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Should I Trademark My Domain Name?

One of the first questions domain owners ask is whether or not they should trademark their new domain name. Registering your domain name with...

Tips For Managing Domain Name Issues

The domain name that you are using for your business is your intellectual property. You own this asset and you can expect the benefits...

Dot-Sucks Is Much Ado About Nothing New

The arrival of the dot sucks domain has caused a lot of controversies. In fact, some people see it as the end of the...

Are All Domain Extensions Created Equal?

Getting a domain name is not free, you have to pay a fee and get it registered with a domain registrar. The registration identifies...

What Are Domain Names?

What Are Domain Names? Domain names are names that are used to find a website on the internet by internet users. Domain names are...

Booking Multiple Domain Names: What You Need To Know

Entrepreneurs today are looking to buy a number of domain names for their businesses and also the domain name variants. After a while, after...

Can The Identity Of Domain Name Owner Remain Hidden?

The privacy of the owner of the domain remain has been in the debate from many years now. Most of the domain name owners...

Registering Your Internet Business – Domain Name

Introduction When you are starting a business of internet marketing you need to register the domain name of your site. You need to ensure that...

Get The Right Domain Name

Introduction Most people know that domain names are related to websites but do not actually know what domain names are. This article is basically to...
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