Using A Standing Desk Correctly

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The health hazards of sitting for a long time are a known fact, and recent medical research doesn’t state otherwise. Standing desk are important for a workplace, because they drive away the health hazards that people suffer from, due to no exercise and movement all day. Standing desks can be a blessing for those office spaces, where the individual workspace has shrunk or was less to begin with. Not every entrepreneur owns a big office, and in order to get maximum people accommodated, standing desk can prove to be very fruitful.

Before buying a standing desk, there are some things that the buyer should remember. These things relate to how a standing desk should be used correctly and effectively; if it isn’t, then it won’t serve the purpose that it is bought for.

Standing And Sitting Too Long

If a person stands too long, they might feel tired, and if they sit for too long, then they might become lethargic. This is why, people have to find a balance between sitting and standing, so that they don’t become sick due to both activities. If people don’t take a break from standing, every two hours, then they would feel their legs getting weak or sore. This is why, when a buyer gets a standing desk, he should get a chair as well that can be adjusted to the height of the standing desk. Go to comparison between standing desk and sitting desk – Click Here.

Adjusting The Desk

The main purpose of buying a standing desk is to make sure that a person doesn’t have to suffer from strain injuries. With the help of a standing desk, a person can easily adjust the height of the monitor, put the keyboard and the mouse in the right position and make sure that they don’t have to lean forward while typing. Moreover, they can adjust the mouse and keyboard in a way that their wrists don’t get hurt.

A standing desk helps in adjusting the monitor, which is very important. When a monitor is placed at the right height, then the user’s eyes won’t be strained. The monitor should be about 20 to 40 inches away from the person’s eyes, because that is the appropriate range. The bottom of the monitor should be closer than the top of the monitor; the top should be a bit below the eye level of the user.

Taking Care Of The Legs

When standing, it is best to use the foot rest and elevate one foot. Elevating a foot changes the position of the foot, the posture of the person, and protects their back. When people stand for a long time, it can be uncomfortable for them; however, if they find different things to give them comfort like a mat and a foot rest, standing can become easier.

Relaxing The Knees

Using a standing desk doesn’t mean that the knees have to be stretched and the back have to be absolutely straight, because this could be an uncomfortable position for a person. A person using a standing desk can bend their knees, so that their muscles remain engaged.

Mat & Shoes

The mat underneath one’s foot and the shoes that they wear, hold equal importance in the achievement of comfort. For example, if there is no anti-fatigue mat under the standing desk, and the person is wearing heels or really pointed shoes that leave no room for breathing, then that is a disaster. When shoe shopping, people always pay special attention to the occasion they are shopping for. When it comes to shoe shopping for standing and working, there should be no exceptions.

It is best to buy shoes that leave breathing space for the user, and which allows them to move from one place to the other, easily. Shoes shouldn’t be too tight to too loose, otherwise the person would get blisters or won’t be able to move without the shoe coming off every minute.

Regular Breaks

Standing and working is good for health, because when a person comes back from lunch, their blood sugar level goes up and in order to bring it back to normal, the person can stand for some time. However, it is important that the person takes regular breaks, because standing for too long can be tiring and if a person pushes himself too hard, then this could be bad for their health.

Movement In Between Work

The main purpose of a standing desk is to help people stay healthy. However, another purpose is to make them more productive and happy at work. This objective can be achieved if a person moves between his works, during the day. It is best to put on some music when the person is feeling tired or less motivated, or just move around in a way that it doesn’t become annoying for everyone else.

While sitting on a chair, it can become bothersome for people to move and get the things they want for their work, but when they are standing, they become more active. They wouldn’t feel bothered if they have to get some documents printed or photocopy them, or if they are called to the boss’ office. A standing desk makes them more active and less lazy.

Get Used To Standing

When a customer buys a standing desk, he shouldn’t stand for three or four hours in a go, on the first day of using the standing desk. The customer should start slow, by standing for fifteen minutes the first day and then half an hour. The customer can keep on increasing the duration of the time, and must pay attention to how he feels after using the standing desk.

If the customer doesn’t feel any difference in standing and sitting, or feels worse, then he should consider the height adjustment of both the desk and the chair he is using. He should research about ergonomics, and the best way to use a standing desk, like height adjustment, where should he place the elbows, and the foot.

Height Research And Recording

When looking for a standing desk, a person should always research about the height adjustment that the manufacturer offers. If a person has unusual tall height, then he needs a standing desk that can fulfill that requirement. The weight that a standing desk can carry, would also impact the decision of the buyer. If a customer has to load different desktops and laptops on their workstation, then they should look for a manufacturer, who would fulfill this requirement.

A standing desk should be able to remember the past heights that the user has input. For example, if the standing desk remembers the last four heights that the user has input, then the user won’t have to type in the requirements again and would just choose from the memory.

Apart from getting the standing desk, customers should also consider some affordable accessories that they can use to improve the performance of a standing desk.

Dual Monitor Stand

A monitor stand can help align a computer screen, with the eyes of the user. It is important the a customer doesn’t have to move their head up and down, just to read what is on the screen. If the screen is well aligned with their eyes, then they can do their work properly. VIVO is a brand that produces dual monitor stands, and they are available for $39.99.


When using a standing desk, the angle of the elbows is very important. To achieve the right angle, it would be best if the right mouse is used, one that can be tipped 80 degrees. Customers can buy a wireless mouse to better adjust it, while doing their work. Anker produces wireless mouse, which are ergonomic in nature and can be very beneficial for not getting sore wrists. They can easily get a wireless mouse for the price of $20.

Ergonomic Keyboard

For those who have been using a traditional keyboard, they should definitely try the split ergonomic keyboard. A split keyboard is something that chiropractors recommend, because they are really helpful in typing, and can be bought for $90; one of the manufacturers of a split keyboard is Kinesis.

Customers can buy footrest as well, like the mind reader adjustable height ergonomic that is available on Amazon, for $25. This would help their feet get some rest, when they get tired of standing all day long. A customer can put the foot rest in front of his chair, and have a relaxing time, before getting up and working again.

Final Word

Using a standing desk correctly is important, because if it a customer fails to understand the main purpose of the standing desk, then a purchase would go to waste. Therefore, a customer should understand the body posture they should adopt, in order to get the comfort that a standing desk gives them, and the diseases that it prevents. Standing desks have become a necessity in a modern office.