How To Microwave A Turkey

How Microwave Turkey -


It might seem like a joke to some people, but turkey can actually be cooked in a microwave. This would save people a lot of time and their kitchen won’t be messy on Thanksgiving. Moreover, if they want to eat turkey anytime other than just the holidays, they can simply microwave it. Also go and learn how microwave hot dog – Click Here.

Can You Microwave Turkey?

First, the turkey has to be thawed properly. The cook would need microwavable oven bags, a safe plate, a mea thermometer, and spices. Clean the bird, and remove the giblets from it. Pat the bird with paper towels, and make sure that it is completely dry. People can season the turkey any way they want to, but normally salt, herbs and spices are used for seasoning; Mashable. Can microwave ovens lose power – Go Here.

When the turkey is seasoned, place it in a microwave safe bag, but leave a hole in the bag so that the steam can escape from it. Microwave the whole turkey by placing it in a microwave-safe bowl, but make sure that the size of the turkey fits the microwave. The turkey should be small enough not to touch the sides or top of the microwave. Each pound of turkey requires 10 minutes to cook in the microwave, at 50% power. The chef can use the meat thermometer to check the temperature of the turkey. If it is 165 degrees, then it can be served right away. If the chef sees the juices of the turkey, and not a pink side inside, then the turkey is perfectly cooked. Can microwave kill bacteria – More Info.

Can You Microwave Turkey Bacon?

Some people love turkey bacon, but they don’t have the time to make it. In this case, they can place a single layer of turkey bacon in the microwave safe plate, and line the plate with paper towel. The turkey bacon has to be microwaved for about 2-3 minutes, but the cooking time varies, depending on the strength of the microwave. If someone loves chewy and crispy turkey bacon, then this is the perfect way to make it; SouthernLiving.

How To Microwave Turkey Without Drying It Out?

When most food items reheat in the microwave, they become very dry. If someone wants to eat leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, then there is a proper way to reheat it, which won’t leave it dry:
• Cut the turkey into bite sized pieces
• Place the turkey in a microwave safe dish
• Add some spoons of chicken stock in it
• Add a pat of butter
• Cover the dish using a lid or plastic wrap
• Cook the turkey for 1 minute, with 70% power
The turkey will taste as delicious, as it did during the holidays; TasteOfHome.

Which Turkey Breed Tastes Best?

The turkey breed that tastes the best is Bourbon Red turkey; they are attractive and are known for their flavor. Their meat is very delicious, and is one of the best breeds of turkey. Other best taste turkey breeds include black turkey, blue slate and broad breasted whites.