Standing Desk And Pregnancy

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For women, working during pregnancy can be challenging. They need to maintain the balance between sufficient physical activities and proper rest. Women faces different physical and mental health challenges during pregnancy, such as increased stress level, back pain, decreased energy level, etc. The situation might worsen for the women who work at sedentary jobs. Sitting too much has been associated with many health problems. Here are some of the common problems mothers-to-be might face due to prolonged sittings:

Weight Gain

Less physical activity and sitting too much may cause a significant increase in the weight.

Gestational Diabetes

According to a research, sitting for long periods, might increase the risk of gestational diabetes. This can lead to complication in the time of delivery for both women and the baby.


For mothers-to-be, sitting too much can lead to depression. Researchers encourage women to switch between sitting and standing during their pregnancy to keep their body active.

These are some of the health risk involved with sitting too much. But many studies have suggested that standing too much might also not be the best option for mothers-to-be. Let’s take a look at some of the health risk involved with prolonged standing:

Slower Growth Of The Baby

An article that was published in LiveScience, stated that prolonged standing might slow down the growth of the baby and affect the size of the head and average weight. Do you know how many calorie do you burn standing at your desk – Website.

May Increase Blood Pressure

According to studies, standing too much might also increase blood pressure of the mother-to-be.

Might Increase The Chance Of Premature Birth

According to a research, standing too much might also increase the risk of premature birth and pre-natal deaths.

As we can see both sitting and standing for prolong periods have their downsides for mothers-to-be. And those who are involved in sedentary jobs, it will be hard to keep their body active. Check out how long to stand at standing desk – More Info.

Sit-Stand Desk

The best solution for mothers-to-be is to avoid both sitting and standing for prolong periods, at work and homes. If you are involved in a sedentary job, you can achieve this by replacing your existing desk with a sit-stand desk; Go Here. A sit-stand desk can allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your time at the office. They are height adjustable desk, usually operated manually and electronically. An electric height adjustable desk can help you conveniently switch from sitting to standing and vice versa. This will help you avoid the health risks from both and help you to keep your body active. At the same time it is also important that you should take leave from your office after 8 months of pregnancy. As a study suggest its harm for the babies is equivalent to smoking. See standing desk vs sitting – Go To This Site.

Final Thoughts

It is important for mothers-to-be to take good care of their health and their babies. Try to maintain balance between sitting, standing and walking. Avoid staying at a position for prolonged periods. While you are standing, wear comfortable shoes, and avoid standing on hard and uneven surfaces. Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated. If you have a sedentary job, a height adjustable standing desk can help you maintain the balance between sitting and standing; Click Here. You should also take proper rest regularly.