Miami is a financial, international trade, economic, entertainment, art and cultural center in the south of Florida. It is in the county of Miami-Dade which is the most popular state within the state of Florida. This city has land coverage of approximately 147 km2/56 square miles. It is situated between Biscayne Bay to the east and Everglades on the West. This city is also ranked 6th most heavily populated out of all the cities in the US with a population of more than six million people. It was also ranked as the cleanest city in America in 2008 due to the large green spaces, good quality air, clean streets, clean fresh drinking water and the recycling programs throughout the city. With the warm and short winters and hot humid summers, the city of Miami is a home to numerous parks, entertainment venues, theaters, art centers and museums. The Arsht center of Adrienne for performing arts is the latest inclusion to the arts scene of Miami. Downtown Miami happens to have largest concentration of worldwide commercial banks within the US and houses numerous large international and national firms. This city has various major centers such as medical centers, research institutes, biotechnology industries and hospitals.

With more than 6 million residents, Metropolitan Miami is certainly a good place to reside for various reasons. Its top schools, warm climate, many recreational options and healthcare facilities attract an increasing number of visitors every year, particularly from the north of the US. If you are considering possibility of relocating to Miami or in the process, this article is certainly for you. We will look at various things such as why it’s not such a bad idea to move to Miami and the process you need to follow in order to become a legal resident of the Miami Metropolitan. Also go and check out –

Why Move To Miami

1. Employment

You can relocate to Miami in order to start working there. The business climate in Miami is extremely powerful and there are currently many job openings in this Metropolitan, across various industries. Most of these job openings are related to certain skill sets. Some of the biggest industries in which you can get employment in Miami include health sciences, tourism, aerospace & aviation and international trade. You can also be employed in the corporation of Walt Disney. Since getting a job; especially since you haven’t allocated to Miami; can be difficult, you can use a Miami-based recruitment firm to help you get a job even before you have moved there. You must provide certain information such as your skills and employment history to this recruitment firm so that they can get the job that perfectly matches your own professional strengths. Additionally, the state of Florida, where the city of Miami is based, is constantly hiring in various professional fields such as legal work, social services, management and health care. You can therefore apply for the vacant job openings especially if that job posting is in Miami so that you can move to this beautiful city to work.

2. Top Schools

If you select a good neighborhood in Miami, your children will certain good education. There are more than two hundred schools in the City of Miami some of which are highly rated as the top schools within the whole country such as Mast Academy, Arts Charter of Miami, Ada Merritt, Mater grove among others. There are also about one hundred and eighty five private schools if you don’t prefer private schools. Miami University is also located in this region for those who want to further their education.

3. Miami Culinary Tours

The Miami culinary spot is the ethnic melting pot for international, local or regional flavors that you will certainly find unique dishes that you won’t discover in most places in the world. Miami local cuisine happens to be based around seafood due to the fresh ample local supply. This city is also very popular for its amazing and authentic Cuban cuisine, though extra American ingredients tend to be utilized in the restaurants within the city. As you can speculate, there are numerous food tours that you can select from with the wide variety of foods looking forward to be sampled. You can try out some of the common choices of food tours and select the most suitable for you when you visit the City of Miami. Some food tours visit many different parts of the city while others concentrate on one particular region. Most of these tours are organized in the most popular areas of Miami such as Little Havana, South Beach and Wynwood. The 2 most famous food tour firms are Miami Culinary and Miami Food tours. These food tours provide guests and tourists with an opportunity of tasting a wide variety of interesting and unique restaurants within the neighborhood at very reasonable and affordable prices. They are led by guides who are knowledgeable and provide the information about architecture and culture of Miami food to the tourists.

4. Winter Vacation And Tourism

The City of Miami experiences long days with humid, muggy and hot weather conditions during the summer. Various neighborhoods that are along the coast line an ocean breeze that has slightly cooling effect. You can also get to visit the South Beach in Miami which is certainly an ultimate vacation place and has many gorgeous restaurants, nightclubs, beaches among other places you can visit for fun while in Miami. It will even be more amazing if you decide to permanently reside here because you will have unlimited access to all these awesome places.

Miami is bordered by Atlantic Ocean and there are many other water bodies within this Metropolitan area. You can therefore engage in various fun activities such as surfing, boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, tanning and fishing and completely experience marine life.

