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It is often said that whatever happens in Miami, stays in Miami. This is true due to the vast amount of exquisite fun places and attractions that are found in Miami. From Casinos to restaurants and bars, no one truly matches Miami when it comes to having a good time.

Think about all the defining characteristics of every city you would like to visit and their major points of attraction. One sure thing I can tell you about the attracting factor of Miami is the mix of vintage style drinks. These vintage styled drinks and cocktails are found in the well-known top quality bars in Miami. The Miami drinking scene has reinvented itself over time with new features and quite a number of newer drinks and cocktails being reintroduced from all around the world.

These drinks are specially made to your satisfaction. They are guaranteed to leave you asking for more at the end of the day and the beginning of the next. For the cocktail, there has been unparalleled competition as compared to those served in the bars located in Miami. Regardless of these, there are also many bars that serve mojitos with other side attractions like dancing and Karaoke. These and other creative attractions are the reasons why the Miami bars are still the top pick for nightlife destination.

In a city like Miami which never sleeps and always looks brighter in the night time, these are the bars you would love to savor from when you find yourself in the beautiful city. Also check out –

The Anderson

The Anderson is an invigorated artful surrounding which gives an ‘80s surrounding vibe. Going to the Andersons already promises a very special evening. A little candid advice; go with friends and an Uber or Lyft as their cocktails are so good, you might lose track of the amount you already had.

The space at which The Anderson currently occupies is the former Magnum Lounge which is a well-known piano bar that was instrumental to the nightlife transformation of the Miami Upper East Side neighborhood. For those who are aware of its glamorous days, they would still recognize the legendary piano which shares space with the DJ booth in modern times.

The menu is usually divided into two; the new waves and the Anderson club. Both menus take care of all the age range of people that visit the bar.

The Andersons is usually open for business by 5 pm and they are usually peaked around 11 pm. With carefully picked out munchies by the world-renowned chef, Alex Chang, you can have a belly full of exquisite night meals before you realize it. And of course, the meal is washed down with your desired cocktail.

The 4.5 stars ranked bar is located at 79th street, Miami FL. The retro vibe and the beautiful plants strategically situated on the outdoor patio will surely give you a relaxed environment after a long and stressful day.

To check other interesting attractions from the Andersons, follow the website –

Bar Nancy

Have you ever thought about how a live band could mix with an excellent old-school vibe atmosphere which is capped with well-priced drinks? Well, Bar Nancy is just the appropriate place to get all these. The Bar is located southwest 8th street, Little Havana, Miami FL. The American crafted bar takes its inspiration from the revolutionary sailing vessel, Nancy.

Bar Nancy stands for a number of things, its quality perseverance and humility is just as noticeable as the everyday American dream.

The 4.6 stars ranked bar has a lot of creatively organized events that bring about fun and excitement at the bar. With excellent service and a properly managed crowd whenever it gets a little bit rowdy, Bar Nancy is one of those Miami attraction points that you would like to go back to.

To know more about their program and happy hour, follow this link to their website –

Las Rosas

Las Rosas is one of those bars that is always dark with a cool interior. With a red glowing light, there are different barrooms that satisfies different taste. Las Rosas is arguably one of the best places to get original alternative music in Miami as far as bars are concerned.

Las Rosas is located on 7th Avenue in the up and coming Allapattah neighbourhood in Miami FL. Las Rosas boasts of intimate live music and sometimes, good vibes from solid retro tunes. One thing you can trust Las Rosas for is its live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Right from about 3 pm when the bar comes alive, you can always trust the dark and cozy interior to bring you the right amount of attitude you seek.

For more about what Las Rosas bar offers, follow this link to check out their bar –

Blackbird Ordinary

This is another exquisite Miami-based bar which has a neighborhood bar feel. It is the kind of bar you would most likely go to for business deals closure or to meet someone you want to get serious with. The bar boast of their stylishly made variety of cocktails and a host of DJs that give rhythm to the dancers on the dance floor.

The laid-back neighborhood bar is located on 1st Avenue, Miami FL.

The bar typically opens up for business around 3 pm and is still open up until 5 am for guests that love to watch the sunrise with a cocktail in hand through the amazing view from the Blackbird Ordinary bar.

During the happy hour period, you can be sure to get a free drink after you buy one. Of course, you can enjoy your free drink in the lovely provided space in the back of the bar. Another amazing fact is that each drink you get from the bar gets you a ticket for free pizza.

