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What Is SEO & Quora - BillLentis.com
You want other people to see the website that you have spent hours making, don’t you? You want them to know about your products or services, or the content that you have developed, but how do you do that? How can you get a link on a website that can assist you with SEO and send traffic to your website, so you can increase sales and increase converstion rate?


Quora can be the website that will give you this exact solution. According to wordstream.com, Quora is a website where you can ask questions and people who are experts or know something about what you have asked, will answer you.

It is a community where you can ask tech related questions, fun questions, food related questions and what not. This is why, if an SEO can use Quora, then that would be a really good idea, because it is the perfect way to boost your content. Moreover, you can even create a Quora blog that will help create more awareness about your online presence

If you are making a Quora blog, then you can optimize the blog for search engines, and then include the link of the Quora blog in your website. According to hshoutmeloud.com, the name of your Quora blog should include your target keyword or the name of your brand.

Title Of The Quora Blog

When you have created your Quora blog, then you need a title that goes up to 65 characters, and you should always use the name of your brand, as the first word of the title.


Why is description necessary? It is necessary because how else would people know what you are going to talk about in your blog. If they don’t get an idea beforehand, they might not even open your blog. However, when you are writing a description for a Quora blog, don’t use meta tags, as the description can be seen from the posts that you have published on your homepage.

The description would be two lines, that would appear in the search results, and you have to make sure that these two lines are written in such a way, that they appeal to the reader right away.

Single Post Level

When you are optimizing Quora blog at site level, then you should know that it happens in single post level. According to serpwoo.com/blog, you first optimize the permalink, add the target keyword you have decided on and the first 160 characters that are included at the start of your blog post. You can always alter the post title later, once you have posted it using your keyword. The reason why you should do this is because it will help you publish your target keyword in the permalink.

Promoting SEO Content

According to blog.monitorbacklinks.com, once you have understood Quora and want to promote your brand and SEO content, you have a few good options.

Answer Questions

If you think that taking time out of your busy business schedule to answer questions is a bad idea, then you’re wrong.Giving answers to questions on Quora, is a really good way of showing people that you have knowledge about your niche. It can be particularly helpful if you are a new business and just starting out.

The key here is that, nobody knows you or about your business, and they don’t know why they should trust you. Trust leads to people buying your products or services and giving you money, so if you don’t have trust, then your business will not be profitable. You can answer questions and sell your services to the people who use Quora.

Firstly, for example, if you are doing a business as a digital marketer, then you need to find out questions about digital marketing that people have, and answer them. If you answer the questions to the best of your knowledge, and in a simple way to make it sense for people, then people would be more attracted towards seeking your services.

Make Sure They Choose You

There are going to be several answers to a question, but make sure that your answer stands out. You can read the answers already posted under a question, and then do something unique. According to ignitevisibility.com, you can always make headings or bullet points; something short and informative is what attracts people, but make sure the content that you post is relevant and is not just repeating the question.

If your answer is good, then the users and the readers will give it an upvote, which will make your content more visible and it will appear in Google search results.

Quora SEO And Traffic

If you answer questions on Quora, and they get comments and upvotes by users, then that will appear in the search engine results. Thus, you can always leave your website link for further reading in your answers, and that will give a boost to your website traffic. You can get a lot of exposure this way too, and if your answer is good enough, then it might go viral too, giving you more benefit. However, this is where relevancy comes in.

Relevancy Of Answers And SEO

The people who ask questions, genuinely need the answer to those questions. Therefore, if you think that you can get away with posting a long answer that doesn’t even answer the question or has any relevance to it, then you are wrong. This is because people would not give your answer a good rating and this would negatively impact your SEO content.

Make sure that when you are answering questions, you filter your results, because some questions might be a few years old, and answering them won’t give you any benefit. Understanding the role that Quora plays in SEO marketing is very important, because it can benefit you a lot and all you have to do, is learn the basics. You should watch this video:

To learn about Quora tactics and how it can boost SEO content and for more SEO tips, you can watch this video: