong sitting and standing. Make your routine of sitting and standing for every 30 minutes or an hour. So you can avoid back pain while standing. You can use a sit-stand desk, which can easily be adjusted to different heights.
• The height of your table is very important and can help you avoid back and other muscular pains. Optimal height for your standing desk should be about the height of your elbow. So when you move your elbow to a 90 degree they should rest on the top of the table. Also maintain a proper body posture while standing.
• If you are using computer, your screen should be placed so that the top 1/3 or 1/4 part of the screen should be across your eyes. Avoid tilting your head, upwards or downwards. This can help you avoid neck pain.
• Don’t stand on hard surface or wear uncomfortable shoes. Women should avoid wearing heels. Use anti-fatigue mats to reduce the fatigue from standing; Click Here
• While standing stretch your body. Trying changing your posture often. Take breaks to walk and exercise, you can do it regularly without taking a break if your work environment and employer allows. Standing at a standing desk – Go Here.

Final Thoughts

If you are not use to standing, you might feel a little uneasy at the start. But stay committed and alternate between sitting and standing. Follow some of the helpful tips we have mentioned that might help you to avoid back pain from standing. Make sure to regularly walk and exercise to stay healthy.