At the Blackbird Ordinary bar, Wednesdays are typically karaoke, Thursdays are for pizza party and Friday is for 50% happy hour offer off till 8 pm.

For further information on the Blackbird Ordinary bar, be sure to follow the link to their official website

Ball And Chain

Ball and Chains is a taste of the historical flavor of Little Havana which is brought to life by the white and green décor used at the bar. The history-themed bar was founded in 1935 but has been reinvigorated by different people and designs to bring the modern day feel mixed together with a historical touch.

For the regular customers of the bar, they can attest of the presence of the original pine ceiling that still hangs above. They also get to witness the count Basie which still plays just beneath. One thing about this bar is certain, it is not your usual bar. There is no dull moment as there is always jazz music which is always infused with spirited salsa.

For those that are into classic Miami nightlife, well look no further as Ball and Chain got you covered. One thing is certain about this place, even if you are not a pro at salsa or not big on jazz music, the enthusiasm from the dancers and the rhythm from the playlist will have you on your feet and gyrating to the tune being played in no time.

With all these activities, you can always trust their menu to give you enough fuel for the entertaining experience. The Cuban themed atmosphere also comes with its exquisite blend of foods and drinks. With its mojitos and other classic rum-heavy cocktail menus, there is always a refined traditional drink that brings back the old sense of local old-fashioned flavors.

The Cuban themed restaurant opens up each day at noon to serve a well-selected homemade menu which includes the mouthwatering Cuban sandwich and sweet plantain chips.

With the traditional old-fashioned flavor vibe, the Balls and Chain always have a combination of people from a wider range of age groups.

For other information about the Ball and Chains, kindly follow the link to their official website

The Regent Cocktail Club

This retro-themed club is located on 1690, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL. This renowned cocktail palace serves one of the best cocktail drinks in all of Miami Beach. No matter the type of cocktail you yearn to savor, you can almost be certain to get it at the Regent Cocktail Club.

The establishment boasts of a private club vibe and a small but solid Italian menu which is usually patronized by a diverse crowd of locals and others.

With its dark leather banquettes and high ceilings, the regent cocktail bar makes you forget the fact that it is technically a hotel bar, giving you the vibes of a 1941 retro feeling.

The bar is known to still allow for audible conversations as the music played is not so loud. The environment has quite the cozy setting and can be a bit limited in space sometimes. The bar sometimes has a few people or two waiting in line due to its popularity. The cocktail bar also comes with an accompanying Italian restaurant where you can get light food to munch on. This Italian menu is a great accompanying bite for your cocktail drink.

The Regent cocktail club is strategic in its dealings. The establishment knows how to better serve their customers quite properly. Although it could get a bit crowded over the weekend, their services are still top notch. With these facts at the back of their mind, the arrangement of the bar is made to accommodate and deliver a great service to the locals and the visitors who are particular about their cocktail.

For more information about the Regent Cocktail Club, do well to visit their website to get all the services they render at


For those of you that are not into the whole buzzing part of Miami, well here is a part of town you should consider going to. The Uvaggio boasts of a cozy and a less fussy environment which offers you lessons in wine tasting and exquisite combination in just one carefully selected menu. Also, you can always count on the specially crafted yet delicious menu which is sure to match whatever you are savoring.

One thing you can be assured of is that you are going to learn something new about wines when you go to Uvaggio. The owner of Uvaggio, Craig DeWald has always wanted to share his knowledge about wines and teach it to those that are ready to try new things and this is one of the bar’s highlights.

With the rich and the carefully crafted menu of major wines, you cannot go wrong in your choice there at Uvaggio. It also has a small menu which contains beer but they are really big on wines. The wine menu ranges from rustic and rich to juicy and beautiful to a whole lot more.

The combination of what food matches certain types of wine is also one of the huge selling points of Uvaggio. You really don’t have to worry about thinking too deep about the food you should take and what wine goes with it. It is all spelt out on the menu. And trust me, these are not randomly made choices.

Also, their service is premium. Be sure to chat up their staffs on what you ordered as they are knowledgeable about exactly what they have served you.

For more information about Uvaggio, proceed to visit their site

Sugar At East

Ever wondered what a rooftop bar at sunset and sake tastings would be like? Well, here is your chance to find out at Sugar at east.

The bar is strategically located on 788 Brickell Plaza, East Miami, FL.

Just on the 40th floor of the East, Miami hotel, the bar serves great cocktails which are accompanied by a great view from the 40th floor of the beautiful and breathtaking city of Miami. With an infusion of the Miami serenity and an Asian touch to the vibe, the spot is said to be one of the best places around the city to view the sunset from.

