Will A Standing Desk Improve Posture?

Will A Standing Desk Improve Posture - Bill Lentis Media
Many people are aware of the health risk associated with sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too much has been linked with some serious health problems and sitting with bad posture can be even worse. Bad posture can increase the already huge list of health risk associated with too much sitting. Bad posture can cause neck and back pain, poor balance, breathing difficulties, etc.

Maintaining good posture is not important while you are sitting only, it is also applicable for standing and lying down. Although there are some guidelines on how to maintain a good posture while sitting, standing and lying down, but maintaining a single posture all day is also not good. We are designed to move our body and move from one posture to another, to avoid muscle fatigue. What is the medical reasons for standing desk – Click Here.

Prolonged sitting can settle our body in a position which will make us hunched over. While we are working in an environment where we have to sit for hours, our body movement is mostly limited to a seat and this can affect our posture. Also look at how often should I stand up at my desk – More Info.

How Standing Desk Can Improve Your Posture

Standing desk allows us the freedom of movement; Vivo Electric. We can change our posture frequently, which allows us to avoid a static position. Frequent body movement and changing our position can help us maintain a good posture. By using a sit-stand desk, we can also alternate between sitting and standing; Electric Adjustable Desktop. This will helps us to avoid sitting or standing too much and reduce the risk linked with excessiveness of both. While using a sit-stand desk we can also walk around our desk and do exercise that can help us with maintaining good posture. So what’s the difference between standing desk vs treadmill desk – Go Here.

While we stand our body weight is evenly balanced and our muscles are engaged to keep us upright. But when we take a seat, our core muscles become less active and our weight redistributes to lower back. Our glute muscles are not engaged any more, the blood flow to our leg is decreased, and our hip flexors and hamstrings are shortened. It happens even while maintaining a good sitting posture because our body is not moving and only needs fewer muscles. It is fine to sit for some period, but sitting too much can be a problem. Good posture does not last long and we might adopt poor habits to change our body posture, like rounding our head and shoulders or leaning into one elbow, etc.

With the use of height adjustable or sit-stand desk we can avoid sitting too much. It will be much easier to maintain a good posture. At the same time, it is important that we adjust the height of our desk and monitor to an optimal position. Maintain good posture while sitting and standing. Take necessary breaks for walking around and do exercises that help in maintaining good posture.

Final Thoughts

Standing desk has numerous benefits. It can help us improve our posture and can help us avoid sedentary lifestyle. It is also important to keep your muscles active by walking and doing exercise that can help maintain good posture.