Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?



According to some studies, standing desks provides great benefits to both health and productivity of an employee. But many employers are still reluctant to change their furniture. But why would an employer be hesitant to change the conventional desk with standing desk when standing desks can increase the productivity for their business? There could be two possible reasons for it. Firstly, the research conducted on the benefits of standing desk has provided varying results and secondly, the cost of standing desks. See Amazon standing desk pricing.

It is not easy to change all the furniture of a business, it is a heavy investment and it is still not clear what are the actual benefits we can get by standing at our workplace. Although there are many affordable standing desks available these days, but a high-quality, height adjustable full standing desk can be very expensive for small to medium businesses. Some of the cheaper options for standing desk include standing desk converters which turns your existing desk to standing desks; Amazon – Standing Desk Converter.

Some Reasons That Could Explain Why Standing Desk Are So Expensive

Remember we are talking about high-quality standing desks, so the material and other stuff used will definitely be expensive when compared to an average standing desk. Here are some of the reasons due to which high standing desk cost much higher than conventional desk:

Motors Or Other Components Use To Adjust The Height Of The Desk

Height adjustable standing desks consist of motors or other mechanism to raise or lower the height of the desk. Some standing desks provide electronic means to adjust the height with memory presets. These components to adjust the height may play an important part in increasing the over-all cost of the product. See the standing desk vs sitting article – Go Here.

The Legs Of The Desk

The legs of the standing desk are designed so they can raise or lower the height of the top of the desk with the help of motors or other components. This designing obviously is different from conventional desk and may require more time and cost. They are also built to sustain the weight of the top of the desk at different heights. This could be another factor for the higher cost. Read lifespan tr1200 dt7 review – Website.

Low Competition

Although there are many companies that are competing in standing desk market, but it is still less than conventional desks. Less competition in the market means manufacturer can afford to sell their products at higher price as fewer companies are involved. This could be one of the reasons some high quality standing desks are so costly. But we are already seeing companies introducing much cheaper standing desks these days. As the competition gets tougher, we might see much lower prices to attract consumers. Look at Imovr Omega Everest review – Click Here.

Final Thoughts

As height adjustable standing desks can be adjusted to different heights, the mechanism involved to do it will definitely impact the cost, making it much costlier than conventional desks. But there are many affordable options available as well, such as standing desk converters. Some adjustable standing desks that are manually adjusted can also be cost-effective.