Of course, this sort of location cannot be hidden forever as the guest list is a mix of both Miami locals and the guest at the Miami hotel itself. You can be sure to get a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time, experience a trendy vibe from the environment which is usually a mix of visitors from different part of the world.

For most of the drink menu, it is an infusion of Asian inspired drinks from the roots of sugar in Hong Kong, spiced up by Miami’s touch. In such an amazing setting, the environment is relaxing and the drinks are served with special sake tasting events organized at specific days of the week. This has caused the bar to become sort of a meeting point for all the interested folks whenever the bar opens for business.

Their food menu is also Asian inspired. You can be sure to find one of the best-made dumpling, spring rolls, edamame etc. at the bar. Of course, these dishes pair perfectly with the cocktail drinks which are served as well.

With the outdoor view and the exquisite service of both paired food and cocktail drinks at the bar, the locals and the visitors all have the same breathtaking experience on the rooftop bar. This place is known for its 270 degrees view from the 40th floor of the Miami hotel. Website –


The famous sign at the door of Gramps is; ‘Air Conditioning, Cold beer, Cocktails’. Gramps is one of those bars that should have ‘best tiki bar in town’ added to the sign on the door. This popularly known hangout in Wynwood embodies the environment at which it is located. It is often portrayed to have quite a mismatch of furniture but that could be part of its selling point, right?

Gramps also boasts of a variety of activities as it contains very old school video games, and an outdoor space tiki bar to host live music. Well, you could deduce all these from the name; Gramps

Although it is a place you can definitely get your different kinds of cocktail drinks and chilled beer. There are way more activities that go on in the bar. Activities like; movie night, bingo, alligator wrestling and comedy night are part of the fun package which Gramps bar offers to the people that choose to turn up there.

The bar is also known to have almost every drink you can think of to order in a bar. Ranging from exquisite cocktail drinks to chilled variety of beers and sparkling wines, Gramps got you all covered. For a plus to all the things offered in the establishment, there is also the hidden pizza tropical menu. Here, you are served carefully made Brooklyn styled pizza which could be served with wings and hot Cuban flavoured coffee.

For those periods you plan to go out with friends and have a fun-filled night, Gramps is a great recommendation to experience firsthand services in Miami nightlife. Website –

Martini Bar At The Raleigh

I would ask you what the first thing that pops up on your mind is when you hear Miami but I think we both know the answer. Of course, it is the glamour of the Miami Beach, Hollywood and most importantly, Dry Martini.

Of all the places that still try to hold the tradition of the nightlife of old south beach Hollywood glamour, Martini Bar at the Raleigh is certainly one of class.

The Raleigh hotel houses the Martini Bar. This establishment has been around since 1940 and it is still as glamorous as it was back in its glory days. Although, there are other points of attractions at the hotel, the martini bar also stands tall as one of the major centres of attraction. It is like a throwback time machine with its many traditional features. A peculiar feature is its mahogany wood bar and its table arrangements.

Disappointingly, the bar cannot boast of its own space, as you cannot linger in due to its constant crowd that does not mind. It contains just eight sits and a set of booths. This arrangement could be a deliberate decision from the management of the Raleigh hotel to get people to see the other parts of the hotel as well. Either way, this space is usually still packed fully with locals and visitors.

Of course, you will most likely order a martini at a martini bar, right? But there are other cocktails that could interest you if you are in for another type of drink.

Also paired with the drinks are bar bites such as Wagyu beef sliders. Most times, slowly braised Cuban empanadas which go with mustard aioli are the most ordered type of food from the bar.

With the 70 years’ experience rich Raleigh hotel, and the high standing, still glamorous martini bar, the facts jump right at you that they are doing something worthwhile to keep customers coming to the establishment. So, when next you are in the environs of the Raleigh hotel, Miami Fl, be sure to stop by at its martini bar. Website –

To bring all these into focus, the exquisite experience of the Miami nightlife and the different point of attractions in the city are worth visiting. It doesn’t matter if you are a visitor or a local in the city, Miami is just a place where you can get another perspective when you visit certain places.

For the bars in Miami, their creativity and the way they pair up their food and drinks menu is unparalleled, anywhere around the world. For any type of bar which you choose to settle for, there is always a great feature you that will leave you hungry for more. Just be sure to have your taxi app ready on your phone to guarantee a safe ride home.