Will Standing Desk Help Back Pain

Will Standing Desk Help Back Pain - Bill Lentis Media
Sedentary lifestyle has been associated with many health problems, from risk of heart disease to diabetes and even some types of cancer. Sitting too much can also cause neck and back pain, especially if you are sitting with a bad posture. But can a standing desk be any helpful for back pains?

“Preventing Chronic Disease” journal published a study where participants reported a 54% decrease is their neck and back pain with the use of standing desk, it is also stated that it improved their moods. A standing desk might help to reduce the pressure from your neck and back and also help improve your posture but it is not a solution to severe problems, such as bulging disc. See standing desk vs exercise ball – Website.

Another important factor is that prolong standing itself can cause health problems, including back pain. A study conducted by University of Waterloo tested 40 adults, among which 40 percent reported low back pain after two hours of standing. Check out Readydesk 2 Converter review – More Info.

As both sitting and standing too much is associated with health risks including back pain, it is important to avoid excessiveness of both. You can do this by using a sit-stand desk and making sure to alternate between sitting and standing. A sit-stand desk can help you adjust the height of the desk for both sitting and standing; TechOrbits. They are manual and electronic; you can choose the one according to your budget and needs.

A Few Tips While Using A Sit-Stand Desk

• Avoid both prolong sitting and standing, and switch between the two throughout your day.
• While sitting or standing, make sure to have proper body posture.
• Adjust the height of the desk to an optimal position for both sitting and standing. For standing the optimal height should be around your elbow height. While sitting your chair’s seat need to be parallel to the base of your knees, with a fist-sized gap between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees when you sit. The height of the desk should be adjusted slightly lower than your elbow, so when you bend your elbow to a 90 degree, the bottom of your forearms should be touching the top of your desk. You can do some more minor adjustment to find the best height for sitting and standing for yourself.
• The top 1/3 or 1/4 part of your monitor screen should be across your eye. Avoid placing your screen in a position where you have to tilt your head upwards or downwards.
• Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes or heels, especially while standing.
• Don’t stand on hard or uneven surfaces. Use anti-fatigue mat to reduce the fatigue while standing; Zactek.
• Take necessary breaks to walk and stretch your body. Also do exercise which helps reducing the back pain.

Final Thoughts

It is still unclear to what extent a standing desk can help reduce your back pain. If your pain is severe, it is important to visit a doctor. They might also recommend you the use of standing desk if they think standing would be helpful for you. Follow some of the helpful tips we have mentioned which may help you reduce some of your back pain. Also read about Upwrite by Updesk review – Click Here.