What Are Domain Names?

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What Are Domain Names?

Domain names are names that are used to find a website on the internet by internet users. Domain names are website names, there are like passage ways in which users or visitors get access to your website. In the past, websites were accessed only through IP addresses as computers understood only IP address. IP addresses are string of numbers and because it was difficult for humans to cram long numbers, domain names were formed in order for easy access of the internet and internet websites.

A domain name can contain numbers and letters and also contain some domain extensions such as .com, .net or .org and must be registered before it can be used. The thing with domain names is they are unique to a particular website as no two websites can use same website. If you own a website, it’s really important you get your own domain name. Getting a domain name doesn’t necessarily have to be only for companies and businesses, even individuals too can get domain names too for their website.

How Do You Get Domain Names?

Domain names are gotten through registration by an organization called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) by a Registrar by paying domain names registration which is usually within the range of $10 – $35, depending on the domain name and extensions you choose. This fee is paid for you to use the domain name for a year after which the fee is renewed. The renewal is done annually so far as you keep using the domain name.

Some web hosting companies that act as middlemen get these domain names for you for free because they have already paid for the domain names while you just pay for their web hosting services. However if you register with a company that does not offer such bonuses, you would likely have to foot the bills yourself.

Can you register directly with the registrar? Yes you can register your domain names directly without using any middle man. Sometimes it’s even advisable to register your domain name directly because most web hosting companies register these domain names as their own therefore making it look like the domain names are their own whereas you own the domain name.

Reasons Why A Domain Name Is Of Significance For Your Business

There’s this belief that the ancient Romans had about name. The ancient romans believed that names holds a lot of power and works in the life of an individual, the name belief was captured in an ancient Latin phrase “nomen et omen”. In some way this believe survived centuries and even till now people still believes in it. This believe of name having a great effect in the lives of bearers have now become what we call nominative determinism. For example, the scientist Sigmund Freud whose name means joy, he was always involved with anything that in one way r the other connected to pleasure.

Names contain a lot of connections that influences the way we feel about certain things and people and domain names are no exception to this. With all this explanations about names, it’s clear that one way for a business to reach the limelight, name is a very significant factor and one way to achieve that is using a domain name that would bring more favors to your business. The reasons why domain names are important in a business includes:

1. Domain Names Adds More Mobility To Your Website’s Internet Presence

Everyone would want their business to gain as much internet popularity amongst all other websites and one way to achieve that is making sure you have the right domain name. Now one thing you should understand is that, domain names gives your business a quicker access for your potential customers and even your old customers. It make your business unique and independent.

2. A Domain Name Builds Your Brand

What more could you be longing for if not to have a business brand that will g worldwide. However the question is how do you achieve this? When it comes to business websites, one thing you should be very careful about is getting the most suitable domain name that would boost your business. Without a domain name it’s difficult for people to recognize you or your business, but when you have a domain name, you gradually build a brand that would last a lifetime.

3. Domain Names Create Originality In Your Business

Building your own business domain name creates originality in your business. It makes your business website more unique and uniqueness and originality can attract walk in businesses. It also puts your business on higher grounds than other websites that do not have originality in their websites domain names. It clearly explains what your business is all about to visitors and it also attracts the right set of people who knows the value of your kind of business.

4. Domain Names Makes A Business Look More Professional

One of the ideas about domain names for business websites is to make the business appear more professional to outsiders and potential customers. People tend to respect a business website that has its own unique domain name because they feel they know what they are doing and are ready for business, if a business website does not have a domain name, people take it less seriously, sometimes it can ven be tagged as a scammer website.

Does My Choice Of Domain Name Affect SEO For My Business?

When it comes to SEO for your website, choosing the right domain name would really matter a lot especially in websites that do a lot of keywords. In fact the first target keyword should be in your domain name, that way it’s easier to achieve bigger results with SEO and it would give your website an edge over all other websites that don’t have their keywords in their domain names.


Domain names are very important in a business as it’s like an Identity of a business. Most people get to know what a business website is all about through their domain names. So getting a domain name for your business website would make a lot of sense for your business in terms of SEO and branding.