Why Standing Desks Are Bad For You?

Why Standing Desks Are Bad For You - BillLentis.com
There is a lot of hype about standing desk these days like – Rocelco. Many people are replacing their traditional desks with the standing ones. Generally the idea behind standing and working is not that standing itself is very beneficial but it is a way to avoid sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too much is linked with very serious health risks including heart disease, obesity and some types of cancers. Check out will a standing desk help with neck pain – Click Here.

Studies that has been conducted to find out the benefits of standing desks, has shown different outcomes. Some suggesting it to be very useful, while others believe there is not much of a difference between sitting and standing. A research conducted by Curtin University in Australia in 2017, concluded that standing too much can cause health and productivity problems for the employees. Only after 2 hours of standing and working, participants reported various problems such as discomfort, lower limb swelling and muscle fatigue. The participants were not limited to physical anguish but their reaction time and mental health was also affected. But one positive thing that was noted was standing desk did indeed help in creative problem-solving. See if you can stand up desk and exercise – More Info.

We might have to wait till more research is done on standing desks to better conclude if it’s really beneficial for the health or not.

Some Of The Reasons Why Standing Desk Can Be A Bad Option For You

Here are some of the situations where standing desk can be bad for you:
• If you already have a job that involves lot of movement and physical activity, you don’t need a standing desk. But you need to sit to give your body proper rest. For example, if a person has to stand most of the time at work, he or she does not need a standing desk at home. Standing too much has its own health risk like, back pain and varicose veins.
• With all the hype around standing desk, you might believe it is the best option to stay healthy. That might not be true, because exercise or walking is more beneficial for your health than using a standing desk.
• If you are using a standing desk for losing weight, it’s not the best option. According to a widely accepted study, it is almost the same as sitting at your desk. As it was observed that standing only burns 8 more calories per hour than sitting at your desk.
• Prolong sitting and standing have various health risks, if you don’t have a height adjustable desk, you might have to stand for prolong periods which can cause health problems like, back pain and varicose veins, etc. – Halter. Look at the standing desk health benefits – Go Here.

Final Thoughts

To this date, we are unclear about the benefits of the standing desks. But we do know the health risks that we might face from prolong standing. It is better to avoid both prolong sitting and standing, and keep yourself healthy by regularly walking and exercising. If you have a sedentary job, take breaks to stretch your body and walk around your office.