Who Used Standing Desks?

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Although standing and working seems a new idea, but the use of standing desk has been found by many famous people in history; Fellowes. We don’t know exactly how old is the concept of standing desk or when it was first used, but from what is known, the traces of standing desk are found way back to Leonardo da Vinci in 1400s. Leonardo da Vinci is the first person from known history who used standing desk and there are many other famous people in history that supposedly liked the concept of standing and working.

Despite the use of standing desk known from 1400s, the idea gain popularity in 18th and 19th centuries. The idea could have gain popularity because of the advice from an English minister in 1797, which warned against the risk of sedentary lifestyle and recommended the use of standing desks. Standing desk could often be found in offices and homes of rich people during that period. See why standing desks are bad for you – Click Here.

With modern technologies machines are taking over the work of humans. Sedentary jobs are increasing and physical activities of human are getting limited. With televisions and computers at home, people spend hours sitting at home. Many modern researches have warned against sedentary lifestyle and the health risk associated with it. This has helped in renaissance of standing desks in present days. People are getting more aware and you can see the rise in the use of standing desks to avoid sedentary lifestyle. See what standing desk health benefits are – Website.

Some Famous People Who Used Standing Desks

Let’s take a look at some of the famous peoples in history that used standing desk:

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the author of Declaration of Independence and the third president of United States of America. His tall desk, with 6 peg legs to increase stability, was ordered in 1700s from Williamsburg cabinetmaker.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, the British novelist regarded by many as the greatest of Victorian era, was also believed to have a standing desk for writing.

Benjamin Franklin

Another famous personality from history who was fond of standing desk was Benjamin Franklin. You can even find some furniture associated with his name to this day. How much are stand up desks – Go Here.

Winston Churchill

The famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who lived for 90 years, also used a standing desk.

Ernest Hemingway

The novelist Ernest Hemingway, who won a noble prize, also wrote while standing. It is believed he got an injury in World War 1 which led to his writing while standing habit.

Final Thoughts

Modern studies have once again highlighted the importance of standing desk and the health risk involved with sedentary lifestyle. Many people have shifted to standing desks at offices and homes. The modern renaissance has also helped to make the desk available to people from all walks of life. We can see different types of standing desks manufactured these days, from height adjustable to standing desk converters; DefyDesk. The low cost along with health benefits have attracted many people to change their existing desk with standing desks.