A High-Impact Presence On Social Media

A High-Impact Presence On Social Media - BillLentis.com


Every day, there are tens of millions of people who communicate with each other using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The same people, who communicate with each other, can take an interest in your business as well.

The main question here is how to develop a social media presence? Everyone can develop a social media presence, but a business should focus on how to stand out, or how to look unique as compared to other businesses. Businesses need to ask themselves what they can do to emerge as a leader in the field of social media marketing, particularly when their competitors are outstanding in this aspect.

The answer is that it is not easy to make a presence in social media.

However, there are five rules that can help you build a good presence that can stand out from other companies or brands.

1. Quick And Frequent Updates

The first thing as a business owner or marketer that you need to do, is to post quick, when it comes to new product launches or developments within the company. A social media marketer needs to post about the latest news, like a change in management, or a new product launch, on a regular basis. For example, if newspapers came out on random days and not regularly, then who would be bothered to read them? Similarly, if a business doesn’t update and post regularly, then customers won’t stay engaged. This doesn’t mean that the company posts irrelevant or outdated content; they need to create creative content, and at least post four times a week.

2. Know Your Audience

Businesses think that when they have launched a product or a business, audience research comes to an end. However, this is not what happens. Businesses need to work hard after that as well and they need to know their audience. Knowing the target audience would give a brand competitive edge over its competitors, as they would be able to tackle their target audience accordingly. When doing something, you need to take into account your customer and perceive how they would go about it. You need to exceed the expectations that are set by the customer for you, and you need to make sure that you stand out from your competitors. If a marketer tries to do the same thing that a successful company does in terms of marketing with social media, then that wouldn’t attract customers towards them.

3. Spread Your Posts

You must not take a passive approach when promoting the products or services of a business; promotion should take place on a personal level. If you take the passive approach, and just leave a post without doing anything about, then you don’t reach a wide audience. However, when you promote it personally, then the chances of that post reaching a wider audience increase as well. The posts that a business promotes on social media, should be short and snappy, and should include more content, that can be shared around. For example, quality images can be shared on a wide scale and it would attract customers as well. If you feel that a post has gone unnoticed, then it wouldn’t be wrong to re-post it. People look through their social media timelines every now and then, and sometimes a post gets buried amongst other posts. Thus, a re-post would actually make the customer aware. Brands should share content that can be re-shared with other people as well. For example, nowadays people like when there are meaningful videos and pictures shared as content, and brands can benefit from this fact. They can make a video highlighting the special features of their brand, but do it in a more humorous or meaningful way, so that it gets shared and more people are able to see it.

4. Keep Engaging And Communicating

If you come across a discussion or a conversation that is talking about your brand, the products you sell or your niche, then it would be a sensible step to continue that conversation or discussion. Better, you should join your conversation and try to find out if the people discussing the brand have some problem with it. If you join the conversation, then the people would know that the brand cares about its image, its customers and potential customers. It is a good way to find out what people think about your brand, and whether the overall perception of the brand is good or not. This is also a good way of making sure that customers don’t forget your brand, they know what your brand stands for and what they are selling. This way, the target audience would also find a way to communicate with you, and you might me able to increase the number of customers that the brand has. Moreover, if someone is spreading misconceptions about your brand, then you will be able to clarify them as well.

5. Spend On Marketing

Even though advertising on social media can be easy and inexpensive, the competition is tough. Leading companies all over the world are hiring social media managers to improve the image of their company and to interact with customers. Even though social media advertising doesn’t cost them much, the amount that they pay for social media managers is higher. They want the content that they share on social media platforms to be creative and they want to show their customers that they are up-to-date with the latest technology. If a business can’t do exactly what a large company is doing in terms of social media marketing, they can take small steps and join them in that act. If the marketing budget of your brand is limited, it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to launch a social media advertising campaign that is paid by the brand. If a business understands the basics of social media and how to use it effectively, then every penny that they invest in social media marketing, would give them a good return.