Readydesk 2 Converter Review

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -


When customer starts to research about desk converters, they will come across multiple brands, shapes, sizes and prices of standing desk and desk converters. It will be difficult for them to make a decision about, which desk converter to buy. They need to learn about the pros and cons of each desk converter, to see which one best serves their purpose. - Check Prices Button Red

Sitting At A Desk

The reason why desk converters are in demand is due to the fact that people have realized that a lot of their health problems arise from their work environment. When an individual sits in front of his desk all day, it has its health hazards. Mostly, people ignore the backache they feel, their weight increasing, sore neck and even blood sugar level rising. However, they don’t really consider what they can do, to make all these things go away.

What To Do?

To solve health problems, to be more productive at work, and to get an affordable solution to these problems, is what every person would want. Readydesk 2 is one such affordable solution; it is a desk converter that can drive away the back ache, the sore neck, and the high blood sugar level, that a person is at risk of. Check out imovr omega everest review Click Here.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Specifications Of The Product

The converter can hold up to two monitors, one laptop or monitor, or one whole computer. The feature that many customers would appreciate is that, people who are five feet or six feet and three inches, can use this converter as well. The height is the main factor in any standing desk converter, and if the height is less than six feet, then it could be useless for some customers.

Assembly Of The Product

When the converter arrives in the box, it has to be assembled by the user. However, users don’t have to use any tools to assemble it, or disassemble it. Those who don’t know how to use tools, or are not interested in learning how to assemble a standing desk, would find this converter, very helpful.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Design Of The Converter

It is a simple and elegant design that a customer would really appreciate. There are six parts of this converter; two legs, shelves and cross-braces. Engineered wood is used for the purpose of manufacturing this converter and can hold up to seventy five pounds. Customers might think that this converter is made of engineered wood, and therefore, it is inferior material. However, they are wrong; the material is sturdy, and glue is used for holding all the pieces. The look of the wood is quite elegant as well.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Parts Of The Converter

The parts of the converter have a nice finishing, and a satin sheen is attached to them. The converter gives a very smooth look, and the customer won’t see any splinters on the surface. There is cable slots installed on the surface, so that the necessary cables are properly managed. The legs of the converter have slots as well, and they allow the user to adjust the shelves, depending on their peripheral vision. Before adjusting the legs, it is best that the equipment on the desk is removed.

If a customer wants a matching laptop stand, they can always get it by paying ten US dollars. The design is elegant and there are less converter manufacturers out there that pay attention to design.

Installation Of The Converter

When the converter arrives in the package, the user would have to assemble the cross-brace, by putting it together and attaching it to the legs. After the cross-brace is attached to the legs, it should be slid on the shelves. The customer won’t have to spend more than five minutes to assemble Readydesk 2 converter. Even if no tools are required, if the user has a rubber mallet with them, they can easily pop the cross-brace, on the legs of the converter. The rubber mallet can be applied by using hands, and no tools have to be used.

It is not that complex to take apart the converter and then put it back again. The shelves of Readydesk 2 can be easily moved, because it doesn’t weigh too much.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Repositioning And Use

If the shelves have to be repositioned, some things have to be taken off the surface. The keyboard won’t be a problem, but if the monitor shelf has to be moved, then the peripherals have to be taken off the desk. While removing the monitor, the user should also remove the cables from the slots, and when the shelves have been moved, and then the cables can be put back into the slots. However, a user will only be inconvenient if he has to move the shelves around. If say, an employee is using the Readydesk 2 converter, then he might not have to move it around too much.

Performance Of The Converter

The performance of the converter depends on the number of positions that it can adapt, and how easy it is to change its position. Performance also depends on the weight that a converter can hold, because at times, people need their monitor, laptop, phone and keyboard, all in one place. A customer can easily change the positions of the converter, and see what fits them best. For example, the position of the keyboard would be different than the position of the monitor.

Readydesk 2 converter works well when a person is standing, but it also works when a person is sitting. The user can place the keyboard in the first position, and the monitor in the third position, if they want to feel comfortable sitting and working. However, the position can be best chosen by the customer, and it will take them a while to decide which position is the best.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Weight Of The Converter

The weight that the converter can hold goes up to 75lbs. It is a sturdy converter, and when a customer attaches it with an ordinary desk, they won’t regret their decision of purchasing it.

Price Of Readydesk 2

The price of the converter, along with a laptop stand, is $169.99. If the customer wants to buy just the converter, then they have to pay ten dollars less. If they want to buy a laptop stand and a floor mat, then they have to pay $209.99. This price is reasonable and affordable, because the standing desk can be used for standing and sitting purposes, both.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Pros & Cons

The pros of buying a Readydesk 2 is that, it is easy to use and assemble, it is sturdy, and it can be adjusted over and over again, without any hassle. However, the main drawback of buying this converter is that, the user would have to remove the equipment, in order to adjust the shelves.

Readydesk 2 is an excellent converter, which gives a customer value for what they are paying. It is an affordable converter, and customers should feel less anxious about buying a product that won’t work for them.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Benefits Of Buying A Standing Desk Converter

There are multiple benefits of buying a standing desk converter. Firstly, when an individual buy a standing desk converter, they don’t have to buy the whole standing desk. This means that even if they are paying less, they will get the same functions that a standing desk has. Secondly, buying a standing desk converter means upgrading the current ordinary desks that are being used in an office or at home. An individual won’t have to throw away the ordinary desks that he is suing, and he can simply upgrade them and use them with better functions.

Thirdly, the employees who take a nap, by putting their head on the desk while sitting, would be less lethargic and more productive. Using a standing desk is not a punishment, but it is a more modern way of doing things. For example, those who felt that their limbs were sore at the end of the day, won’t feel that way again, as they would be able to move around freely. When employees are given the freedom to exercise while they are working, to move around and not just be stuck with looking at a screen, then they feel more motivated to work.

Readydesk 2 Converter Review -

Final Word

Buying a standing desk converter means that a manager wants to change the way things are done in an office. He wants to change the way employees interact with each other, complete their work and move around. He wants them to be more creative, interact with other people to exchange ideas, and think of the workplace as a fun place. They can stand as long as they want, and then sit to take a break. If a manager can arrange chairs that are comfortable to be used with standing desk converters, then that would be a bonus for the employees. If a manager feels that the product he has bought is not serving its original purpose, then it can always be returned. - Check Prices Button Red