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Miami is a financial, economic and cultural center in the south of Florida. Mentions of the South Beach and Miami may cause tourists start to visualize beautiful individuals on the glitzy nightclubs, pool parties and boardwalk. The matter of the fact is that though most people visit this city with the aim of parting at night and basking in sun, there are certainly many activities that visitors can do in Miami at surprisingly low prices or even for free. From the museums and Cuban culture to art walks and natural wonders, there are extremely many options of activities that one can choose from. Most of these activities are budget friendly or even free of charge for families, couples or individuals.

Lummus Park Beach

Located between 14 Place and 5 Street and between the ocean drive and Atlantic Ocean, this beach has been used during production of many film and television scenes and is among the top destination in the beach of Miami. Some of the park’s beachfront features include public restrooms, Muscle south beach, paved pathways for biking and walking around, fitness area in 9 Street and a playground. Additionally, this park hosts many special events annually ranging from marathons to concerts. Look at –

Muscle South beach is a well known destination for the fitness enthusiasts and acts as an area for carrying out various outdoor activities such as weight lifting, gymnastics and physical exercise and features 2 installations that are inspired by nature; MyBeast and a leopard tree (MyEquilibria’s). These functional arrangements collectively feature more than thirty workout components. They are the first fitness equipments of this kind that have been featured in any public park within USA and their installation brings functionality and art to this beach since they are easily accessible residents and tourists. With assistance of the free mobile application, the fitness enthusiasts with various levels of skills may workout using the series of tutorials and trainings available.

Other advancements at the park include the 114 brand-new dimmable Light-Emitting diodes (LED) that provide direct lighting thus improving visibility and simultaneously reducing the visible light amount from the ocean shore. The lighting installation are the long term plan of providing better protection to the native sea turtles population by significantly reducing photo pollution in areas with most incidents of disorientation during the season of sea turtles. As city of Miami proceeds with constructing, designing and planning various projects near the beachfront, fixtures that are friendly to the sea turtles will certainly replacing the current lights on the public property. Website –

Bayfront Park

This is a public, city Waterfront Park on the Biscayne Bay in Florida, Downtown Miami and covers 13 hectares/32 acres land coverage. It is operated by the management trust of Bayfront Park and was created in 1925. Some of the facilities that are included in this park include; Klipsch Amphitheater which has a capacity of ten thousand individuals and the open-air Tina Hills pavilion which has a capacity of one thousand people. It also has various restaurants, museums and shops.

This park holds many special annual events that attract thousands of tourists and tourists are greatly encouraged to utilize public transport when attending various events at the park since parking space may be expensive and scarce. Additionally, the Metrorail station government center is the nearest station to the park. There is a connection from this station to Metromover and has three stops that are near to the park that is First Street, college/Bayside and Bayfront Park. Various studies have demonstrated that this park is cheap, kid friendly and can be a perfect dating idea. Website –

Bayshore Miami

Bayshore is located at the center part of the prime island the city of Miami occupies. It was initially built around the Carl’s Fisher Golf club in 1923. Its neighborhood is mostly characterized by municipal uses and homes of single families. It is bound by 41st Street in the north, Biscayne Bay in the West, Indian Creek in the east and Collins Canal in the south. Despite the fact that this area experiences traffic congestion during the rush hours, it has some of the most beautiful and historic parks in Miami such as Peacock Park which is specifically used for skating and ball fields, Kennedy Park which is the part of the beach used for playing volleyball and Barnacle Historic Park. You will be able to enjoy the view of the Biscayne Bay at all these parks. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy various activities such as playing sports, snacks, sunbathing or simply watching other people. Website –

Miami Culinary Tours

The Miami culinary spot is the ethnic melting pot for international, local or regional flavors that you will certainly find unique dishes that you won’t discover in most places in the world. Miami local cuisine happens to be based around seafood due to the fresh ample local supply. This city is also very popular for its amazing and authentic Cuban cuisine, though extra American ingredients tend to be utilized in the restaurants within the city. As you can speculate, there are numerous food tours that you can select from with the wide variety of foods looking forward to be sampled. We have highlighted some of the most common choices of food tours so that you can select the most suitable for you when you visit the City of Miami. Some food tours visit many different parts of the city while others concentrate on one particular region. Most of these tours are organized in the most popular areas of Miami such as Little Havana, South Beach and Wynwood. The 2 most famous food tour firms are Miami Culinary and Miami Food tours. These tours are reasonably priced and average price for one person ranges from $45 to $69 including samplings and sometimes even transport. Each group contains less than fifteen people which certainly are such good group sizes for enjoying the tour. For any person with food restrictions or allergies, ensure that you carefully check each and every tour to determine the one that will perfectly accommodate you ahead of purchasing a ticket. These food tours provide tourists with an opportunity of tasting a wide variety of interesting and unique restaurants within the neighborhood at very reasonable and affordable prices. They are led by guides who are knowledgeable and provide the information about architecture and culture of Miami food to the tourists.

