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How Microwave Ovens Work

A microwave oven is found in every home nowadays; it is an electric oven which can cook food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation....

How To Microwave Rice

As compared to a stove, cooking rice in the microwave is comparatively easy and fast. Cooking experts think that cooking rice in the microwave...

How To Microwave A Turkey

It might seem like a joke to some people, but turkey can actually be cooked in a microwave. This would save people a lot...

How To Microwave Bacon

People love to eat bacon for breakfast, but not everyone wants to go through the fuss of pulling out a pan and cooking it....

How To Microwave S’mores

When people go for campfires, they like to eat S’mores. It is the most commonly eaten campfire treats in the USA, Canada and Mexico....

Microwave Heat Pad

People can’t just make food in the microwave, they can heat up things like a heating pad as well. Heat pads are mostly used...

How To Microwave Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are usually served with steaks, as a side dish, and even with burgers. They are a delicious snack, and they can be...

How Does A Convection Microwave Oven Work?

There are two types of microwaves; simple microwaves and microwaves with convection mode. The ones which come with convection mode, people can bake different...

Can You Microwave Ziploc Bags

Ziploc is a brand that makes bags with quality, recyclable materials. Ziploc is mainly used for storing food, but they can be put in...

How To Soften Butter In Microwave

Most baking recipes use softened butter for different recipes like cookies, cakes, and breads. Softened butter is then mixed with flour and sugar batter;...
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