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What Are SEO & Reddit - BillLentis.com
When you hear the word Reddit, a website suddenly comes to your mind is a social media networking website where you can share pictures, videos, received updated news and even hold discussions. It is basically targeted towards news, as it drives headlines, gets traffic and develops new ideas.

According to shivarweb.com, you can’t just simply use Reddit for promotion, because not only it will be a waste of your time, but it will also negative effect your reputation. If you are willing to put in time and investment to learn about the etiquette of using Reddit, then you will be able to promote your brand and content.

SEO And How It Is Involved In Reddit

If you are using Reddit to promote your SEO content, then it will require a lot of effort, and if you are outsourcing your SEO marketing campaign, then you need to invest money as well. Reddit is not useless for marketing and there are three main ways through which you can use the website for SEO content marketing, without paying anything. Research is the key where.


Subreddits basically made Reddit; they can be described as small communities which are organized for the purpose of discussing one topic. In these subreddits, people can vote either up or down, they can comment on what they think about the topic and post any relevant links that they have.

If you are promoting your SEO content on Reddit, then you first have to find relevant subreddits, which are relevant to your audience. If you want to know about keywords that are being used in discussions on Reddit, then all you have to do is to go to the website, and search for the keyword, and then browse the subreddits categories available to you.

If you want to find popular subreddits, then using the website redditlist.com, would also be a good idea. There is also a sidebar on this page, where you can find out specific subreddits. If you combine the above two methods, then you will be able to have good subreddits, where you can promote your content.

Content Ideas

Just because it is a social networking website, you can’t just post anything you want. You need to find out the subreddits that are relevant to your brand or industry and then you have to find content topics that you can either imitate or introduce another perspective on. If you want to know which topics are doing well, then there is a filter section on the website, from where you can choose top.

The top option will show you the hot topics being discussed on Reddit; you can either make a similar post or comment on that post and promote your content. If you want to make a significant difference, then you need to find subreddits related to your brand, where people have asked questions but those questions have gone unanswered. You should watch this video below to further know how to make the most of Reddit:

You can also choose the ‘most gilded’ option to sort relevant content. Most gilded are those posts on Reddit, which have generated Reddit gold. These posts will provide a clear idea to you about the most popular and appreciated posts. If you are looking for content, to start a conversation or stir a conversation, then look for the option of Controversial; such conversations also carry the most comments.

Looking at these posts, comments and questions will give you an insight into what is happening in Reddit, and what are the subreddits that you should really work on to SEO your content.


It might sound redundant at this point, but keyword, SEO and Reddit go hand in hand. One of the most important things that you do in SEO is to choose the perfect and suitable keywords. You need to use language that your audience will search for in search engines; the keywords should be related to your products and services.

According to linkody.com, a problem that can arise here is related to the keywords that you have no knowledge about. However, you can always find other tools that help SEO experts to find keywords like Correlate, YouTube and Display Panner. However, these tools are limited because they will give results about your industry and the people within that industry.

For example, you are in a house, and you don’t know where the hidden closet is, but you know that there is a hidden closet. The best way to find the closet is to observe the homeowners, until they use the closet. According to infomedia.com, subreddits allows you to perform the same observation. You can talk to the audience about your products and services, and if you read the subreddits, then they can give you some quality keywords.


According to moz.com, regardless of the social media platform that you choose, the most powerful tool that gets everyone’s attention is a video. However, you need to post short videos that have a powerful impact, so that you are able to engage the users of Reddit.

Don’t make advertisements of your brand and post it on Reddit; in fact, post a video that solves a problem, but also hint towards your product or service. You should focus on the animation aspect of the video; make it funny and interactive at the same time. You can do it in a storytelling fashion and take help from the popular videos on Reddit.

If you share videos from other people, then this will also cause engagement and start conversations. Make sure that the videos you share and the videos that you upload, are of good quality and get good ratings.

The most important aspect of Reddit is to participate in conversations and not talk about irrelevant stuff. You need to make people aware about your products and services, but you also need to be subtle about it. If you advertise too much or don’t have the right energy, then Reddit is a bad choice to promote your product. To know more about the features of Reddit and how you can use them better, watch this video: