Registering Your Internet Business – Domain Name

Registering Your Internet Business - Domain Name -



When you are starting a business of internet marketing you need to register the domain name of your site. You need to ensure that you establish online presence right from the start. In this article, we will at various steps that you can follow when registering the domain name of your business’ website.

Importance Of Registering Your Internet Business’ Domain Name

Registering the domain name for your business can have some benefits. For instance, if you decide to change the web host; specific physical location of the files of your website; you will take the domain name with you. This would therefore eliminate the need of informing you regular customers or visitors about the change of the site’s URL (web address), because according to them the website is in the same location. They will simply type the domain name and end up in your new website. The domain name also gives your business credibility since very few people are willing to conduct business with firms that don’t own a domain name. People will easily remember the domain name of your business, especially if it describes firm’s name and they may end up returning to the website without any inconveniences. Additionally, domain name happens to be very helpful when you are looking for good advertisers (sponsors) for your site since it offers the site a sense of respectability.

Steps Of Registering The Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name

The very first step is choosing the domain name that you’ll be using for your business. Many internet experts will inform you that you should try registering using your last and first if it’s an available option and they’re correct. This is due to the fact that it is the perfect way of starting to promote your business in internet marketing. However, if it’s unavailable, you then can try obtaining something that is close to that name by including a hyphen, word blog, middle name or anything else that will make it appear unique.

Paying For The Domain Name

You should either have a PayPal account or credit card ready so that you can pay for the domain name. This is mostly a requirement by many registrars if not all. This will allow you to be able to instantly claim your domain name upon application.

Get Names Of The Web Host’s Servers

You should obtain names of the web host’s secondary and primary servers then save then save that information at a safe location. It’s often located in FAQs section in the site of the web host, or in a category like ‘DNS’, ‘domain names’ or the ‘domain names transfer’. You can also email their customer service if you cannot get it. This information is important as you will need it to point the domain name into your site after you purchase the domain. It is worth noting that you can ignore this step if you will be obtaining the hosting account and domain name from the same firm.

However, if you don’t have a host, you may allow your registrar to park the domain name in a temporary site that has been set up specifically for you so as to secure the domain name. Most registrars tend to park the domain name by default regardless of whether you inquire them or not.

Building Your Site

Once you have successfully registered the domain name you should then continue with building the website. The web hosting firm, the worldwide web (WWW) or the registrar may offer you plenty of ideas or documentation containing information that can assist you in building the site.

Once you are done building the site you will start getting traffic from individuals who will be typing your name in order to determine if you’re legitimate and authentic and discover who you’re. You’ll be surprised by how fast your name will be highly ranked by the search engines regardless of whether there are other people with a similar name.

Usually, there won’t be excessive competition for somebody’s name within the major web search engines except for when there is a celebrity name or a business mogul conducting online marketing, which is less likely to happen. Therefore, many people will get high rankings in the web search engines when they use their name even with comparatively little work or content. This may be achieved through promotion of your website through various things such as blogs, social media platforms, posting on the answer and question site, posting on the forums that links back to the website and writing articles then submitting them to the directories. There are many different ways that you can utilize so as to get the name of your site in the internet. For instance, we are all aware of the most well known websites. You can therefore begin from there, though as you begin running out of the websites that you can post, simply continue posting even more on those major site since they get high traffic. This is an amazing way that will assist you to get started in building your website’s name into your ideas and brand into a substantial business.


Once you’ve successfully done this, you’ll certainly be at a leading edge of the highest margin, most profitable and fastest growing industries ever seen in the world to conduct your business. I am certainly talking about the internet marketing business. What other activities can you personally do all alone without real expertise or experience, and build without or with small investment which is totally and completely scalable to whatever level. It is only the internet marketing business can offer all these things. However, do not get the wrong idea since you must be willing and interested in working at it. You must also be willing to write emails, articles, promote your website and do anything that will assist you in being successful. Provided you are committed in doing all these activities and then following a process that is proven and successful then you’ll be successful too. You can also choose to outsource all these things.