How Microwave Ovens Work

How Microwave Ovens Work -
A microwave oven is found in every home nowadays; it is an electric oven which can cook food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation. When someone wants to cook food using a microwave oven, then they can easily set the frequency range, which induces polar molecules into the food. Then, the food rotates on the microwave dish, producing thermal energy; this whole process is called dielectric heating; Wikipedia.

How To Microwave Ovens Work Physics?

Microwave ovens work so well, because they use heat energy directly to tiny particles that are found in food. When food is put into a microwave oven, it heats food, like Sun would heat a person’s face, standing outside. The process of a microwave oven is similar to that of TV and radio, as electromagnetic waves zap through both these devices transmitters. The up and down pattern of both electricity and magnetism is quite invisible, as it races through the air, at 300,000km per second. Microwave have short radio waves, but they do carry a lot of heat energy; Cosmosmagazine.

One drawback of microwave ovens is that, they can harm living cells and tissues. This is why, a microwave is surrounded by metal boxes, so that they don’t harm people when they are cooking or reheating their good. Users can easily see that at the top of a microwave oven, there are clear instructions that the top should never be opened, because it can be dangerous. Also see how microwave mushrooms.

Can Microwave Ovens Work In Space?

Microwave ovens don’t work in space. Astronauts use a low wattage air convection oven, which goes to 180 degrees only. The reason why there is no microwave in space, is because of power. The glove box experiments have a limit of 300, and that doesn’t fulfill the requirement of a microwave oven. Astronauts have to control power in their space station, and an oven eat power like gluttons. If microwaves leak radiation, then it can cause interference in RF.

To put it simply, when the microwave oven is switched on in a home, then the Wi-Fi connection gets affected. Similarly, if it is switched on in a space station, then something is bound to get affected.; Quora.

Does Microwave Convection Oven Work?

Microwave convection oven does work well, and there are several advantages of using them. Firstly, food cooks faster in a convection oven, because it combines the power of both convection cooking and energy from the microwave. Moreover, before cooking in a convection microwave oven, a cook usually preheats it, which results in less cooking time. The second advantage is better flavor, as the oven uses the fan to move the hot air around, along with the radio frequency energy. Heating and baking food becomes easier, and it preserves the food. The food is cooked from inside out, and it retains the moisture leading to better flavors.

People can always cook multiple dishes in a convection oven, because it has two sides.