Why Facebook Remains The Go-To Social Media Advertising Vehicle

Why Facebook Remains The Go-To Social Media Advertising Vehicle - BillLentis.com
Facebook remains as the unrivalled social networking site online today. You might argue that Twitter is right up there with the Facebook juggernaut and to a certain extent you could be right but fact still remains that Facebook is still king with over 2.3 billion users and counting on the planet. Numbers do not lie: over 1.15 Billion people use Facebook daily on mobile phones and 1.49 billion users average users from all the corners of the globe.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal has put Facebook under a microscope and their reputation is still reeling from the tough questions posed about how diligently the company protects its users’ data. Mind you that the data on Facebook users’ helps businesses craft ads that are relevant to their target audience. Nonetheless, Facebook remains as the premier company that still at the top for social media advertising on account of its consistent users. Businesses love using it because it offers numerous ways of tracking user engagement and providing information that will be useful in crafting an overall strategy to bring more business to your company.

This article explores the key reasons why you ought to keep on using Facebook as your preferred advertising platform. It digs deeper into the unique aspects that make Facebook your ideal advertising tool.

Millions of businesses have noticed that a majority of their customers have social media accounts. This provides them with a clear and unobstructed path to getting to their preferred customer in a way that is meaningful and prompts them to look up the business. It is every business’s goal to source new markets for their products. This involves the business identifying who the ideal customer is and crafting ads that strike a chord with the potential customer. There are a lot of resources dedicated to informing business owners about the power of using Facebook advertising and how to do it effectively.

One of the key reasons why Facebook should still be among your preferred advertising platforms has to do with its size and access to your preferred market. The numbers quoted above about average daily users and monthly users in Facebook partly tell a story of the immense size and reach Facebook. This means that if you were looking for a platform of a ready audience, then you have it. Over the last couple of years, it has been mooted that Facebook should monetize their platform and charge users to set up profiles. However, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder is ultimately against because it would basically go against the purpose for which it was create_ the help humanity. All indications point to it remaining free to set up profiles. When you have a business page, you can boost its profile by getting influencers on board, paid ads or posting on different pages that have people looking for the type of product you are looking for. In terms of getting influencers to push your products, this method can be quite effective when the influencer has numerous people following them and the influencer is interested in providing them with reliable information about your product. Sponsored ads will cost you a bit but they will get in front of your ideal customer. As for using different pages to push your products, you need to be very resilient and track manually whether or not the people you are targeting have engaged with your post so that you can measure its effectiveness.

When you have a website where you showcase your products, you need to generate traffic through numerous and creative ways. You cannot simply rely on organic searches on search engines or links shared across many messages boards. You might have a terrible time getting the right kind of traffic. People looking for a product that you are offering but do not know your website will most certainly know about social networking sites. They might search for that product there and your page comes there. Once they land on your page, on the about us column they will see a link that will take them to your website. If they want to learn more about your product or want to make an order, they will click on the like and it will take them to where they need to be. Many businesses have used this method to generate traffic for their website which offers them a chance to convert their ideal customer.

The success of any marketing and advertising lies in the knowledge about the progress your tactics have. People advertising in Facebook using their pages get access to weekly reports about how visitors engage with their page. From the information gleamed in the reports, you can then make the determination about the course you will need to take to ensure success.

Finally, Facebook pages are ideal for user engagement which is crucial in building of a company’s image. It should be your goal as a business that while you advertise on social networking sites, you create engagement with your target audience. A majority of people spend almost 40 minutes every day on Facebook and when you display ads that are targeted to your ideal customer, they will most certainly engage with it whether clicking on the links on it or commenting in the comments box. That is one of the main goals of advertising on Facebook.

Even though in recent time Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny, one thing still remains clear, they still lead the pack in terms of social networking. Their efforts in safeguarding users’ information could use some work. As a business, it still remains the largest social networking site that you need to be on and use effectively if you are to make the necessary strides you want in your business. When used correctly, Facebook is one awesome tool that will enhance your chances of making conversions and generate results at a fraction of the cost you would have used had you engaged mainstream media. When you want to run a social media campaign and do not have a dedicated team to run it, you can always hire a good firm to manage the campaign for you. They should be able to provide you with the necessary updates that will help inform your decision making later on.