The Princess Cruises Review

The Princess Cruises Review -


There’s nothing that beats a good boating experience. If you are looking for that experience of a lifetime from cuisine, luxury to enjoying what the world has to offer then a cruise will be ideal for you. This is perhaps the one reason why popularity in cruise ships has been high. There are many cruise ships all around the world but in this article we will be looking at the Princess Cruises and what they have to offer. For seven years in a row, the Princess Cruises have been voted as the best cruise line. This is a strong indication of the command that the Princess Cruises luxury liners have a lot to offer as compared to other cruise liners.

From the itinerary on offer, you will be left spoilt for choice. The Princess Cruises’ itineraries feature many exotic locations all over the world. What’s more is that there are more than 1000 cruise itineraries to choose from. These itineraries cover over 300 ports in various destinations across the globe. This offers you as a tourist the chance to have an adventure that you will definitely not forget. This is clearly one of the major attractions for anyone who is looking for a great cruise expedition.

Boasting of a rich history in the industry, the Princess Cruises was founded in 1965 and have been in the business of offering its clientele memorable vacations. With the Love Boat series which featured the Island Princess and the Pacific Princess which are both cruise liners belonging to the princess cruises, their popularity soared. This is with good reason too. Thanks to their experience in the field, they have been offering world-class service and luxury to their passengers for a long time. So what makes the princess cruises stand out from other cruises.

The Fleet

As alluded to above, the Princess Cruises has a lot to offer, there is something for you. Do you want to sail in the Mexican Riviera and Alaska? Then the Diamond Princess is the cruise ship for you. For those interested in enjoying the splendor of the Caribbean islands, then the Crown Princess cruise ship is there for you. To enjoy sailing in Hawaii and Alaska, the Golden Princess is your best bet. The Panama Canal also has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and the Coral Princess is the way to sail through it.

Clearly, the Princess Cruises have you covered in terms of giving you the experience that you are looking for thanks to the fleet that are at their disposal. With their itinerary you will always find something that will work for you.

On-Board Experience

Other than getting to visit various ports, the on-board experience that the Princess Cruises have to offer are equally appealing. The is a lot to see and do for you as a tourist on the Princess Cruises. Yes, it caters to diverse needs and wants across all ages. You can be sure to enjoy yourself with the plethora of activities on offer on the Princess cruises throughout your cruise. Most notable in all Princess Cruises is the centerpiece which is a piazza styled atrium that spreads over a number of decks featuring a panoramic view of the ship. The Spiral Staircase is one breathtaking feature that you will be happy to enjoy coupled with their International Café and Signature Vines Bar

Other activities to make the most out for is the cooking demonstrations, poolside activities and digital photography workshops. To top it all off, there are various sports that you can enjoy while on the Princess Cruises. These include ping-pong and golf. Other activities include art auctions and spas to help you relax. To ensure that everyone feels accommodated, there is teen lounges and youth centers where youth can get to interact and enjoy other activities. The night life is one of the biggest attractions of the Princess Cruises with grand casinos and radiant music to keep you entertained. You need not be stressed by dining times and schedules, the Princess Cruises anytime dining that you can take advantage of. To get to further enjoy the night, especially for couples the Movie Under The Stars feature is a big attraction which offers you and your partner the opportunity to watch a movie in a poolside movie theatre. Your comfort is further guaranteed with the availability of complimentary cookies, milk and popcorn. Chaise Lounges and cozy blankets are also available for you to enjoy. The cruise ships also offer you the opportunity to look at how the ship runs and functions through their behind the scenes ship tour at least once every day. This way, you get to see how the control room works, the laundry room and other areas that are usually not visited by the passengers.


The accommodation offered by the Princess Cruises also do not disappoint. There are a number of accommodation options that you can choose from include the basic interior cabins, the cabins with balconies, the ocean view cabins, the mini suites that have balconies, the suites with balconies and finally the grand suites. Whichever option you choose from, you can be sure to enjoy top of the range amenities in the Princess Cruises from the beautiful bathrooms, great décor, comfortable beds and the wide range of indoor entertainment options.


A cruise is an experience which you will want to remember for a very long time. The Princess Cruises offer you all this and more. It is clear that their popularity is not a mere coincidence as they not only offer you with a wide array of destinations to visit, but the quality of service that they offer is certainly one you will enjoy. The best part of the Princess Cruises is that you can be sure to find something to do at any time over the course of your cruise adventure. With dining being available at any time, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just relax and enjoy all that the trip has to offer.