South Beach tour – this food tour is managed by the Culinary tours Miami Company and takes about two and a half hours that involves tasting 6 different dishes like gelato, various ceviche kinds, gazpacho and even empanadas. You will certainly enjoy the various kinds of food enjoyed by the locals in this highly rated tour. This tour is scheduled daily for dinner at 5.00 pm and lunch at 12 noon. The tickets of this tour are currently going at $59 for adults and $49 for children between the age of 8 and 13. Additionally, you may get free admission if you have a GoMiami Card. It is also worth noting that you can utilize this card to get discount or discovering various restaurants within the city.

Miami food tours-this food tour company offers only one amazing food tour with an aim of giving their visitors a range of foods in South Beach which includes samplings of French, Italian, American, Peruvian and Haitian foods. You should consider taking breakfast before this tour, though this doesn’t mean you acquire enough food while on this tour. As a matter of fact, there are so many food samples that most individuals don’t need lunch afterwards. This food tour is also highly rated in both TripAdvisor and Yelp though there are some negative reviews that come from the visitors unfamiliar with food tour concept. The prices for this food tour are very affordable and reasonable particularly to the kids under the age of 12 years. Additionally this company provides a very generous discount to the members of firemen, policemen, veterans and military. They also provide private food tours which is worth trying especially when travelling with large group of people. These Miami food tours are scheduled at thirty minutes past eleven o’clock in the morning only on Sundays and Saturdays. The prices of their tickets are as follows; $55 for adults, $35 for firemen/ policemen/military/veterans/children between the age of 5 and 12, $100 for the private tours which must be scheduled vial call or email and absolutely free of charge for children under the age of 5 years.

There are many other affordable food tours the likes of Wynwod food tours, little havanna food tours among other tours that offer meals though they are specifically not food tours. Website –

Zoo Miami

This zoological garden and park is located near Miami and is the oldest and largest zoological park in the state of Florida. It was initially established at the Crandon park, Key Biscayne in 1948 until it was later relocated to South west Miami in 1980. This tropical zoo houses more than three thousand animals and occupies land coverage of approximately 304 hectares with 131 hectares already under developments. It is accredited by the Zoos and Aquariums Association (AZA) having passed a rigorous process of inspection and application and meeting or exceeding the set standards by AZA for animal welfare and health, zoo staffing, fundraising and participation in efforts of global conservation. It is currently participating in more than thirty six projects on 6 continents. This zoo park has 5 main exhibit parts namely Australia, Amazon & Beyond, Africa, Asia and Mission Everglades. The zoo has many animals such as alligators, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and many other animals. The prices of purchasing tickets to Zoo Miami fairly priced. At the zoo, you will be able to see animals of various species and you may also get the opportunity to feed the giraffes, rhinoceros and other animals. There is a playground in the zoo, which has a water park and a jungle where children can play and run around to utilize some of the excessive energy they have. Additionally, you may rent a bike, either a monorail or tram, which you can easily lock up while visiting other attractions so as to completely enjoy your experience while at the zoo. There are drink and food concession stands that are distributed throughout the zoo plus an amazing gift shop where you can purchase a special memento to help you retain the wonderful memories that you experienced at this zoo. Website –

Bayside Market Place

Bayside market place is a two-storey shopping center in the heart of Downtown Miami in Florida, USA. It is an open air market. It was opened on 8th April 1987. It is owned by Ashkenazy Acquisition Company, developed by The Rouse Co. and Benjamin Thompson & Associates, Inc. being the architect. It has two floors, boasting more than 120 service stores consisting of more than fifty carts and kiosks around and inside the center and 140 inline stores. It is the attraction in Miami with frequent visits based on recognition by the Convention of the Greater Miami and Visitor’s Bureau. It offers a live music experience on a daily basis which totally differs from normal shopping malls. The opening hours for Monday to Thursday are 10.00 hours and closes at 22.00 hrs. For Friday and Saturday, the opening hours are 10.00 hours and closing at 23.00 hours. On Sunday, the mall opens at 11.00 hours while it closes at 21.00 hours. Though, individual store hours sometimes do differ from normal mall hours. It is advisable to always check the mall directory on various stores closing time. The market has ample parking space with monthly parking at competitive rates while parking fee during events will vary. For visitors and guests, paid parking is available. In case of special occasion’s downtown, valet parking is available. There also is accessible handicap parking.

