Booking Multiple Domain Names: What You Need To Know

Booking Multiple Domain Names - What You Need To Know -
Entrepreneurs today are looking to buy a number of domain names for their businesses and also the domain name variants. After a while, after one has settled on a particular domain name, he or she does not renew the others and they are later sold to the open market. It might be easy to think that this is the best way to go about getting the best domain name for your business. The question that this article will explore is whether this is a good idea or not.

For any business hoping to yield returns from the internet, the first stop has to be coming up with a website. For this to come to fruition, the first question that you need to answer as an entrepreneur is the domain name you choose for your business. It is at this point that many business owners get to buy a number of domain names so as to be able to gauge later which is the best to keep. Though it may look like a grand idea to follow this path, it might be expensive and may lead you to spending quite a lot without even developing the website first.

Domain Registration Costs and Their Renewal

As highlighted in the introduction, the initial registration cost is just one of the step in establishing your business’ online presence. Booking multiple domain variants should be done carefully. You need to remember that domain registration does not end with registration and they need to be renewed. Domain renewal needs to be done in a timely manner or else you might find your domain name has already been sold. Other than renewal, it is quite important for you to put the domain name to some use and not leave it idle. Booking many names puts you in a position where you won’t be able to manage them well.

For your website to stand out and be an authority in your field of choice, there is need for you to focus on it. Like in business focus is crucial when building your websites reputation. You need to keep the site updated, relevant and promote it from time to time. Yes, websites need investment which may be in the form of time or money. Underinvestment of your time and resources in building the website will not get you results and you will find yourself in a position where you are frustrated with the lack of attention being attracted to your website.

Domain Extensions

Today, it has become very difficult to book multiple domain names as there are many variants which one can choose from and it can be very expensive and almost impossible to book all variants and more so renew them. This will prove to be a very expensive endeavor which will lead to your business losing funds that would have been spent on developing a particular domain. Regardless of the extension that you finally settle on, what will be a sure value for money is keeping your website interesting

Interesting starts right from the domain name and extension you decide to buy. For example, if google didn’t settle on as their domain and maybe went for, it would be rather boring and quite probably it wouldn’t be the world’s leading search engine. A domain name needs to be interesting and memorable, therefore when people come across your business on the internet, they will always remember it and you can be sure to attract more and more customers.

These are just but some of the best practices that will set you up well when you are choosing a domain name and extension. Readability is also important as the better it is to read the domain name you choose the better your odds of making your website stand out from the rest in your niche of choice.

Safeguarding Your Brand

It is okay to worry that someone may buy out a domain name that may deceive your potential clientele that they are you. Though this might be the case, it is only logical that you don’t buy out the different domain extensions or even misspellings. As we’ve discussed, it will be expensive to buy and renew in the long run. It is quite important that you keep it simple when choosing your domain as it is best to stick to what people know. In this regard, it is best to stick to a .com extension for your business as this is more popular.

Though you may have done this, there may be a few instances where people may infringe on your trademark and mislead your potential clients. There are a number of online services which help in monitoring your brand name on a continuous basis. In the event of infringement, these online services inform you of the instance and let you pursue the offender. These services are expensive and fighting a legal battle is also taxing especially on your finances. What’s worse is that in most cases, victory is not guaranteed. The big question is; will it be worth it in the end? What you can do to steer ahead of any unscrupulous competitors is by simply using your domain well. This entails keeping it fresh and vibrant with content that will not only keep your customers but will also help you build on other clients.


In conclusion as a business owner, you need to remember that a website will be an extension of your business. Buying a domain name and extension is just a tip of the work that needs to be done in order for you to build an online following. It is therefore important to focus on a domain name and extension that is not only readable, but is memorable and fun.

Regardless of the possibility of there being other people who might intentionally infringe on your trademark, you need to remember to use the domains you settle on as well as you possibly can. If you will not use them, then do not buy.