In Miami, the vacations are cost effective. First and foremost, you will get the chance of regularly going to the beach enabling you to save a lot especially when you are on vacation with your family. By living in Miami you will also be able to visit other parks within the state of Florida since they are only a couple of hours drive away such as Legoland, Universal studios, Disney World and Seaworld.

Apart from the beach, you can also get some nature and recreation since there are many tourist attractions and amusement parks in Miami. There are two hundred and sixty parks that you can visit including one hundred and forty three playgrounds. This will provide with a shade that will provide you with shelter from the hot sun of Miami.

There are certainly many activities that visitors can do in Miami at surprisingly low prices or even for free. From the museums and Cuban culture to art walks and natural wonders, there are extremely many options of activities that one can choose from. Most of these activities are budget friendly or even free of charge for families, couples or individuals, which is one more reason for you to move to Miami. Crime rate is low in this area through various programs such as Miami parks security and resident crime watch ensuring that everyone in Miami feels safe.

5. For Outdoor Activities And Zoo Animals

The Miami Recreation and parks department has worked hard to establish various programs prioritizing physical fitness. Muscle South beach is a well known destination for the fitness enthusiasts and acts as an area for carrying out various outdoor activities such as weight lifting, gymnastics and physical exercise and features 2 installations that are inspired by nature; MyBeast and a leopard tree (MyEquilibria’s). These functional arrangements collectively feature more than thirty workout components. They are the first fitness equipments of this kind that have been featured in any public park within USA and their installation brings functionality and art to this beach since they are easily accessible residents and tourists. With assistance of the free mobile application, the fitness enthusiasts with various levels of skills may workout using the series of tutorials and trainings available.

Additionally, if are an animal lover, you will certainly enjoy moving to Miami. Zoo Miami zoological garden and park is located near Miami and is the oldest and largest zoological park in the state of Florida. It was initially established at the Crandon park, Key Biscayne in 1948 until it was later relocated to South west Miami in 1980. This tropical zoo houses more than three thousand animals and occupies land coverage of approximately 304 hectares with 131 hectares already under developments. It is currently participating in more than thirty six projects on 6 continents. This zoo park has 5 main exhibit parts namely Australia, Amazon & Beyond, Africa, Asia and Mission Everglades. The zoo has many animals such as alligators, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and many other animals. The prices of purchasing tickets to Zoo Miami fairly priced. At the zoo, you will be able to see animals of various species and you may also get the opportunity to feed the giraffes, rhinoceros and other animals. There is a playground in the zoo, which has a water park and a jungle where children can play and run around to utilize some of the excessive energy they have. Additionally, you may rent a bike, either a monorail or tram, which you can easily lock up while visiting other attractions so as to completely enjoy your experience while at the zoo. There are drink and food concession stands that are distributed throughout the zoo plus an amazing gift shop where you can purchase a special memento to help you retain the wonderful memories that you experienced at this zoo.

6. Cultural Diversity

The City of Miami is a region with diverse cultures and you will certainly come across people of all different kinds if you decide to move here since the cultures are extremely many. You can easily tell this by the available entertainment centers and restaurants in this region. There are also many community colleges that you can select from plus Miami University. The various public schools are also great not forgetting the various communities that you will come across in this region. There are many sites that you can utilize to know more about the various kind of culture in Miami.

7. A Good Place For Retirees

Living within the neighborhoods of Miami has mostly been preferred by many retirees including veterans. Retirees really like Miami because of it amazing weather conditions since it is located near Atlantic Ocean so you will always be in a vacation mood. This is certainly a good place to finally relax after working for a long time in your life.

8. To Learn Spanish

Large part of the population living in Miami is Latino residents and there is an increasing culture of Latin America. You will therefore get a lot of opportunities to be able to learn and speak Spanish by relocating to Miami.

9. Business Purposes

Currently, competing in the global market has many challenges. Location of your business should not be among your challenges list. Miami has developed an environment that is business- friendly to facilitate quick growth of companies. This metropolitan area understands the concepts of doing business and has various factors that will enhance business such as global connectivity, talented workforce, highly developed infrastructure among other factors that your firm needs.

Miami has a very favorable business climate for operating your business activities and you will definitely enjoy some benefits once you move your business into this area. For one, the state in which this city is located, Florida, has a favorable business government policies, competitive costs and tax structure thus making future growth planning quite simple. It has been consistently ranked among the top states suitable for business, due to the pro-business modernized regulatory environment, tax policies and the competitive cost in conducting business. The city of Miami is certainly a good place for business because of these competitive advantages and convenient business climate.

