What Is Your Customer Service Worth

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Good customer service keeps the best and loyal customers. In every business, the satisfaction of customers is really important because customers are the ones which make a business grow. Without customers, how do you sell your products or services? That is why most companies send staffs on training to learn excellent customer service. Customer service is an integral part of a business, customers come in daily to business premises and some call on the phone while some send emails, faxes and so on. How do you keep up with these customers, your attitude towards a customer only determine if a customer will keep coming back or not?

When I say what does your customer service worth, what do I mean? I mean how efficient you are in your customer service department, what are your customer service skills. The customer service department is the first department a customer meets, in fact, it is the face of the company or business. Your customer service only determines the fate of your business. So if you have good customer service, there is every tendency that more and more customers will come thus the business keeps growing but where business have very poor customer service, it loses customers by the day because no one would want to pay his or her money where they are rude and incompetent workers.

What Is The Purpose Of Customer Service?

When it comes to customer service, the industry can most at times be unpredictable but it is a very important industry because it attracts and retains customers. The reason why almost every business has a customer service department is to build a close and comfortable relationship with customers, in the sense that customers can always feel free at any time to bring in suggestions and complains to the business so as to enable them to get all the satisfaction that they need. One primary purpose of the customer service department is majorly to leave customers a very enjoyable and memorable service I which the customers get maximum satisfaction and tend to return back to the business to transact more business with them. The customer service is more like a very competitive part of the business that provides a platform where customers can develop a more reserved and trustworthy relationship against other similar business. The customer service department works in every way possible to win the heart of customers so that they keep coming to make more business transactions with them.

Another purpose of the department is to raise high the expectations of customers who tend to make business transactions with the company or business organization. The customer service personnel sometimes go a long way in making researches, recommendations, and comparisons between products and services for customers until they achieve their desired product. This tends to create a relationship between the organization and the customer because the customer would think that the organization does not just sell products and services but also go all the way to make sure he or she is satisfied.

What Is Your Customer Service Worth?

When we say customer service, let’s not forget that it is not every customer service that is really worth it. What do I mean by these, the essence of customer service is to showcase the organization to customers in a more positive light. Now how do you know if your customer service is really worth it?

Is it able to identify customer needs? One very important role of customer service in an organization is to understand what a customer wants. Just like I said earlier the customer service is the first place a customer goes to first to make inquiries, complains or orders. The customer service department acts as the face of the organization. If those employed as customer service staffs are not doing their role well, it would definitely affect the company over time.

Does your customer service team have the right skills? Customer service doesn’t just mean anyone can just sit at the front desk or handle calls and emails. To have an effective and valuable customer service outcome, people with the right skills need to be the ones in the customer service department. Being a customer service representative requires a lot of skill and most of the skills is more with the cognitive mind. That is learning all the patterns of human behavioral pattern and how to handle each and every class of them. This is a very difficult department as it involves ninety percent of the time interacting with old, new and potential customers. The skills are what helps to retain old customers and attract new customers. The skills include communication skills, being able to work under pressure, understanding customers’ needs and so on.

How often does your customer service department go on special pieces of training? You can’t have a customer service department and not send then different pieces of training that may be bothering on providing the best customer service for customers. There is a saying that nobody knows it all. They are training your customer service department to embark on, the more skills and knowledge is being achieved. Training generally is very important in an organization, not only the customer service needs training on building a good customer service platform but every other department too.

Tips For Creating A Very Good Customer Service Relationship With Customers

– Always smile
– Say thank you
– Show respect even to someone whom you think you might be older than
– Learn to listen carefully to customers
– Follow up customers for feedbacks
– Act on the feedback received
– Be responsive and very polite in doing so

What Are The Skills Needed For A Customer Service Personnel

– Communication skills
– Listening skills
– Time management skills
– Acting skills
– Ability to read and understand customers
– Patience


From the above, it is trite to know that customer service plays an integral part in growing a business. The better the customer service of a business, the better the customer gets satisfied and keeps coming back to transact more business. Customer service is a part of the company that is not to joke with so much emphasis and worth is to be placed on this part of the business organization.