There also is stroller parking. Parking rates range between $3 to $30 depending on various factors such as time of the day, day or number of hours. Public transport is also available since one can take a bus or the rail to access Bayside marketplace. The Miami metro-rail takes one to Government Center & one can use the Metro-Mover and alight at Bayside stop then walk to the marketplace. On using the bus, from International Airport of Miami, Orange Line Metro Rail-line is the best. From Miami Beach, use the C or S bus. To access the market place from Port of Miami to Biscayne Blvd., use the Coral Way trolley. Website –

Freedom Tower

The Tower was formerly known as Miami News and Metropolis Building It was constructed in the year 1925, donated to the College of Miami Dade in 2005 and is home to the College’s Museum of Art & Design. It stands at a height of 78 meters. It is situated at Biscayne Boulevard 600, Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. It takes the Mediterranean Revival design with a cupola decoration based on inspiration of Seville’s popular design by the designers Weaver and Schultze. Seville is located in Spain. The architects were Schultze, George A Fuller and Weaver. It features the Spanish Renaissance architectural design. Originally it was utilized as a printing center and headquarters for The Miami News newspaper. Today, it is used as an art museum. It is for contemporary art. It is also the main office for various art disciplines for Dade College of Miami. From 10th September 1979 it secured a position in the US Historic Places national Registry. Later, on 6th October 2008 it became a Historic Landmark as it was used to host processing services for Cubans running to Florida. The Cubans were fleeing the communist rule in Cuba. With an increase in the number of immigrants, the United States government opted to utilize the tower to provide medical care for those in dire need and processing documents for the immigrants. It is one of the buildings in Florida Architecture list as from 18th April 2012 thanks to AIA Florida Chapter. The metro-mover at the station of Freedom Tower and the Metrorail at the station of Government Center directly serve the Freedom Tower. It is used for exhibition and presentation of design and visual art. It offers distinct cultural, educational and historical exhibitions which preserves permanent art, design collections and the archives for the tower. It opens collaborative and critical framework for artistic risk-taking which explores design, art and cultural interactions. It is mostly opened in the afternoon as from 13.00 hours. Website –

Cubaocho Museum And Performing Arts Center

At the heart of Little Havana there exists Cubaocho Museum and center for Performing Arts. Many Cuban Exiles live in Little Havana in Miami Florida, USA. When night creeps in it is an energetic lounge but during the day is a cultural place and gallery. Texts and art is used to describe the vast Cuban culture. It is among the most visited and loved places in Miami. It’s believed to be an art merging center. It contains a private collection for a wide variety of Cuban art worldwide. It’s the center in Miami for live music. It is a free museum for the community show casing fine arts, Cuban culture and history. It contains a wide art work collection from pre-revolutionary Cuban art great masters. It contains art created by past artists to the art made by modern day Cuban artists. The dominant activities in the center are dance such as Charanga dance and music. Art exhibitions in the museum are often changed. On a weekly basis, different music styles and arts are presented to the public. Events vary with a primary focus being the Cuban culture. It accommodates corporate and private events with continuous live music. The coffee bar contains Cuban cafecitos which ensures one is alert until morning. The bar contains extensive rum collection. Website –


Wynwood is a popular entertainment district that is connected with restaurants, breweries, dance venues, clothing stores, artwork among many other retail choices. It is located at north of Overtown and the Downtown Miami and is adjacent to the Edgewater. It has 2 main sub-districts namely Art district and Fashion district. The Art district contains outdoor murals, private art collections and galleries while the Fashion district is where major clothing distributors and retailers are situated. The Art district has more than 70 galleries, collections and museums. The area was initially an industrial zone and walls of most buildings are currently covered with colorful murals.

The Wynwood walls have brought together the greatest artists in the world especially those working in street art and graffiti to the city of Miami. It was established back in 2009 by 2 collaborative visionaries, Jeffrey Deitch and Tony Goldman. It is currently a Goldman family business. They continue to expand the breadth of this establishment by introducing worldwide artists that have never exhibited their art works in the United States before. This project displays the art power to ignite the neighborhood. Wynwood walls project is open to members of the public, absolutely free and is continuing to attract guests from all over the world. It currently encloses more than forty phenomenal, latest murals that have been created by respectable streets artists who have originated from various regions such as Latin America, USA, Asia and America. On visiting the Wynwood walls, you will exprience a one hour guided tour and get the opportunity to see many murals by innovative artists such as Swoon and Shepard Fairey.

The other interesting thing with Wynwood is their mode of transportation. This district is served by the Metrobus and metrover station in the south. The Metrover station offers trolley service which is absolutely free of charge throughout this area which makes Wynwood a cheap place to visit. Website –


When you visit the city of Miami, ensure that you at least trying visiting one of these places and at least try doing some of these cheap activities ranging from parks to food tours and you will certainly appreciate the beauty of this city.