Miami-Dade County has well established infrastructure including multimodal transport systems which are among the most extensive in the entire world featuring extensive highway, rail networks, international airports, multiple hubs and shipping ports that allow data transmission at a high speed from around USA to Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Miami metropolitan is a host to hemispheric and regional headquarters of firms from different parts of the globe, diplomatic hub and a vibrant worldwide banking center representing more than fifty countries. Numerous international firms base various facilities including distribution, manufacturing and warehousing in Miami so as to effectively utilize convenient access to the global markets.

Miami’s diverse and talented workforce can surpass expectations of employers even the demanding ones. The excellent skills in the Miami workforce can be credited to the exclusive training programs and perfect educational institutions within this Metropolitan city and state.

The city of Miami is widely known for the great weather, culture and recreation that will enable you achieve a balanced work-life. Additionally, it provides a cost-effective living cost that will enable you enjoy as you conduct your business in this region.

Becoming A Legal Resident Of Miami

If you are considering moving to the City of Miami, first and foremost, you must select the region you want to allocate to and the housing type that you need. You should then obtain the legal residence of the state of Florida and a driving license and try to adapt to the unique culture and weather of Miami.

Apart from the basic necessities such as hospitals or schools which are in scattered throughout the various neighborhoods, Miami is diverse and huge and you must therefore carefully decide the region you want to settle in. if you are not familiar with any neighborhood, it would be probably of assistance to know that there are about 25 neighborhoods in Miami. Most of these neighborhoods have also been changed, redefined and renamed since this city was established in year 1896. They can therefore vary from one person to the other. One such neighborhood is Coconut Grove whose name and size has remained the same since it was established in 1825. Its population is 2849 citizens with $911 as their average income. This is the original neighborhood of the County of Miami-Dade and was established by a broad range mix of intellectuals, pioneers, adventurers and artists. This region has a tropical escape which is an excellent option for anyone to escape from the complicated city life. Coconut Grove offers a laid-back and warm atmosphere with galleries sidewalk cafes, boutiques, restaurants and sailboats which are anchored by the bay. You will have convenient access to the international airport of Miami and the beaches. Additionally, there are some top schools (private) that are scattered throughout Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove houses many outdoor cafes, art festivals, fresh markets and bookstores. Other neighborhoods on the other hand have undergone various sizes and name changes and include Wynwood, Little Haiti, Edgewater and many others. Most of these neighborhoods are family friendly and you can explore and determine the most suitable place for your family.

On selecting the region you want to settle in, you should then choose the type of housing that you want to live in which you can either rent or even purchase a home. Although renting may initially seem less costly, buying you own house is a better financial decision especially if you are thinking about staying in Miami for a long time. However, if you are only considering moving to Miami for winter vacation, renting an apartment or a condo unit is for a certain number of months in a year are certainly the better alternative. After finally deciding on the type of housing you want in Miami, you should then determine the costs of various types of buildings that are either available for sale or rent depending on your financial capability. You can easily determine and compare the various costs of various buildings by conducting an online research. For instance you will find out that the most cost effective neighborhoods within the City of Miami include Nautilius, Sunset Islands and Oceanfront all with an average rent of $1494 per month. Other amazing prices that are lower than the $2013 per month average rate of the city of Miami and are certainly worth consideration include Biscayne point, Normandy Isles and La Gorce, all with an average rent of $1809 per month. Some of the most costly neighborhoods in this region include West Avenue, Star Island and Venetian Islands all with an average rent of $2136 per month.

On selecting the neighborhood and the house type you want you want to live in, you should then find a real estate agent who is based in Miami and they will certainly help you find a house of your preference and taste and most importantly, a house within your budget. They will also give you additional information on whether that house is in a hurricane or flood zone.

Some of the elements that are required to be declared a residence of Miami include in-state employment, voter registration, and utilities’ payment proof with your registered address and so on. On acquiring the residency of this state, you can then get a driving license of Florida through the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle. It is worth noting that you must get Florida driving license within thirty days from the first time you; register as a voter in this state, enroll you children in a public school within Miami or accept employment in Miami. Additionally, once you become a legal resident of you should register your car in the Miami-Dade County through the motor vehicles and highway safety department at a registration fee of $25.


Miami is still among the trendiest and hottest places to move or relocate especially if your dream is to live in an amazing coastal city with excellent weather conditions and other interesting activities that run throughout the year. So, if you are considering moving to a new place try out the wonderful City of Miami.