Standing Desk VS Sitting All Day

Standing Desk VS Sitting All Day -


Standing desk VS sitting has been a debate going around since a while. We know sitting too much increases the risk of health diseases. But prolonged standing is not free from health risk either, though not as serious as prolonged sitting. Studies conducted on the use of standing desks has provided contradictory results, and we might have to wait for more studies to better understand the benefits of standing over sitting. Although one thing is understandable, to be healthier we need to be active.

The Purpose Of Standing Desk

The idea behind standing desk is not that standing itself is very beneficial, but it is a way to avoid the harms of a sedentary lifestyle in situations where we don’t have options to move around, like work places and playing games on computer, etc. On other situations where we have a choice, walking, exercise and other healthy physical activities are obviously better than both prolonged sitting and standing. While we stand we are also inclined towards moving our body. standing desk and pregnancy – More Info.

Benefits Of Standing Desk

Here are some of the benefits of standing desk:
• Standing allows more freedom of movement.
• Standing can help burn slightly more calories than sitting, according to a widely accepted research.
• Standing might help in improving mood and productivity.
• While standing at your desk, you can stretch your body, walk around your table or even do some exercises.
• Height adjustable standing desk can allow you to switch between sitting and standing, which can help you avoid staying at a position for prolonged periods.

Can Standing Desk Be A Better Choice Than Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs might help you to reduce back pain and discomfort, but they can’t reduce the risk from sedentary life style – Go Here. If you are sitting on an ergonomic chair for hours, you are still at risk of developing some serious health diseases. The bigger concern is not how we sit but how much we sit. This is the reason that standing desk might be a better option as it allows more freedom of movement and encourages physical activity. How many calories do you burn standing at your desk – Check This Out. Also look at standing desk vs kneeling chair – Website.

Some Tips While Using Standing Desks

Following are a few things to keep in mind while using a standing desk:
• Alternate between sitting and standing, by using a height adjustable standing desk – Click Here. Don’t stand or sit for prolonged periods and switch regularly.
• Avoid standing on surfaces that are hard or uneven.
• You will need comfortable shoes if you are planning to stand for hours at your office. Avoid wearing heels or other discomforting shoes.
• You can use anti-fatigue mats, which can help in reducing fatigue due to prolonged standings.
• Take breaks for walking and exercising.
• Your body may take some time to adjust, don’t give up and stay committed.

Final Thoughts

Standing desk has many benefits over sitting. But it is important to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your day. Make the most of your breaks at work, by doing exercise and walking. Stay committed to your standing desk. Start slowly don’t go hard at yourself, and don’t forget to maintain the balance between sitting standing.