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What Is SEO & Quizlet - BillLentis.com
Have you ever faced a situation, where you have to study for an exam at the last minute? You need flash cards and all the relevant information that can help you learn everything? Quizlet is one such website, which can be used for the purpose of studying. Here, students and teachers can create their own study tests, flashcards containing terms and their definitions and most of all, share these study sets with their classmates.

How Does Quizlet Help With SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization, which means to make your content visible. Quizlet is one website through which you can do exactly that. If you have a brand that you want to promote, then you can create terms and their definitions or descriptions and add them on Quizlet.

According to quizlet.com, the best way for a beginner to start on Quizlet, is by studying the set that already exists. Study sets are created all the time, and it is most likely, that if a brand wants to promote its products and services, then they need to develop different sets as well. The main point here is that, if you are related to the academic industry, then Quizlet is the best thing for you to pick, in order to promote yourself.

How To Promote Your Content

If you have SEO content, and it is related to subjects like psychology, sociology or business, and you want students to visit your website or know more about the services that you offer, then you need to create your own content.

Firstly, decide on the type of students you are targeting, which means the subjects that your company is expert in and wants to share the knowledge with other students. When you have identified your target audience and content, then you need to sign up for an account on Quora.

The best thing about signing up for an account on Quora is that, if you have created multiple sets, and students like your one set, then they can always visit your profile and look for the other sets you have made, you can also include a link of your website on your profile, so that they know you have more to offer them.


According to trafficestimate.com, Quizlet receives unique visitors every year, and the organic traffic increases by 171.5%. Perhaps, the tricks that Quizlet uses to promote their website are very effective and this sets up as an example of how SEO content is really promoted.


The keywords that Quizlet uses are as follows:

• Best
• Cards
• Flash Cards
• Games
• Study
• Flash
• Vocabulary

The keywords above show that Quizlet knows their target audience. They know that students would visit their website, looking for quick solutions. They don’t want paragraphs filled with information, but they want flashcards, which they can print or use to memorize information in a short period of time.

Websites And Uniqueness

There are other websites out there, who are competing for the same position that Quizlet has gained in the world of student flashcards and study sets. These websites include congregate, quia, gradesaver, ducksters and arkadium. If you are a student, then you must have heard about at least one of these websites.

However, what sets Quizlet apart from these websites and makes it unique, is that it only targets keywords and gives students the ease to study a lot of information in a short period of time. For example, the website grade saver has full essays, which might take a lot of time to examine and study. According to alexa.com, on the other hand, the content on Quizlet is short and informative, which is exactly what students nowadays look for.


In order to optimize your content, you can use Quizlet and with that, you will get access to many options.


If you want to make flashcards, you can do so as Quizlet gives you that option. You can make flashcards about descriptions, definitions, events that took place, like a timeline and so on. You can make multiple study sets, with same terms and different definitions, so that whenever a student searches for the keywords that you have used, your flashcards will come up in their search engine results.


The option of learning is a very useful one. In order to make sure that you have learned the terms, Quizlet offers you a multiple choice question paper, where you get to know if you have learned something or not. You get to answer one question twice, so that you don’t forget it.


Quizlet offers you the chance to memorize things, by writing down the answers as well. However, some people might not choose this option, as nobody wants to write extra. According to g2crowd.com, the catch here is that, the answers are one word only, and take less time for students to complete. It offers the information that they want to learn, and that is a benefit for students.


According to pcmag.com, Quizlet promotes its content by making it fun for students. There are two options, where students can have fun and learn at the same time. They can match answers, given a limited time period and play a gravity game, where they have to stop the asteroids from crashing into each other, by giving the right answers in a short time.

Quizlet Knows How To Do It

According to billcprice.com, Quizlet knows how to supercharge teachers and equip them with good teaching skills. One thing Quizlet knows for sure, is how to SEO its content and make it available on top of the search results, because they have conducted good keyword research. They know what students search for, when they are in a panic mood.

SEO has benefited Quizlet, as they have promoted their content well, by using the right keywords and the right headings. Any academic related business should watch this website to see how students use Quizlet and why it is so helpful for them: