Google Ads – Are The Pay-Per-Clicks Advertisements Worth It?

Google Ads - Are The Pay-Per-Clicks Advertisements Worth It? -



Due to the fact that Google happens to be the king search engine, everybody aspires to obtain their website highly ranked at the search results of Google so that when their targeted audience go searching for information that is relevant with their brand/ products, those potential customers get them ahead of the competitor’s sites. Paying for the Google PPC advertisements is an amazing shortcut of gaining visibility because SEO can take some months before one gets the outcomes-plus only if you’re using a strategy that is effective.

As a firm that is developed around creating and writing unique internet content of high quality, our concern is pushing increases in conversion and traffic through organic search. Nevertheless, we know that PPC ad has its benefits for the small businesses/ firms that have the ability of affording to pay so that they can attract traffic. Let’s have a fast look on the major drawbacks and benefits to assist you determine if they’re genuinely worth it.


They Enable You To Aim At The Appropriate Customers

You have the ability of tailoring your Google advertisements so that they’re appearing to those customers/ clients that you need for your company. Additionally, you can select variables such as time zones, keywords and more so as to assist you acquire the exposure that you need just with the relevant search base. This way, you’ll focus your energy on the clients/ customers that most likely need your products, instead of wasting money or time on the ones that do not.

They Instantly Offer Increased Exposure

You do not need to wait for a couple of months so that your strategy of SEO can begin paying off by slowly increasing the ranking of your website. Google advertisements are an amazing way of steadily growing your website (if you’ve budgeted for it) / to provide a huge boost when launching a new service or product.

The PPC ads provides the most accurate and relevant results when responding to the search query of the user. Advertisers with huge marketing budgets might not necessarily obtain the best rankings in the search pages or the best position. This is simply due to the fact that every time the search keyword or term is entered in the Google search engine, the advertisement auction will take place. The auction decides how the ads that are most relevant will be arranged and ranked in the page of the search results. There are other factors that are considered by Google when deciding the ranking of the advertisings.

Generally, if the PPC campaigns have higher CTR as compared to the one of the competition, then the chance of your advertising being clicked will be higher. Therefore, your advertising will be places higher than the one of the competitor. Additionally, Google considers your site and the landing page. If the landing page and website have more relevant quality as compared to the competitor’s, then your ad’s UX will also be higher than the competitor’s. This will cause higher placement of your ads than the competitor’s.

They Offer You A Prospective SEO Boost

There’re some speculations about the extent the paid advertisements play into the search algorithms. Although some marketers claim that the advertisements assist you in increasing your website’s ranking. Additionally, they push more traffic towards your website, which also improves the ranking of your website.

Certain studies demonstrate that the paid advertisings might assist with the Click through Rate (CTR). They also demonstrate that the size of the campaign of a search engine optimization company depends on those advertisements. For the click through rate to get the benefit from the advertisements, frequency, ad spend, niche and location contribute an important role in time spent in the site and propensity of the clicks.

Therefore, the longer one pays for the advertising and the more one can spend on that advertising determines the advertising success. Additionally, unlike the organic rankings, when one stops paying for and ad campaign, they lose the rankings since they have not invested in the sustainable results. Apart from the placement or arrangement of the paid advertisings on the first page and the CTR or probable site retention, the organic search results still remain the better and more trusted by the searchers as compared to the paid ads.

Including the cost, for the paid advertisings to become successful, they need a certain amount of constant hands-on expertise and management. A marketing budget should be established and the duration of that campaign must be predetermined.


They’re Very Costly

Even if you’re targeting the keywords that have low competition, you’ll eventually end up spending lots of money on the advertisements. If you’re targeting the competitive keywords, you’ll have to spend even more so that you’re advertisement will be ranked high enough so that it can be seen. If you’re just beginning, Google AdWords may be beyond your budget, except if you’re only willing to focus on marketing campaigns that only last for one or two days.

Many Trial & Error Is needed

Just putting your Advertisement on Google AdWords will not cause the flood of the traffic. You’ve to experiment using headlines, bids, keywords and more so as to get the outcomes form your advertisement and that might consume some time. I personally don’t click on the Google Ads. Additionally, as an intelligent web user, you might be thinking specifically the same. However, the fact is that most individuals still do not discover that those paid listings in the results page of Google are actually advertisements. As a matter of fact Google earns USD$100 million every day from the search advertising.

Generally, Google advertisings are an amazing investment since they can give good results for your business. However, you’ve to put into consideration all the cons and pros so as to decide how you can utilize them in your company to the maximum. Like most tactics of marketing, we suggest that you examine various PPC firms so that you can select that perfect works for your firm.